How to View Emails with Attachments Only in Mail for iOS

Jan 7, 2016 - 5 Comments

Mail icon An optional inbox sorting option is available to Mail users in iOS which allows for quickly viewing only emails that have an included attachment. This offers an easy way of finding specific types of emails with attachments of any kind, without having to use the Search function or browsing through the regular inboxes, and should be helpful to many iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users.

Before you can access and view only emails with attachments, you’ll need to enable the optional sorting mailbox in Mail app on the iPhone or iPad first.

Enable an Attachments Inbox in Mail for iOS to View Only Emails with Attachments

  1. Open the Mail app in iOS as usual, this should open to your regular “All Inboxes” view, then tap the “Mailboxes” back button
  2. Tap on “Edit” and scroll down to find and tap on “Attachments” so that a blue check mark appears next to it, then tap on “Done”
  3. Enable Attachments inbox in Mail for iOS

  4. Back in the Mailboxes screen, tap on “Attachments” to view only emails that have included attachments in the iOS Mail app

The Attachments inbox in Mail for iOS sorts and shows only emails with attachments

For those of us who work with many attachments in iOS Mail, this is a really great feature, and it also makes it quite easy to save attachments to iCloud quickly as you don’t need to wade through a larger inbox with other emails. It’s also handy to sort through documents to markup or sign and return through Mail.

If you find yourself using the Attachments inbox often, you may want to rearrange it so that it appears higher in the Mailboxes list of Mail app.

As usual when switching inboxes and mailboxes, you’ll probably want to tap back and return to the “All Inboxes” section when finished, otherwise you’ll only see new emails that include attachments if it remains the active mailbox on screen.

This sorting function is similar to viewing only emails from VIP contacts and archived messages, which are also optional inbox sorting options available in the Mailboxes screen.

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  1. Robert says:

    – thanks for the suggestion
    – Dittach is really good
    – it automatically opens all your attachments

    – you can then print or forward them straight from
    your i-phone

    – you don’t have to first open the attachment , then
    save it etc

    thanks again for the suggestion

  2. BZ says:

    Even better – go to Apple’s Ap store and download the App
    ” DITTACH”

  3. Marco Aurélio says:

    Paul, do you know if it is possible for OS X Mail APP to automatically fill a CC:, BCC: or Reply to: fields when sending an email from a certain ID?
    If possible that would be a good theme for an article.

  4. Anup Soman says:

    Very useful i get attachment mails 8-10 daily now it will b segregated & finding them is easy very helpful

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