iOS 18 Announced with Dark Mode Icons, AI Features, Control Center Customizations, & More

Jun 10, 2024 - 5 Comments

iOS 18

Apple has announced iOS 18, the next major version of system software for iPhone, with a host of new features, design updates, and changes. iOS 18 brings all new customization options for home screen icons including Dark Mode icons with color tinting, the ability to place icons and widgets anywhere on the Home Screen, a customizable Control Center, AI features called Apple Intelligence that can help with both writing and summarizing text, a dedicated Passwords app, new Messages features like any Emoji tapback, a redesigned Photos app, and much more.

iOS 18 debuted at WWDC 2024, alongside MacOS Sequoia, iPadOS 18, watchOS 11, tvOS 18, and visionOS 2.

Home Screen Customizations

iOS 18 includes some notable Home Screen customization options, including the ability to place icons or widgets anywhere you want on the Home Screen.

Icons anywhere you want

There’s also new Dark Mode icons:

iOS 18 dark mode icons

And there’s even an icon color tinting effect, so you can make all your icons and widgets have a color hue if you’d like.

Dark Mode color tinting icons

These new customization options for icons and widgets can make the Home Screen more unique and custom than ever before.

Control Center Redesign

Control Center, which includes a mishmash of many useful features that you want quick access to from anywhere on iPhone, is now more customizable than ever before.

Control Center iOS 18

Additionally, there’s now Control Center support for third party apps so they can add icons into Control Center too.

And you can now have multiple pages of icons and toggles on Control Center, giving you instant access to a potentially overwhelming amount of buttons, toggles, and doodads that are sure to improve you iPhone experience.

Standalone Passwords App

The Passwords Settings area that stores all of your iCloud Keychain and login information, accounts, and passwords, is now in a dedicated Passwords app, making it easier to manage and access your login information and account details.

The Passwords app also comes to iPadOS 18 and MacOS Sequoia.

Photos App Improvements & Redesign

The Photos app has received a significant redesign that aims to help users to easily find photos. There’s also a new collections feature that groups photos by theme and aims to make it easy to browse through photos.

Photos app also gains new touchup tools like Clean Up, which allows you to easily remove distracting elements from a photo (like someone you don’t want to be included in a picture).

Messages Gains New Formatting Options, Emoji Tapbacks, Scheduling

The Messages app has gained some new features as well, including formatting options for text to make words bold, underlined, small, big, explode, bloom, ripple, and more.

You can also now tapback any message with any Emoji.

iOS 18 emoji Tapback

Perhaps the most useful new feature in Messages is the ability to schedule messages, without having to jump through a bunch of hoops with other apps. With scheduling, you can easily send a message at a particular date and time of your choosing, for things like birthdays, holidays, or whatever else you’d like to message at a specified time or date.

Apple Intelligence AI

iOS 18 includes tons of new Apple Intelligence features, which is what Apple is calling their AI initiatives. With Apple Intelligence, you’ll gain writing tools to help you rewrite text in different tones like friendly or professional, summarize text, proofread, and much more. You’ll also have the ability to create images with an Image Playground feature.

iOS 18 Apple Intelligence writing tools

The Apple Intelligence AI toolkit is available anywhere you can type on the iPhone, including Pages, Mail, Notes, and third party apps.

These tools should be familiar to anyone who has been using ChatGPT and similar tools from Microsoft Edge, Bing, and ChatGPT.

Safari Updates with AI

Safari now has some handy new AI assisted features that allow you to quickly summarize web pages.

Safari iOS 18 AI summary

Reader Mode in Safari is also improved with summaries and table of contents automatically generated.

Many More iOS 18 Features>/h3>
There are many other features in iOS 18 for iPhone as well, including the ability to lock apps behind Face ID, and a new ability to hide apps on your device. You’ll also be able to change the icons on the lock screen, type to Siri easier than ever, have access to national park hiking trails through Maps, gaming enhancements with Game Mode, and much more.

iPadOS 18 has most of the same features, plus a Calculator app

iPadOS 18 was also announced at WWDC 2024, and it includes basically all of the new features from iOS 18 for iPhone, but as iPadOS 18 on iPad.

An incredible new feature that is unique to iPadOS 18 is the inclusion of a new Calculator app, which has been fourteen years in the making since the debut of iPad, and so you’ll no longer have to rely on Spotlight to be your iPad Calculator.

iPadOS 18 also includes new features related to Apple Pencil and drawing and writing tools.

When will iOS 18 be available?

iOS 18 was announced at WWDC 2024, and the developer beta is available right away.

Public beta users will be able to download iOS 18 public beta in July.

The final version of iOS 18 will launch on iPhone in the fall.

What features of iOS 18 are you most excited about? Share your opinions and thoughts in the comments.


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  1. NickO says:

    Hew APPLE, how about brining back vibrate on silent mode when one gets a phone call?
    How primitive can you get?

  2. Calculator ProOS says:

    iOS 18 looks like a mild facelift for dark mode users but what is there really?

    MacOS Sequoia didn’t get the dark mode facelift and that is too bad, I guess we have to wait for MacOS Tenderloin to get that amazing feature.

    So iOS 18 is only so-so. MacOS Sequoia lets you see your iPhone screen on your Mac screen so you can use your iPhone on your Mac. tvOS 18 lets you watch more TV.

    But iPadOS 18….

    iPadOS 18 is WOW! I can’t believe how innovative! Good thing the iPad now has the M4 chip, the most powerful chip Apple makes, so that it can run that Calculator application. You might have thought the M4 chip would be put on iPad to do something like run MacOS but why would they do that when you can run Calculator applications?

    This is the kind of Silicon Valley tech innovation that comes once in a lifetime. My first digital calculator was on a Macintosh SE, and 74 years later it’s on the iPad now!

    I call for Apple to rename iPadOS to CalculatorOS! Give it an M67 processor and have it use Calculator application only! $3000 stock base model with 2GB Storage, or $90,000 with 128GB Storage! Calculator Magic Keyboard for an additional $900! Calculator Pro Pencil is a deal at only $399!

    You might think the Calculator application could run on simpler hardware, but you’d be wrong.

    • Sheryl S. says:

      I am genuinely pleased to see Calculator finally making it to iPadOS, but this comment is hilarious! :-)

  3. Sheryl S. says:

    Yay for the iPad getting a calculator application and message scheduling for Messages!

    The rest… I anticipate ignoring or opting out of. But those two… yay!

    • Bored says:

      The visual changes look neat. Like putting a new coat of shiny lipstick on old bacon that we’ve all grown accustomed to eating! Delicious.

      But I don’t see many new features.

      Messages scheduling, ok. It would be smart if you could use the Apple AI to automatically text people “Happy Birthday” I guess? But uh, ok?

      Hiking trails in Maps? Who is that for? I don’t think we need more people getting lost in hiking trails.

      Photos gets some retouching tools that third party apps have done for years, ok that’s new.

      Left out here maybe because it’s not for everyone is the Messages Over Satellite feature, which is helpful for when you’re orbiting the earth and need to use a satellite to send a message? Wait what how does this work and why can’t everyone use it?

      Control Center. Why do I want multiple pages of fumbling toggles in Control Center? I do not. That seems overengineered, taking something simple and making it complicated. This reminds me of them taking a simple feature like Do Not Disturb and turning it into a wildly complex and over-engineereed ToasterFridgeDeluxePlusCarMicrowaveSkidoo that I still can’t figure out how to make work to simply hush my iPhone.

      Is anyone else confused by where Apple spends their money? They’re paying ChatGPT instead of creating their own AI LLM? What the !?!?

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