Hilarious response to Adobe’s “We Heart Apple” ad campaign

May 14, 2010 - 10 Comments

adobe need flash plugin

Many of you have probably seen the latest ad campaign from Adobe stating “We Heart Apple”, with full page ads running in the Mercury News and on tons of banner ads across the web (you can occasionally find them on our own site too). This has to be the funniest response to the pro-Flash campaign, which not so subtly states that, well, Flash sucks. Whatever your thoughts and opinions on the matter, Flash is really on it’s way out. Steve Jobs has already famously posted his thoughts on Flash and with Microsoft pushing for HTML5 video in IE9, the future of online video is growing increasingly clear.

The above picture was found on here via Zeldman.com. For reference we posted below the Adobe “We Heart Apple” ad that’s been floating around.


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  1. I am going to love it when Apple gets the shit kicked out of them in antitrust:


    Apple is clearly, painstakingly in the wrong here. And for the record: Flash doesn’t suck. I use it every day. On a mac. You use it every day too, and don’t act like you don’t. I realize I’m on a mac-homer blog here, but seriously, get over yourself.

    • Sartee says:

      Antitrust…I’m laughing about this. Does anyone sue Walmart for not stocking their shelves with products they don’t want to sell? No. What’s so different with the iPhone OS and the developer end of it? Apple wants good products in its store, not slow ones which may crash its system and make its company look bad because of faulty software.

      Also, Apple is not the only smartphone maker on the market; Google with the Droid phones is competing quite nicely. Therefore the initial claim that it has a monopoly is invalid, and so is the nature of the lawsuit. This would be different if Apple held a share greater than 80%, but the company does not.

      And if you don’t know how bad flash is, open up Activity Monitor, then Safari, now go surf Wikipedia for about 5 minutes. Then immediately go to any site with flash all over (ads, videos, or games) and see the difference in memory and CPU usage. Flash sucks, it’s why I have the Click to Flash plugin, which saves me 20-40% CPU power while online. While I still do use flash, I avoid it whenever possible, such as using Youtube in its new HTML5 beta form.

      Adobe’s pushing this because they’re sore that they cannot get their bloated system onto one of the most lucrative platforms at this time. Flash has never worked right on Unix systems in general, even on Linux which is the most open operating system one can have.

      I [insert ? block here] Adobe.

  2. Bobbyoriginal says:

    Flash is easy simple & fast… HTML5 is too much work…
    Flash was working nice with as3 and js… so it is a super nice platform for web developers!

    i involved the Autodesk products… because it is also a major problem for mac users!

    When will autocad & 3DS Max come on the mac?
    … hope all of this will be compatible!

    • Sartee says:

      Flash is easy. I did not argue with you on that, but at what cost? HTML5 is quick and can be optimized by platform designers because it’s open, while flash must be tweaked by Adobe.

      And anything “super nice” to developers always shoots consumers in the foot. It’s the difference to writing an entire program in interpreted languages versus C languages.

      And once again, the article was about flash, while a correlation between the current support for macs may be there, Autodesk and 3DS Max do not belong here. It’s night and day, flash is on macs and those others are not.

    • Redditor says:

      You absolute moron – you can create bouncing, tweens, effects and anything you want, programatically – simply and easily using something as simple as JQuery, in one line of code.

      You need mouse inputs and a farkton of code in flash to do simple programmatic movements.

      You only think flash is easy because you don’t know how to do it in JQuery

  3. Brad says:

    There is also this loading .gif: http://i.imgur.com/LN0VM.gif

  4. Bobbyoriginal says:

    Hey i loved this site… but come on… even Youtube need’s a flash plugin… When my mac tries to play a flash movie it blows crazy… Flash is a very needed program for all web/app designers! Flash is since MX a big product and it will continue to be a big product… only on this point really Mac sucks. And oh yeah another thing: There is no Autocad on mac ????!!! Mac = For Designers? Don’t think so i have a macbookpro… but each time when i need Autocad/3DS Max/Flash i have to fire up the *(&^#$*&^Windows… ( hate that os)… So come on Apple.. Come on Steve….

    We need this:
    Autocad !
    3 D Studio Max
    AND Flash

    …. Goddamnit.

    • Sartee says:

      @bobbyoriginal Flash is moving to HTML5, and won’t need flash anymore. And flash is only so big because web designers are lazy and would rather develop in flash than do the work that would make a website fast and good looking.

      Also, since when was Autocad part of this discussion? I always thought this was about Adobe and Apple…

  5. kevin says:

    While that is the best visual response, this is the best explanation of the hypocrisy:

    “The $600 Flash authoring tool is the only way to produce Flash applications.

    The free Mac OS X Developer tools (that require an $800+ Mac computer) are the only way to produce iPhone and iPad applications.

    Both systems are as closed as each other.

    Adobe claims Flash is open.

    Apple makes no such claims. If you want to make iPhone or iPad apps you use Mac OS and Xcode, take it or leave it.

    If you choose to leave it the alternative is HTML. A truly open platform for which authoring is as simple as editing text. There’s many HTML rendering engine implementations, the best few are totally open source with Apple being the major contributor to the best one, WebKit.

    Adobe: not open, claim to be.

    Apple: not open, don’t claim to be, contribute heavily to that which is truly open.”

    from another Aussie!


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