Mac OS X 10.6.3 update released

Mar 29, 2010 - 27 Comments

mac os x 10.6.3 update

Check your Software Updates! Mac OS X 10.6.3 update has been released and is recommended to install for all Mac OS X Snow Leopard users. The amount of fixes is pretty substantial, here’s the main list provided in the Software Update panel:

* improve the reliability and compatibility of QuickTime X
* address compatibility issues with OpenGL-based applications
* address an issue that causes background message colors to display incorrectly in Mail
* resolve an issue that prevented files with the # or & characters in their names from opening in Rosetta applications
* resolve an issue that prevented files from copying to Windows file servers
* improve performance of Logic Pro 9 and Main Stage 2 when running in 64-bit mode
* improve sleep and wake reliability when using Bonjour wake on demand
* address a color issue in iMovie with HD content
* improve printing reliability
* resolve issues with recurring events in iCal when connected to an Exchange server
* improve the reliability of 3rd party USB input devices
* fix glowing, stuck, or dark pixels when viewing video from the iMac (Late 2009) built-in iSight camera

Looking through the full list of improvements I noticed a couple of Airport updates:

* general reliability for wireless connections.
* improvements to 802.1X reliability, including closed network connections, and WPA2.

These really caught my eye since there’s been a sizable amount of people (including myself and other OS X Daily writers) that have had various problems with Snow Leopard and wireless connectivity. I’m hoping these will help fix the dropped wireless connection problems in Snow Leopard completely.

You can see the full improvement and bug fix list at’s 10.6.3 knowledge base article.

If you are having problems with airport connectivity, try this simple fix for wireless dropping after installing the 10.6.3 update


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Posted by: Bill Ellis in Mac OS


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  1. J Hopwood says:

    I have MacOSX 10.6.3 with Safari 4.0.4(6531.21.10). Do I have capability to upgrade my browser to a newer one? Will other browsers work w/o slowing down the computer?

  2. macmanchgo says:

    My Computers are all much much slower online also, and one of my computers takes about a full minute to go into sleep mode. all these problems with this upgrade… and I see all these comments go back to March and April and there still does not seem to be a fix for all this crap!!!
    So it sounds like the fix is to go back to 10.6.2, which I have no idea how to do at this point! Have reload Snow Leopard and then do the .1 and .2 updates from Softward Update? I guess so… what a pain! Why can’t apple come up with a fix for this mess by now??? geezus!!!! Steve.. you are making me lose faith in Apple’s ability to keep up with the basic tools!!

  3. tim says:

    Apple is dumb. It hasn’t figure out how to authenticate against 802.1x.

  4. Max Lopatin says:

    Installed 10.6.3 and now my computer slowed down dramatically! Screen calibration is different, can’t get everything back to normal. Common Apple, why you hurting us like this? Plz fix asap.

  5. shelona says:

    10.6.3 has made my system crash every day. And the pace of sys crashes is accelerating. Safari has become useless–within a few minutes it freezes all action on the computer except moving the cursor. Nothing can be opened, not even the apple icon on the menu bar. Nothing can be made to force quit. Firefox is also crashing. If chrome goes next, how will I get my work done?

  6. huygir says:

    This latest update actually messed up my wireless connectivity. I was having no problems at all until after I installed the update this morning, now wireless connections on my Mac have continual intermittent issues (slow to move data, often cannot connect from Mac to other network machines even when they can connect the other way). This is really bad because it effects my development – half of which is done on a Macbook from which I remotely access data and projects on my Mac. I need a new update. Anyone know how to roll back such updates?


  7. Axel says:

    10.6.3 is a pain. My FW devices are not anymore working (no connection to Eyetv200 or external drive) and a LOT more troubles.

  8. Haskellf says:

    10.6.3 causes my MacPro to go to unlimited sleep, 5min after I login. Always happens. If I reboot from osx 10.5.8, no problems at all. I would wait until they fix these issues with 10.6.3 before updating.

  9. Eduardo says:

    10.6.3 has been able to knock down all my fun. I have had a mac mini for 2 years hooked to a Sony Bravia with excellent results. Now, the image is dark, shady, and lacks contrast. As I am not an expert, I will try to switch back to 10.6.2

    Thankyou very nuch Steve,

  10. Bill says:

    Updated latest security fix this morning 15/04/2010 now web pages taking ages to load apps struggling to get going. This is even worse than MS because I knew how to sort their problems but as a Mac newbie I’ve nowhere to turn. Sorry now I moved

  11. Johan says:

    @gulliver: Same here, my display calibration is gone.

    How is is that every time Apple squirts out an update there is a truckload of problems associated with it…

  12. Peter says:

    After the 10.6.3 installation i can’t open any app rather than Safari.

  13. Sailorway says:

    My wireless conection stopped working when I put 10.6.3 on. It worked again after re downloading 10.6.0 from the disc and then re downloading 10.6.1/2/3 from Apple. All is OK at this time!!!

  14. David says:

    I installed this update, and now my dock has disappeared. I tried restarting several times, but this has not solved the problem. Any advice?

  15. marit says:

    10.6.3 is a disaster. Screwed up MS Office for mac (excel), the mouse, start-up, and who knows what else! Haven’t dared to try any other apps. As I’m a technical nitwit, it took me over a week to understand that I better downgrade back to 10.6.2. The downgrading itself took me another 20 hours. Everything seems OK again, but I lost alot of vital spreadsheet information (in the middle of financial reorganizations). How can Apple dump this piece of garbage on us, and escape all liability for damage done?!!

  16. Jonas says:

    The update totaly screwed up my computer.
    browsers not working. Firefox, safari and opera. Mail also crashes.

  17. Steve says:

    10.6.3 seems to have screwed up Time Machine. It wants to back up the partitions on the external drive, and consequently runs out of space.

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  19. Too much coffee says:

    Now I’m hesitant to install after reading these comments… I guess I will wait a few days to iron out the quirks!

  20. Laco says:

    My Viewer in FCP is missing, no way to re-open apple+1

  21. natix says:

    maybe i’m not right. i upgraded, and it seems to slow down my google chrome. now the chrome will be frozen until ANY page is completely downloaded. any idea?

  22. Dominic Jones says:

    P.S – I absolutely love this website! Keep up the good work.

  23. Dominic Jones says:

    After installing this update both of my printers were gone. Deleted. I have re-added them, but this seems to be a bug… Anyone else?

  24. gulliver says:

    Seems to have screwed my monitor calibration – which I currently can’t seem to get back to anything near pre-update settings.

  25. Toby says:

    installing now, I love OS updates

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