How to View Instagram Without an Account

May 11, 2024 - 1 Comment

You can view Instagram profiles without an account

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks in the world, with photo sharing, video sharing, messaging capabilities, and much more. While it seems like many people have Instagram accounts, there are also plenty more people without Instagram accounts, and who don’t ever want to have an Instagram account or profile. So what if you’re one of those people without an Instagram account, but you still want to look at someone’s Instagram profile, or an Instagram of a business, or service?

Yes, you can view Instagram links without an account

First off, if someone sends you a link to a public post or reel on Instagram, you’ll be able to look at that without having to login or without needing an account.

So keep that in mind if you get an Instagram link shared with you, you’ll be able to view or watch it without needing an account.

And yes this means you can also share your Instagram username with someone else if you want them to view your profile. Just be sure your account is public, otherwise they will not be able to see a private profile.

How to View an Instagram Profile Without an Account

You’ll need any device with a web browser, but perhaps most importantly, you will need the Instagram profile or account name that you wish to view.

  1. Open any web browser on any device (we’re using a Mac with Edge here for demo purposes)
  2. In the URL/address bar type in for example, we want to look at the @HawaiianAirlines Instagram account so the link would be
  3. Visit the Instagram account page just like you would any other link
  4. Sometimes when you attempt to view a post it gives you a login request, so to view an individual post or reel, right-click and choose “Open in Private Window”

That’s really all there is to it, it’s not particularly complex or difficult as you can see.

Some people may not have an account because they don’t want it on their phone, which is fairly reasonable, but if you’re interested you can install Instagram on a Mac as an app too.

We have many more Instagram tips here if you’re curious to learn even more about the popular social network.


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  1. Plocky says:

    I use this trick sometimes but after clicking on a picture or two it wants me to login. I learned if you right-click and open in a new private window it will let you open another picture though.

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