Charge iPhone Faster Using AC power

Jul 12, 2010 - 8 Comments

iPhone battery charges faster with AC outlet power

If you’re in a hurry to charge your iPhone, plug it into the wall outlet. Apparently you can charge your iPhone 23% faster by using the AC power adapter when compared to charging the device through a USB port, according to testing and many firsthand reports.

Anecdotally, I have experienced that charging an iPhone from a wall outlet is much faster as well, so try it out and you’ll quickly see yourself that the difference is pretty impressive in charging time. To get a good idea of the time, enable the battery percentage indicator on the iPhone and then watch it as it charges when plugged into the wall outlet. Magic, presto, AC adapters charge the iPhone faster!

How to Charge iPhone Faster? Use a Wall Charger

So beyond anecdotal reports and personal experience, some testing was done as mentioned on TUAW that demonstrated the 23% charging speed increase by using a wall outlet vs USB port, and though the tests may pertain to the iPhone 4 specifically, from experience I can confirm that an AC wall adapter charges the iPhone 6, iPhone 5, iPhone 3 and 3GS quicker than USB connections to a computer as well. Every iPhone seems to charge faster in a wall outlet, not surprising, perhaps, but helpful.

Yes, You Can Charge iPhone Faster with an AC Wall Outlet

It works. There is no faster way to charge an iPhone than plugging it into a wall outlet. Try this out yourself, the difference is usually pretty obvious and pretty noticeable. Just a few minutes plugged into the wall will give it quite a bit of juice.

charging-iphone Another observation I’ve made relates to the power output of particular USB ports. For instance, a 2010 MacBook Pro charges an iPhone a lot faster than my Hackintosh Netbook, but still slower than the wall outlet.

Bottom line: if your iPhone is charging slowly, plug it into the wall with the AC charging adapter to speed it up! It will charge faster and you’ll be out and about again in no time.

Know of any other tips to speed up how long it takes to charge your iOS device? Let us know in the comments.


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  1. Durp says:

    That box you hook into the wall converts the AC to DC. And if your charging from your macbook pro using usb 3.1-> lightning then it will charge an iphone faster than the little adapter that comes with it. However if you take that same hookup ( usb c -> lightning) and use a better AC/DC converter (like the one that comes with the macbook pro) then that will power it faster. The new ipad charger would also be faster than charging from the computer, but just barely.

    Bottom line is know what your phone can draw and what you are drawing from can provide and choose the fastest provider up til you reach the max draw, cuz after that it dont make any difference.

  2. Steve Pica says:

    Here’s another tip for charging your iPhone faster. Put it in airplane mode!

  3. Jon says:

    Does it matter if its powered down or left on

  4. Kevin says:

    I have charged my i-phone 3g with i-pad charger and strange thing happen. The Bat display shows charging but when i disconnect after all night charging the bat level shows low, one time i restarted the phone then it showed the correct charge level.even Apple has bugs!

  5. Murphy says:

    Have you guys plugged your iPhones into an iPad charger?

    • tres bien says:

      I have done this and it seems ok, same interface so why not. Going from the iPhone charger to iPad though I don’t think will work, too little power.

  6. Ricardo says:

    same applies to else mac hardware?

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