iOS 4.2 Direct Download Links

Nov 22, 2010 - 149 Comments

iOS 4 2 1 direct download You can download iOS 4.2 directly from iTunes 10.1, but if you’d prefer to use a direct download link, here they are from Apple:

iOS 4.2.1 Direct Download

These are direct download links from Apple’s servers. It’s best to right-click on the file and then “Save As” to prevent any problems downloading the IPSW.

iOS 4.2.1 IPSW for iPad:

iOS 4.2.1 IPSW for iPhone:

iOS 4.2.1 IPSW for iPod touch:

iOS 4.2 IPSW for Apple TV:

The official release of iOS 4.2 is actually iOS 4.2.1 with build 8C148, which is the same as the recent 4.2.1 GM. The only exception is the Apple TV update, which is 8C150.


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  1. Ajay says:

    iOS zip file I need

  2. Deepak says:

    Hi guys,

    I was wondering if there was anyway to backup not only your important apps, but all your apps.


  3. Dawn says:


  4. shukrullah says:

    i restore iphone 3g and updated Ios 6 on it
    when its done its showing me a setting like
    language.. and staff
    i dont have wireless access point when i click on connect with itunes
    after few mins i received a msg in itunes
    there is no sim card installed in this iphone
    you are attemting to activate
    i inserted the sim even its giving me the same msg
    please help me in this issu


  5. HELP says:

    It says after I open Itunes and go to the folder and hit open that the firmware file is not compatable. Please help!

  6. Tash says:

    What is the last version for the iPod touch 2G ??

  7. herick says:

    My Epad has a similar problem but does not boot.
    It remains at Android_ and not going else .

  8. Gordon. says:

    My Ipod Touch has malfunctioned and will no longer turn on. I have tried to install the 3rd generation version a number of times and it did not work, so I was about to install the 2nd generation version and now it does not turn on. Please would anyone offer assistance? :)

  9. Vivica says:

    So, I have an iPhone 3g. I had software version 3.1.1 and recently decided to upgrade my phone to version 4.2. At some point during the upgrade process the phone appeared to have been corrupted or something. On my phone screen there is a picture of the iTunes logo with a detached USB chord below it. The phone no longer registers with iTunes, so I can’t restore it. Is there any way to restore it?

  10. muddy73 says:

    I ran redsnow and selected the options like it is stated. After putting the iphone in dfu mode, I get a screen saying retrieving ipad base band files… after a while redsnow closes and nothing happens. What could be the problem? Any suggestions on what to do? I closed all the itunes and apple services that were running and tried again, but same problem.

  11. inderdeep says:

    help me plzz i download the 4.2 version file of iphone 3g then i update via i tunes then he responce an error no 1015 the my iphone dose not start plzz heply how i star my iphone

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  13. […] printer should have full AirPrint support now, use your iDevice with iOS 4.2.1 update and try out […]

  14. Onje says:

    I donbnloaded the file. But I cannot find any IPSW file. How do I find it? It is needed for Redsnow…. Pls help

    • Matt says:

      Look in the location where you download files, that is where it will be. If you didn’t “Save As” then it may be named .zip rather than .ispw, in which case you can just rename it yourself.

  15. Dallas says:

    This might help… I’m on a mac, so not 100% sure.
    In windows there should be a folder set up like this for iTunes…

    Application Data\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPhone Software Updates

    When iTunes downloads iDevice updates, it stores them in there.

    My guess, get the .ipsw and place it in there, then iTunes will act as if it already downloaded the update.


  16. kader says:

    hi there,

    i am having a critical problem with my ipod tuch 4g.

    problem is i had a passcode in my ipod and unfortunately i forgot it. i entered wrong passcode 3 times and ipod gone disabled.

    now i found on net that theere is a way to restore ipod via itunes. then i connected my ipod to itunes and pressed both power and menu button for 20 second. then my ipod turned into restore mode.

    then it connects to the net and try to download ipod software ios 4.3. 650mb of size of this file. but after downloading 25% it stops downloading.

