How to Enable Type to Siri on iPhone and iPad

Jan 24, 2018 - 6 Comments

Type to Siri on iOS

Type to Siri for iOS allows you to interact with Siri by typing text commands on an iPhone or iPad, using either the onscreen software keyboard or an external keyboard.

All of the Siri commands you’re used to using work through Type to Siri, it’s just the command entering process that is different as you quite literally type out a query or command and then Siri responds as usual.

Type to Siri on iPad and iPhone is an incredibly useful feature for myriad reasons, whether you just prefer to type, can’t use voice commands with Siri, have an accessibility setup where typing is more practical, or perhaps just because you like the idea of having a smart command line of sorts that is backed by a little virtual assistant.

Sound good? Then let’s turn on the Type to Siri feature in iOS so that you can use Siri with a keyboard on an iPad or iPhone.

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Beta 1 of iOS 11.3 & macOS 10.13.4 Released for Testing

Jan 24, 2018 - Leave a Comment

Downloads of beta 1 for macOS High Sierra 10.13.4 and iOS 11.3 width=

Apple has unveiled the first beta versions of iOS 11.3, macOS High Sierra 10.13.4, and tvOS 11.3. The new beta 1 builds of the various Apple operating systems arrive just a day after the final versions of iOS 11.2.5 and macOS 10.13.3 update debuted.

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MacOS High Sierra 10.13.3 Update, Security Update 2018-001 for Sierra & El Capitan Released to Mac Users

Jan 23, 2018 - 29 Comments

macOS High Sierra 10.13.3

Apple has released the final version of macOS High Sierra 10.13.3 for Mac users running the High Sierra operating system. Apple has also released security updates for Mac users running MacOS Sierra and Mac OS X El Capitan, along with iOS 11.2.5 for iPhone and iPad, and updates to watchOS and tvOS.

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By Paul Horowitz - Mac OS X, News - 29 Comments

iOS 11.2.5 Update Download Released for iPhone and iPad

Jan 23, 2018 - 3 Comments

iOS 11.2.5 update released

Apple has released iOS 11.2.5 for iPhone and iPad. The final version of iOS 11.2.5 includes bug fixes, security enhancements, along with support for the HomePod speaker system from Apple, and a new capability for Siri to read short news digests to you.

Additionally, Apple has released software updates for Mac as macOS 10.13.3 and security updates 2018-001 for El Capitan and Sierra, along with updates to Apple TV, and watchOS.

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By Paul Horowitz - iPad, iPhone, News - 3 Comments

How to Stop “Upgrade to MacOS High Sierra” Notifications Completely on a Mac

Jan 22, 2018 - 25 Comments

Stop Upgrade to macOS High Sierra update notifications

If you’re tired of the “Upgrade to macOS High Sierra” notifications nagging your Mac to install a system software update that you perhaps have made a conscious decision to avoid, then you will likely appreciate this tip to completely stop the upgrade macOS notifications.

As you likely know by now, there is no way to really dismiss the “Upgrade to macOS High Sierra” alert, there’s either an “Install” button which immediately attempts to install the update, or a “Details” button which launches into the App Store and also nudges you to install. There’s not a “Never” or “Ignore” option in the notification, which leads some users to believe there is no choice but to install the software updates presented. But that’s not the case, you can ignore the update and also get rid of the notifications bugging you to update.

Note this tip is specifically aimed at users who are not yet upgraded to macOS High Sierra and who specifically do not want to update to macOS High Sierra for whatever reason. This works on earlier versions of MacOS system software, including Sierra and El Capitan, and will likely work the same moving forward too.

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By Paul Horowitz - Mac OS X, Tips & Tricks - 25 Comments

How to Disable Online Activity Status on Instagram to Stop Showing When You’re Using the App

Jan 21, 2018 - 7 Comments

Instagram icon

Instagram now defaults to showing other peoples accounts when you were last active using the Instagram application. For example, if you’re using Instagram right now then other Instagram users will be able to see that you are using the app at that moment. If you used the app exactly 23 minutes ago, other users can see that too.

