How to Talk to a Live Person at Apple

Apr 16, 2010 - 22 Comments

How to talk to a human live person at Apple

So you called Apple’s main number at 1-800-692-7753 (1-800-MY-APPLE) and you’re getting lost in a maze of automated menus with a robot who attempts to direct your call, sometimes successfully and sometimes not. Wouldn’t it be nice to talk to a real human being who can help, rather than a phone robot?

If you’re frustrated and trying to talk to a real life living breathing person at Apple’s number, we’ve got four specific tricks to try when you encounter the automated voice robot answering service that should connect you to a human with a pulse working for Apple.

4 Ways to Actually Talk to a Human Being at Apple

OK so you don’t want to talk to a robot and you’re not interested in navigating a maze of options and menu numbers and infinite confusing phone menus driven by a phone call center robot… you want to talk to a real live human being at Apple, let’s cover four ways you can accomplish this quickly:

Talk to a human being at Apple or applecare

Talk to a Person at Apple, Trick 1:

Press 0 repeatedly. Eventually, you should be transferred to a person (yes a real person!). This trick works for most automated phone systems, since 0 usually goes the ‘operator’ or a support person.

Talk to a Human at Apple, Trick 2

Tell the answering phone robot that you want to talk to customer service by saying “Customer Service” repeatedly.

Talk to a Human at Apple, Trick 3

Another goofy trick is the gibberish trick. When the automated phone robot fails to understand you, it often sends you to a person immediately. Thus, if you speak gibberish when asked what to do by the phone robot and you might immediately be redirected to a human being.

You can also tell the phone auto robot and say something like “Customer Service Representative” and then follow it up with some gibberish, for example:

After the robot answers, wait for him to get to his first break and say “Customer Service Representative.” The robot will confirm that he’ll soon place you in touch with a real human being. He’ll then ask you to clarify what topic you’re calling about. Do not respond with a topic… [instead] say something strange. Something like “Gallupping Butterflies” or “Indigenous Bicycle Dinosaurs.” Make sure that your topic cannot be understand by Mr. Roboto. Once you’ve stymied him, he’ll finally forward you to a real customer service representative.

This helpful tidbit of information is brought to us from TUAW, where the original poster must have had some recent frustrating experience with trying to talk to a real human at Apple.

Talk to an Apple Human Trick 4:

For what it’s worth, I’ve found that if you call Apple’s Technical Support (Apple Care) number directly at 1-800-275-2273, you are almost always immediately speaking to a human, so if you’re having technical problems that might be a better solution than trying to trip up a mechanical bot at their generic 800 number.

Talking to a person is often the most easy and helpful way to resolve a technical issue, or any matter with your Apple account, ordering, sales, shipping, whatever. Apple support reps are usually really great and well trained, and should be able to help you quickly.

Do you have a trick to talk to a person quickly at Apple support or sales numbers? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Aakash says:

    My iPhone 6s goes in disable mode. How to enable it?

  2. Jessica Helligas says:

    I like to know about my track number because I don’t have it

  3. Ethan says:

    Works!! 😊

  4. Sarah says:

    I just used these tricks and they worked after a half hour of fighting with the automated system! Unfortunately, after another 15 minutes of web searching for my problem while I was on hold I was finally able to find the solution. Itunes drives me nuts sometimes, and I was so disappointed in the level of customer care I received today. Thank you so much for this post though, I’ll take these tricks with me on future problematic customer service calls!

  5. Kiamonster says:

    Hi I need to make mc videos with air shou please I need to or I’ll go crazy please I really need it please please

  6. Wendy says:

    Thanks for the advice! Works great!

  7. Cindy says:

    This worked great thank you

  8. Ahmed says:

    Who can I change iOS on ipad2

  9. Tylor says:

    Listen here, yall are not allowing my card to be processed this needs to be fixed right now.I am having difficulty and I’m not liking it.Yall make me want to android the Samsun phone so I want have to put up with yalls Inconvience with my debit card.

    • Durfff says:

      Tylor, why don’t you contact APPLE and not rant on the internet at a totally unrelated website? What is that going to do for you? Your problem is with APPLE or your credit card company, and here you are, on the internet, on an unrelated website that has nothing to do with either of those, complaining.

      Or maybe read the freaking article about how to talk to a live person at the actual Apple company. Posting comments on websites and the internet you may as well be shouting into the wind.

  10. denise says:

    I hate hate Apple. in Australia Telstra is generally considered to be the worst company. Apple make them look good. I am too exhausted from dealing with them to even give details. They should claim to have after sales service. Apple Care is Apple torture.

  11. jackee says:

    I have bought numerous songs from the itunes store Nd im stiil.not able to make any of them my ringtones on my iphone 4

  12. pat says:

    i hate apple but i cant get anything but an iPhone the customer support took forever

  13. Henry says:

    The customer service is terrible. I wanted them to put the credits on my credit card, but they put it back on the gift card. So then I called them and complained, but they just hung up on me, so forget Apple.

  14. perle says:

    Nice job just a bit of a long wait but you guys are brilliant!

  15. ep says:

    haha! brilliant! thanks

  16. PJ says:

    worked like a charm!

  17. Sawyer says:

    I purchased a lot of songs on my itunes and my computer crashed and I formatted my computer and it deleted all of the files and my itunes. I put itunes back on my computer but i don’t know how to get my purchased songs back onto my computer. please help

  18. Gao Chee Yang says:

    I have an iPhone 3G or 3GS I heard that it’s not real from
    China. But yeah, my iPhone I found it, and it was low battery like to three percent, then, I guess it charged it until it was just ten percent, so then I decided to reset everything, and, I waited forever for it to do everything it had to do, and so when I kept waiting all I saw was it just kept flashing on and off then it’d show me the low battery sign again, and, I just don’t know what to do.

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