    I have downloaded the ios 4.3 from direct link but i don’t know how to use this software and where to put.

    i hope you guys understand my problem. i need to unlock and restore my ipod touch.

    i am using windows xp operating system.

    please help me


  17. karan says:

    what a post brilliant post thanks a lot

  18. Sam says:

    Mac User with “Wait for Reboot”-Problem should copy redsn0w to the Applications folder and start the program from there.


  19. Deb says:

    I have an iphone 3G. I have tried downloading 4.2.1 through itunes as well as the direct links but it seems to stop downloading at 19%. I have tried a new laptop with very little on it and still the same thing. Any help would be greatly appreciated. This girl cant afford a new iphone and most of the newer apps won’t support the 3.0 version.

  20. JOSE says:



    help please

  21. midiwife says:

    In fact, it’s not to do with the latest version of iTunes but the latest version of the ios. Apple’s error message support pages say that

    This device is not eligible for the requested build: If you receive this error, you likely do not have the latest version of iTunes installed. Check for the latest available version of iTunes. If you do have the latest version of iTunes, this can occur when you attempt to restore using an older .ipsw file. Try restoring in a new user to ensure that iTunes downloads a new IPSW. Downgrading to a previous version is not supported.

  22. midiwife says:

    Hi there, successfully downloaded the ipsw 4.2 for 3GS from your link above.
    Did the steps to try to update my 3GS (currently on 4.0) to 4.2 and it goes through the motions and says iTunes is preparing to update the software. Extracts fine but then when trying to verify the iphone update with Apple comes back with an error message saying could not be verified with the server and now, This device isn’t eligible for the requested build…
    Any ideas?

  23. craig says:

    Hello i have the direct link downlad 4.2 but whenever i use the shift update method on itunes it takes me to the ipsw file after i click it says extracting then gives me a network error messge help plz

  24. WaLuigi says:

    Its taking about 2 in a half(2.5)hours to download is everyone getting the same or less(or more)cuz if your getting less wait time HOWWWWWWWW?i just want to know if you have a more empty computer

  25. sam nasser says:

    i have 3g 8gb ,4.2.1 i did jailbreak it now i cannot restore to the original 4.2.1 it gives me an error .
    i tried your redsnow9.6b4,and 1,2_4.2.1_8C148.RESTOR

    • WaLuigi says:

      did you try connecting to itunes when you where in DFU mode if you didnt i suggest you try OR have you tryed going into DFU mode your self or going into your settings and restoring to factory settings?

  26. simone says:

    thanks alot guys,
    this helps jailbreak ure iphone so thanks lots

  27. Marley says:

    After successful upgrade to 4.2, my sim is not recognised. what do I do?

  28. Marley says:

    Thank u so much for the links. I successfully downloaded and installed the software to my Iphone. It is much faster and easier than downloading from Itunes. Maybe you should become consultants to Apple.

  29. lynn says:

    Wow –
    You all are amazing. After a week of frustrating calls to APPLE tech support and trying to download 4.2 to my ipad over and over (sometimes taking 2 hours before it even crashed), they were clueless and recommended I drive an hour or so to the nearest Apple store and they could restore it for me.

    I copied your file to my desktop. Chose the SHIFT key and it let me go find the file and opened it. OS loaded with in 5 mintues. Apple should know that 2 hours is a good indicator that that is a problem. I love my ipad, but sure wish they’d be more vacol and forthcoming when there are issues like this! They should have fixed this, quikly – not you! But, I am glad you did! Thanks.

  30. THIS IS SIMPLE!!! says:

    Scroll up to very top and work your way down slowly to answer all your questions… (this takes approx. 3-5 mins, so stop complaining about [most of] your problems)


    Ive been tryin for DAYYZ now to download and install the update for my Ipod touch(4th gen).. itunes is is too darn slow and most of the time i get a message saying i gotta re-start the dowload cause of my signal or whatever….then i stumble upon this…and i dont understand it…..I have both Windows 7 and Snow leopard on my macbook pro. COuld someone please explain to me how to download and update my touch in a faster way? i mean really, talk to me, put it in “dummy terms” cause i’m at a loss here…..