Some Instagram users may enjoy broadcasting to the world when exactly they are using that specific application. On the other hand, privacy advocates and more casual Instagram users may not appreciate the broadcasting of app usage to other Instagram users.

If you want to disable the Activity Status feature on Instagram so that nobody will be able to tell when you were last using the Instagram app, we’ll show you how to do it.

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By Paul Horowitz - iPhone, Tips & Tricks - 7 Comments

How to Check Uptime of iPhone or iPad to See When Last Booted

Jan 20, 2018 - 1 Comment

How to Get iPad and iPhone uptime and last boot

Uptime determines how long a computer or iOS device has been turned on for, or at least when the hardware was last booted or rebooted. On a unix machine or any Mac, you can check uptime with the uptime command or system System Information, but the iPhone and iPad has no such mechanism for seeing uptime by default. Fortunately there are a few third party apps available which can reveal device uptime in iOS, so if you want to know when an iPhone or iPad was last turned on or rebooted, you can uncover that information with the help of such an application.

We’ll cover two simple options to retrieve uptime information from an iPhone or iPad, so that you can see when the iOS device last went through a boot sequence.

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Check Out These Stunning 50 Megapixel iPhone Panorama Images Shot from a Plane

Jan 19, 2018 - 2 Comments

iPhone aerial photographer panoramas

Imagine strapping an iPhone 7 to the bottom of an airplane, placing the camera into Panorama mode, and then flying around and capturing giant sweeping panorama images of the ground as you fly over it. The images would probably look pretty amazing, right? Well there’s no reason to imagine what they’d look like, because one photographer did exactly that.

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MacOS 10.13.3 Beta 6 and iOS 11.2.5 Beta 7 Released for Testing

Jan 19, 2018 - Leave a Comment

iOS 11.2.5 and macOS High Sierra 10.13.3 betas

Apple has released macOS 10.13.3 High Sierra beta 7 to users enrolled in the MacOS beta testing programs, along with iOS 11.2.5 beta 7 for iPhone and iPad beta testers.

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How to Make iPhone Automatically Answer Calls

Jan 18, 2018 - 1 Comment

Answer iPhone calls automatically with this setting

iPhone has the capability to automatically answer inbound phone calls. Much as this sounds, with the auto-answer feature enabled, the iPhone will answer all phone calls automatically that come to the phone.

Auto-Answer Calls is an excellent accessibility setting that has many obvious uses and a wide range of applications for nearly all sorts of iPhone users, and there are some less-than-obvious uses for this setting too if you use your imagination a bit. If this sounds like an interesting or valuable feature to you, here’s how to turn automatic call answer on with the latest iOS releases.

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How to Stop Apps Downloading on All iOS Devices Automatically

Jan 17, 2018 - Leave a Comment

How to stop iOS automatic app downloads across all devices

If you have more than one iOS device using the same Apple ID, let’s say an iPhone and an iPhone, you may have noticed that if you download an app on the iPhone, the same app will simultaneously download and appear on the iPad, and vice versa. This is due to an iOS feature called Automatic Downloads.

Automatic Downloads in iOS can be undeniably useful in some situations, but it can also be frustrating and unexpected, and can lead to a reduction in storage capacity on devices as they end up downloading the same apps whether you want the apps on both devices or not.

Like many iOS features, Automatic Downloads can be turned off. Once disabled, you will be able to download an app directly to an iPhone or iPad, and not have it automatically appear on the other iOS devices you own sharing the same Apple ID.

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iOS 11.2.5 Beta 6 Released for Testing

Jan 17, 2018 - Leave a Comment

iOS 11.12.5 beta 6

Apple has released the sixth beta version of iOS 11.2.5 for users enrolled in the iOS beta testing program.

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