How to Check iPhone Firmware and Baseband Version

Aug 10, 2010 - 19 Comments

How to check an iPhone firmware version and baseband version directly on the device

If you need to know what version of iPhone baseband and firmware your device is running, you can find the information directly on your iPhone quickly and with little effort.

Here’s what you’ll want to do to check the iPhone firmware and/or baseband versions.

Check iPhone firmware version from iOS Settings

  • Tap on “Settings”
  • Tap on “General”
  • Select “About”
  • Look for “Version” and the numbers next to this will be your firmware

If you’re looking to update firmware yourself, you can always find up to date IPSW files here.

Check iPhone baseband version from iOS Settings

  • Tap on “Settings”
  • Tap on “General”
  • Select “About”
  • Scroll down and next to “Modem Firmware” will be your baseband version

iPhone baseband is generally not something which is modified by the user, but it can be important to know for unlocking a device.

Most users won’t need to know what firmware or baseband versions their iPhone is running, but the firmware version can be relevant for updating iOS with IPSW files since you will need the proper version of firmware to be compatible with the iPhone.

Additionally, you’ll sometimes need to know what baseband and firmware versions you’re using in order to find the proper iPhone unlock and jailbreak, since they are often different for various versions of device firmware. Though those topics are generally for much more advanced users and most people should avoid them.


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Posted by: Manish Patel in iPhone


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  1. ALIREZA says:



  2. yakuza3 says:

    this is hilarious to read!!
    dont know ur firmware??!!??
    i have an iphone 3GS and even i know
    my firmware is 5.1

  3. guanlik says:

    well i live in malaysia so thats the thing, i never come to baseband problem when i jb my phone, because malaysia sell unlock iphone from our services provider, im not too sure bout the apple store here, i was quite confuse when i saw some article writing saying preserve ur baseband when jb ur iphone so did i go googling bout what is baseband, i search for weeks and still didnt know wad is baseband for, untill now i still dont, and i don care anymore

  4. chris says:

    but how to know the software version of an iphone if the iphone is in recovery mode,and you cant see the software version using itunes?coz in itunes it says,.the software version is NOT APPLICABLE.,,can you help me how to fix this? without knowing I accidentally reset and erased all the settings my iphone,then it turned black,and theres a round loop around the apple logo,and now it stuck in recovery mode,.

    Thanks in advance

    • jhon says:

      but how to know the software version of an iphone if the iphone is in recovery mode,and you cant see the software version using itunes?coz in itunes it says,.the software version is NOT APPLICABLE.,,can you help me how to fix this? without knowing I accidentally reset and erased all the settings my iphone,then it turned black,and theres a round loop around the apple logo,and now it stuck in recovery mode,.

      Thanks in advance

  5. Pat Field says:

    Good lord, what a sarcastic lot you are!! If someone doesnt know how to find their firmware how can they possible follow the instructions to unlock?? I have a second hand iphone. Never had one. No idea about unlocking – my sim worked until I connected to Ituns, then is was locked out! i have a high firmware but have absolutely no idea what this means! Stll waiting for it to be officially unlocked by 02 but love what the iphone does. Then leaving all this jailbreaking and unllocking alone — a little info is a dangerous thing!

  6. Rafi says:

    How do I know my firmware version if my iphone is locked ?

  7. […] restores the contacts, calendars, notes, text messages, and settings, it does not revert to prior iPhone firmware or baseband nor does it wipe the iPhone and restore all factory settings, that is an entirely different […]

  8. Marius says:

    My friend bought a iphone 4 in Malaysia. When you go to its settings about his firmware says
    “Iphone _F_W_T_V1_1_5” now how the hell it is the first time I see this, it also don’t say his baseband

    can any one help me, so that I can help him, he is new to iphone and I want to help him Jailbreak it.

  9. okekok says:

    Like Matt I washed up here because I have just signed up with IPhone-developers having spent many years on WinMo HTC devices through XDA Developers. I needed a glossary for iPhones because until now I have avoided them believing they were too tightly locked up and of interest primarily to purchasers of (quite superb) 3rd party apps. BTW I have been dabbling in IT systems since I wrote my first program in Fortran in 1968. I know at least two definitions of the word “baseband” which is why I needed a glossary. I found the simplistic definition here very helpful. However I read Carbon’s “battery” post in the spirit in which it was written and had a good laugh. Thanks Carbon. Now to attack a secondhand iPhone which I have been given!

  10. Matt says:

    @ Carbon
    I came from unlocking WinMob so have no clue about basebands or where to find which one I have – hence why when I googled I landed here.

  11. […] are essentially just packages to deliver updates to your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch including the baseband and firmware. Anytime you update your device iTunes will grab a new IPSW from Apple’s servers. People are […]

  12. Carbon says:

    and then Nick? I don’t get the point?
    you must work in tech support too to think noone needs to be explained how to check the battery level or the time on a iPhone ^^

    and yes I make iPhone and iPad apps, I work for a big game publisher and I’m resposible of these platforms… and I assure you customers don’t like to be explained such things and they hate, more than everything, to have someone explain them “as you’re not working in tech support I will explain you what a button is”

    but speaking frankly instead of trolling like you did, I did just underline the fact other articles could be written the same way and that we could even fill books and books with such common explanations

    just think why Apple is not providing such books with their devices and why so much people can find their way through it without beeing explained what 1+1 does… even your grand mother if you’ll ask her will explain you such things
    and a good product is a product that doesn’t need such explanations… because it feels intuitive

    • asdf says:

      Like okekok, I’m working with a second-hand iPhone and came here looking for definitions. My iPhone came locked and without a sim card. I landed here looking for a way to find the baseband without getting past the validation screen.

      So far, I know that I’m working with a 3GS running 4.2.1 firmware, and whether it can be unlocked will depended entirely upon what baseband it’s running.

      I’d love to see Carbon give us a step-by-step which starts with “you open the box and there’s an iPhone and a power cable”. No manual, no sim card, and no idea what country it’s from. You’re a software developer so you should know how to flow-chart that to completion, right?

      Of are you just gonna troll the HowTo sites instead?

  13. David says:

    @Carbon and @Nick

    While to some users this seems like common knowledge, I think it’s safe to say the average iPhone owner does not know what baseband and firmware is let alone how to check their version numbers. This is important information for someone looking to jailbreak or unlock an iPhone so an explanation is required. I personally have been asked this question several times and I imagine Manish has as well which is why he wrote the article.

    We have a diverse readership with varying degrees of technological literacy and we try to make our content reflect the different knowledge levels.

    We appreciate your feedback and you are always welcome to supply your own tips, suggestions, or content to us at


  14. Carbon says:

    Lol!!! next article:

    How to know how much battery you have on your iPhone:
    – first take your iPhone
    – then turn the screen to have it facing you
    – press the home button or the power button until it is on
    – look in the upper right corner to see a square
    – it represents the amount of remaining battery you have: more the square is filled more battery you have

    in the next article: how to know what time is it using an iPhone

    • Nick says:

      If only everyone was as big a genius as you! You must work in tech support or IT since you obviously know everything.

    • Gordon says:

      Ok Carbon, Since you seem to be an expert help me with this. Sometimes when I make a simple phone call I can hear no ringing on the other end. A counter is counting up by the seconds and visually the call is going through. And it is but when the person answers they can not hear me and I cannot hear them. It happens with my phone and my wifes phone, tap the contact or dial the number, but it does not happen every time. So what is happening and what can I do about it. The guy at Radio Shack was stumped and he even witnessed it happening

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