  32. JSL says:

    I have downloaded the link b/c I get an error when trying to click the update. I did the shift, update to use this but get an error that says i don’t have compatible firmware….

  33. theConundrumm says:

    goodbye frustration… many thanks

  34. msladyj says:

    Apple continues to inspire my hate and loathing. I got a 2nd generation ipod touch as gift…it worked FINE. My friend accidentally synced it to her computer and now its all effed up. I’ve tried to upgrade the software, without ANY luck…I’ve direct downloaded it and itunes isn’t giving me the option to upgrade it all. I’m so frustrated…I just want to simply upgrade the software and get back to listening to mymusic…help me pleeeeaaase. Yes, I’ve tried ALL the replies on here…and FAILED.

    • somerandomguywithanipod says:

      try setting it to dfu mode which is done by holding the home and sleep buttons at the same time and letting go of the sleep button after 10 secs and keep on holding the home button until itunes tells you that there is an ipod in dfu mode, but the only bad thing is that you’ll have to start back from scratch.

  35. Stretch14 says:

    On Windows go to the summary page hold shift an CLICK the update button, from there if you dont see the correct file go to Computer>Local Disk(C:)>Users, select the correct user then Downloads.

  36. lior says:

    there are many files in the ipad fimeware . what shuld i choose ?

    p.s – even if i change the end to IPSW it dosent works.

    i have a PC

  37. ozgur says:

    Hi there,

    I upgraded and unlocked my 3g which i bought from USA by using redsnow 9.6b5 to 4.2.1 succesfuly…After 1-2 days there are some error occured and took the system safe mode at every sms received.
    Then i tried to reinstall ios 4.2.1 with the same method but it failed ; installation process complates all steps but at the final boot the screen goes to “usb-itunes” connection screen…
    Then i connect the iphone to itunes ant it says that my phone at recovery mode, and i have to restro before i use iTunes wiht the phone…
    In this case i do not know if the problem is related with the corrupted ios that i installed by redsnow , there is a problem with itunes sync(it gives 1015 ipsw file restored in itunes) or i have a hardware issue?

  38. […] you are using the app to jailbreak a fresh Apple TV, you do not need to download iOS 4.2.1 IPSW for Apple TV, the Seas0nPass app does this on it’s own to create the custom […]

  39. sashi says:

    thank you for the direct link…i tried first with time…it showed me “session timeed out” sign..i got this update directly from this site.thanks once agin

    • sashi says:

      thank you for the direct link…i tried first with itune…it showed me “session timeed out” sign..i got this update directly from this site.thanks once agin

  40. SAMIR says:

    Hi every body,

    I need HELP! I have just downloaded the ipsw file (version 4.2 for iPhone 3G), and now what to do to install it in my iPhone? known that I am using iTunes 10 and Windows PC. thanks a lot

  41. Paul says:

    Help please,
    I downloaded the ios4.2 files using the link on this website for my ipad onto my windows laptop which seemed infinitely faster for some reason. I then unzipped them and copied across to a memory stick which i plugged into my apple. In itunes i selected my ipad, i held down the options key and clicked onto the restore button which then gave me the option to select the files to use. So i went to where they are saved (the memory stick) the folder names shows up but when i click the folder the files inside show but they are greyed out and therofore unselectable. I don’t know what to do now as i am just a user and not a prgrammer and it’s all getting a bit technical for me.
    Ps i did this becasue when i try to do the upgrade the normal way via itunes it keeps craahing with a timed out message and error 5329 (i think), is this because every ipad user on earth is trying to download and apple can’t cope or is it a problem with my apple… It’s a mac mini.
    Would be v greatful for help, i spent all of yesterday on this and am going a little insane! Dummy proofy instructions would win you a lot of readers, I ca’t be alone!
    Many thanks

    • dave says:

      Hi Paul,

      After download, do not extract it, then plug your device in, open itunes, hold shift then click update, choose the .rar file then click ok, you might have to put in the name of the .rar file in the “File name:” space.
      Wait and you’re done.

