How to Check Battery Life of Apple Watch

May 17, 2024 - 6 Comments

Apple Watch battery life is important to know

The Apple Watch is a nifty gadget that many of us are fans of, but one of the curious things about Apple Watch is that it doesn’t have an obvious battery percentage remaining indicator, unlike the iPhone, iPad, Apple Pencil, AirPods, or Mac. Furthermore, it’s not necessarily obvious how to check how much battery life you have left on Apple Watch.

We’re going to demonstrate several different ways that you can check the battery life remaining on your Apple Watch.

How to See Apple Watch Battery Life Remaining in Control Center

Control Center on Apple Watch can also show you how much battery life you have left:

  1. Open Control Center on Apple Watch by clicking the flat side button (not the rotating one)
  2. See the battery percentage remaining on Apple Watch here
  3. Check Apple Watch battery life with Control Center

  4. Click the flat side button again to dismiss control center

How to Check Apple Watch Battery with Settings

You can always find battery information in the Settings on Apple Watch:

  1. On Apple Watch, click the side rotating side button to go to the Home Screen, then go to “Settings”
  2. Scroll to find “Battery” and tap on that
  3. You will see battery percentage remaining of Apple Watch here
  4. Battery life remaining on Apple Watch

Check Apple Watch Battery Life with Siri

Siri offers one of the easiest ways to find battery life information on Apple Watch without tapping tiny touch screen buttons:

  1. Summon Siri on Apple Watch
  2. Ask Siri “how much battery life do I have left?” or a similar question
  3. Check Apple Watch battery life with Siri

It’s important to remember that the battery percentage may fluctuate based on your Apple Watch usage, what type of apps are running, how much you interact with Apple Watch, if you have the always-on display enabled, and many other factors.

Remember, charging your Apple Watch regularly when not in use helps ensure that it’s ready for use when you need it.

You can also check the battery health of Apple Watch to see if it’s time for you to replace the battery on the device.


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  1. Expo Bill says:


    • Expo Bill says:

      my comment was how every apple product with a port can be interacted with a computer except the apple watch.
      My gripe is that these watches batteries don’t last as long as….well….say my 2007 iPod nano and to remove things before shipping to them for repairs is impossible, since the battery won’t hold a charge to do these tasks.


      • Katie says:

        I’ve owned an Apple Watch since Christmas and it’s already not lasting a full day, and I only use it as a wrist-watch plus for workouts/fitness. I have it on Sleep mode all the time so it doesn’t light up with annoying alerts, calls, emails, messages, etc.

        I suspect by this Christmas it will last half a day? It’s a tiny battery but Apple should make it easy and cheap to replace if they don’t last long.

        • Expo Bill says:

          I agree 100%, Katie they can be made better and bot the cost of the product to fix or 1/2 to upgrade the battery.

          I don’t miss my  watch since the abrupt shut down last month and the cycling distance is off by .5 miles every 10 miles I pedal. I already substituted my 2007 iPods instead to play music during my 30 miles rides.

          When the battery gets replaced, the watch will just sit and only be used for swimming and other menial workout, I can’t replace the battery every 16 months!

          they are nice and wonderful, but not that important in the  spectrum of devices they offer.

  2. Dale Courtney says:

    There is a distinction between “battery life” and “battery level”.

    What you are discussing is the battery level: the current state of charge of the battery, usually expressed as a percentage. It shows how much charge remains in the battery at any given moment.

    “Battery Life”, however, refers to the overall duration a battery can power a device before it needs to be recharged or replaced. It is typically measured in hours or cycles and can vary based on usage patterns, device settings, and the age of the battery. Battery life encompasses the long-term performance of the battery.

  3. Tim says:

    Or … just put *battery* remaining on one of the many watch faces. It’s simple and while checking your watch, you can also see the battery charge remaining. Not all watch faces have this option, however, most do.

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