Stop Redirecting to Local Country or Language Version of Google

Nov 22, 2011 - 17 Comments

Stop Redirecting to Another Countries Version of Google

Traveling abroad can quickly become frustrating when you attempt a search on and discover you are redirected to the local countries variant of Google, with the local language and all. This language redirect can happen when using a VPN or proxy as well. While this is convenient for things like local search and Maps, if you’re trying to find results in English while you’re in a non-english speaking country or on a non-english Google site, the redirect is annoying and can end up being outright confusing.

Fortunately, there’s a simple and quick solution to the automatic Google country redirect, insuring that you’ll always visit the one-and-only regardless of your current location on the globe.

The solution to stop the Google language and country redirect is simple enough: use the alternate NCR Google URL of “” – This little known alternate Google NCR page stands for “No Country Redirect” and will always display in English – regardless of whether you’re in India, China, Brazil, Honduras, Germany, UK, New Zealand, Australia, or anywhere else on planet Earth.

Here’s the Google NCR No Country Redirect URL: Just remember this, or better yet, bookmark it for when you’re traveling out of your native region:

You can click that link to open Google NCR or just put the URL in your web browser, be it Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox, whatever:

Google No Country Redirect version

An alternate solution is to use Google’s Language Tools to set a primary language for a specific Google account as well, but the NCR link to be much easier to remember and more flexible, because it does not require you to log in to a Google account to work (whereas setting a default language does require the login).

This a fairly general tip and it applies to all web browsers and all computers running all OS’s, meaning whether you’re using Mac OS X on a MacBook Air, iPad, iPhone, Windows 7 or Windows 10 on a PC, Android on a smartphone, or anything else, you can always get the plain URL.

One final tip regarding Google localization; you can go the reverse direction as well, if you want to load another countries or regions Google version, simply apply their Top Level Domain to the Google URL, or adjust the account Language Tools to fit your desired search localization. Of course, using a proxy, SOCKS proxy and SSH tunnel, or VPN with an IP in the desired region is another way, but that’s a bit more technical beyond the scope of simply adjusting a URL in your web browser.

Happy travels, where ever you are! If you know of another way to get localized versions of global Google websites, let us know in the comments!

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  1. Alex says:

    LOL, I ran into this on vacation and I can’t speak a lick of Spanish. Never knew about NCR though, good thing to bookmark for the future :)

  2. tim says:

    i am using instead and it’s definitely wont tie to local google. :)

  3. Jack says:

    Nice tip. I always have this problem since I travel internationally all the time. Wonder if there is a similar one for Yahoo?

  4. Makka says:

    I’m not from the USA, so I’ve never thought about this problem. Every country just has it’s own Google URL, so we just go to,,,,, and so on. It doesn’t matter where I am, I’ve just set the Google URL of my own country as the start page in Safari, so Google is always in my own language.

    I’ve never thought about people from the USA using and being redirected. Isn’t there a you can use?

    No. I’ve just tested that, but when I go to, I’m just directed to my local Google URL. Strange, I expected to redirect to the local Google URL and not to redirect and just to be in English, just like all other local Google pages are written in the local language.

  5. Horrible says:

    This is annoying me so badly. For gods sakes, if I type in than that´s where I want to go! The search results for different country google are often very different and don´t find what I need. Thank you for the tip, hopefully it will solve thys annoying problem.

  6. Oleg says:

    A great tip. I live in Latvia and can’t stand the local redirect as I mostly research foreign markets and the insistent local setting was really in the way. Thanks for the great tips. What does the encrypted.Google do – same as Chrome incognito? I am also sick of the nosy ads.

  7. Paul says:

    This is interesting but since I don’t want to have google as my home page is there a way of setting this as the default Google site in the search box top right hand side of safari?

  8. Hussain says:

    Using Internet Explorer, the Google search page just decided to switch to another language. Looking at the links, I could open the language preferences page which listed a couple of dozen languages I had never heard of (is Cherokee a real written language?) but English wasn’t an option. Will someone at Google please add English as an option to all pages?

  9. Callyope says:

    I am in Germany, and when I click
    I am always redirected to

    The only option to land on google. com, is to click on the link directely from this page:

    Hope it helps someone :-)

  10. Zenón says:

    At this time nothing is working for me to get the google us version.

  11. sk says:

    if nothing else, click on THEIR link on the bottom right of the page that’s given to you. It will take you to the right page.

  12. Bart says:

    I still have an issue after trying all these things ( and change language settings).

    I’m in The Netherlands right now and when I do a search for example ‘’, it shows their US website in English in the search results. Then when I click on it, it redirects me to the local Dutch site.
    If I do a search for ‘’, it shows their English homepage. Then when I click on it, it redirects me to, their Dutch version of Could someone explain why this happen and how I fix this? Thanks so much.

  13. Dude says:

    You are a hero! Thanks for this tip and thanks for all the comments!

  14. jonah says:

    this works in firefox but not in safari. is there a way to get it to work in safari?

  15. Greg says:

    I live in the USA and haven’t been traveling out of the country. Suddenly the short cut for takes me to Brazil’s Google. Not only that, but all Google ads on every webpage are Brazilian in Firefox. Your suggested link doesn’t cure.

    • Cholla says:

      Clear your caches, you obviously set Google to default to Brazilian Google in Portuguese. Clear your web history and cache, then go to for the English USA version.

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