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Fix WeatherWidget Using Heavy CPU & Slowing a Mac

Mar 10, 2024 - Leave a Comment
Terminate the WeatherWidget process to restore CPU behavior

WeatherWidget is a process you may encounter on a Mac when looking through Activity Monitor or a system stats app, a task that many advanced Mac users find themselves doing if they notice their Mac performance is slowing down. The reason, of course, is that Activity Monitor (or similar) will show you what processes are … Read More

Fix iPad Temperature Warning: iPad needs to cool down before you can use it

Feb 29, 2024 - Leave a Comment
Fix iPad Temperature warning - iPad needs to cool down before you can use it

iPad may display a warning message on the screen if it gets too hot, becoming unusable until the iPad cools down again. This happens if the iPad is overheating, and there are various reasons this can happen. The specific message on screen is “Temperature – iPad needs to cool down before you can use it.” … Read More

Fix “Not authorized to send Apple events to System Events” Mac Error

Feb 25, 2024 - 3 Comments
How to fix the Not Authorized to Send Apple Events to System Events error on a Mac when launching an app

Some Mac users may occasionally stumble into a oddly worded error message when attempting to launch an application that states “Not authorized to send Apple events to System Events”, and, when clicking OK to dismiss the error, nothing happens – the app does not launch on MacOS. If you attempt to open the app triggering … Read More

Fix “Photos Quit Unexpectedly” Error on Mac

Feb 15, 2024 - Leave a Comment
Photos quit unexpectedly error on Mac

Rarely, Mac users may experience an issue with the Photos app crashing during usage, or crashing in the background when not in use, but a pop-up error message appears on the Mac stating “Photos quit unexpectedly. Click Reopen to open the application again. Click Report to see more detailed information and send a report to … Read More

Fix a MacBook Air Not Charging When Plugged In

Feb 7, 2024 - 2 Comments
Fix for MacBook not charging when plugged in

MacBook Air is a fantastic laptop from Apple that is also very popular, with untold numbers of users around the world. While most people will never run into issues charging their MacBook Air, issues can happen where the MacBook Air does not charge when it is plugged in. If you find that your MacBook Air … Read More

Fix Messages for Mac Showing Phone Numbers Instead of Names

Feb 2, 2024 - 5 Comments
Make sure Contacts app is enabled for iCloud on Mac

Some Mac users may run into a situation where the Messages app for Mac shows phone numbers instead of contact names, despite those contacts numbers being saved and associated with names. Typically you can resolve this issue with a few simple solutions, which we’ll get into here.

Fix for “No Active Device Used For Your Location” on iPhone Error

Jan 30, 2024 - 1 Comment
Fix location sharing issues on iPhone with Find My

Some iPhone users have discovered they are not able to share their location in Messages or Find My, and instead get an error message stating “No Active Device Used For Your Location. You can check your settings in Find My.” This issue, when present, prevents the user from sharing your location, until it has been … Read More

Slow Performance in MacOS Sonoma? Fix Sluggish Speed on Mac

Jan 29, 2024 - 8 Comments
If macOS Sonoma feels slow then let us help speed it up

MacOS Sonoma is a perfectly great operating system for most Mac users, and many feel its variety of features and general enhancements offer improvements over its predecessor. However, not all MacOS Sonoma users are thrilled, and some people feel their Mac is slower after updating to MacOS Sonoma 14, experiencing more sluggish general performance, unresponsiveness … Read More

Fix AirPrint Not Working with iOS 17 Update

Jan 25, 2024 - 1 Comment
AirPrint on iPhone and iPad

A fair number of iPhone and iPad users are reporting that using AirPrint is no longer working on their device since updating to iOS 17 and iPadOS 17, or a later update to those operating systems (like iOS 17.2, etc). For many users impacted by this problem, the AirPrint compatible printer disappears after you select … Read More

Where is Health App for Mac? Can I View My Health Data on Mac?

Jan 15, 2024 - 2 Comments
Health data and Health app on Mac?

Some Mac users are interested in viewing their Health data, workout data, activity and fitness data, all that is gathered from Apple Watch and iPhone, on their Mac. Recently, Apple added the Health app to iPad, so where is Health app for Mac? This should be easy, right?

Fix “Could Not Connect to Apple Watch” Error on iPhone

Jan 12, 2024 - Leave a Comment
Fix the Could not connect to Apple Watch error on iPhone

Apple Watch users may potentially see an error message on their iPhone that states that “Could Not Connect to Apple Watch”, which then advises a few troubleshooting tips. Often those troubleshooting tips offered in the error message will fix the issue, but sometimes you need some additional help in fixing the error message and connecting … Read More

Fix M2 MacBook Air Running Slow with a Simple Settings Tweak

Jan 11, 2024 - Leave a Comment
Fix a Slow MacBook Air with a simple trick

Some M2 MacBook Air users have discovered their MacBook is running slow from time to time, perceiving what feels like dramatically reduced performance. Usually when this happens, the MacBook Air slows down when the Mac is running on battery power, but the workload being performed is not particularly abnormal or even demanding; maybe it’s a … Read More

How to Restore & Reopen All Closed Tabs in Safari on iPad

Jan 10, 2024 - 2 Comments
Restore closed tabs in Safari

If you’ve accidentally closed tons of Safari tabs on iPad or iPhone and want to restore them, or you lost all of your Safari tabs by trying to create a Safari Tab Group (a surprisingly common occurrence, what a feature bug), you are probably desperately wondering how you can recover and reopen all closed tabs … Read More

“Available Software Updates Have Changed” Error on Mac, & How to Fix It

Dec 28, 2023 - Leave a Comment
Available software updates have changed error on Mac

Some Mac users may occasionally experience a peculiar error when attempting to perform a system software update on their Mac, with the error message stating that the “available software updates have changed” and to try again or contact Apple.

How to Reverse Function Keys (F1, F2, etc) on MacOS Sonoma

Dec 26, 2023 - 5 Comments
How to reverse function keys on MacOS

Some Mac users have noticed that after updating to macOS Sonoma, or various macOS Sonoma updates, their function keys are reversed. A common example of this is that when you tap on the F1 or F2 key to adjust the display brightness, nothing happens. Or you may press F10, F11, or F12 to adjust audio … Read More

Why is My iPhone Playing Music Randomly? Here’s a Fix

Dec 18, 2023 - 5 Comments
Stop iPhone randomly playing music when locked

Some iPhone users may discover their iPhone is randomly playing music, sometimes from within a pocket, or a purse, from a lap, or when being held in a hand but otherwise not in use. An iPhone may begin to randomly play music even when the iPhone is locked, making this a frustrating and potentially embarrassing … Read More

Fix Mouse Click Issues in macOS Sonoma

Dec 13, 2023 - 13 Comments
Fix mouse click issues in macOS Sonoma

A fair number of Mac users are experiencing some irregular click issues when using an external mouse with macOS Sonoma, and sometimes even the internal trackpad on various Mac laptops running Sonoma. For example, mouse clicks may randomly not register as clicks, or all clicks may be registered as right-click, or the trackpad or mouse … Read More

Fix “Gmail is having authentication problems. Some features may not work.” Error

Nov 21, 2023 - Leave a Comment
Gmail having authentication problems error message

Some Gmail web client users may occasionally see a red error message at the top of their Gmail inbox that says “Gmail is having authentication problems. Some features may not work. Try logging in to fix the problem.” The error can persist sometimes even on a logged in account, and if you have logged back … Read More

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