  42. Hacked off says:

    As iTunes took almost 3hrs 2 download, tried this way !!! DON’T it has wiped my iPod and lost my apps including all the ones I’ve paid for, music is not a prob but now I’m out of pocket maybe next time i’ll wastye 3 hrs as it won’t cost me anything…………..

    • Charlie Brown says:

      LOL, no you are not ‘out of pocket’ because once you pay for apps they are ALWAYS stored in iTunes for download again.

      Also, if you just plugin and resync your iPod it will get everything back exactly the way it was. That is the whole point of syncing. You can restore the entire iPod and resync apps, music, contacts, and it will be identical to the way it was before.

      Just because you are clueless doesn’t mean everyone else is, you should learn to use the software before claiming it doesn’t work. IT DOES WORK, you just don’t know what you are doing.

  43. Aalotman says:

    on my ipod touch 2nd gen. i dont get the app store and whenever i check for and update it tells me that 1.1.5 is the newest version. WhAT DO i dO?

  44. […] iPad, or iPod touch for Christmas, you’ll need to download iTunes 10.1 before you grab the iOS 4.2.1 update. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can jailbreak and turn the iPhone into a wireless […]

  45. Andy says:

    Latest ipsw changes Screen rotation lock button into a mute button. Iy doesnt do that either

  46. Martin says:

    Thatnks for the info about changing the .zip file to .ipsw

  47. JOhn says:

    You save my life on this. I kept on getting connection error while almost finishing the part. And it is 3X faster on downloading direct link using download accelerator program.

  48. Karper says:

    can anyone please tell me how can I put the iOs 4.2 into the i tunes after I downloaded it through Mozilla Firefox? it just hanging up there. I right click for “open” but it just pop up. My i tunes has nothing go on.
    can anyone please help me?
    thanks in advance.

  49. Chris P says:

    For anyone who gets folders instead of the ipsw file, rename the file extension from .zip to .ipsw. You may need to untick Hide extensions for known file types in windows explorer folder view options.

  50. Thanks a lot!
    I was looking for a direct download to get an upgrade iOS 4, for my iPhone 4.
    Once downloaded, how do I install it in my iPhone?

    Sergio Palma Hidalgo

  51. Mathan says:

    Im Having trouble my ipod touch 4g to upgrade to ios4.2 using itunes.. How to upgrade using direct download???

  52. Kundan says:

    I tried updating my iphone 3g to higher version 4.2.1, but i wasnt able to…..later it says ur phone update will be checked a week later nd shows me a restore button…..i click on the restore button, after 10 minutes of tht, it again shows me a error…. my iphone shows a itunes image and a arrow mark on it….with the usb showing below it……. help me, how do i restore it back to 4.1 or upgrade it to 4.2….
    thanks in advance

  53. […] Network World is reporting that Apple has disabled their jailbreak detection API in the latest iOS 4.2.1 update. The API was originally bundled into iOS 4.0 and gave Apple and third party vendors the ability to […]

  54. Felipe says:

    Perfect, worked perfectly for my device. On iTunes for Win OS, simply hold “shift” key and press Restore and you’ll be able to select your downloaded file from de net. Thanks for your words.

  55. WRFITR says:

    I recently downloaded 4.2.1 to my iPad (I’m a beginner… new toy) and now the screen rotation button has become a mute button when I lock the screen in place. A mute display appears and the screen still rotates, it doesn’t lock. Is anyone else had this issue and if so what is the fix if any? Please share!!

  56. Biola says:

    Thanks for the useful information on this website, I have been having download crashes using the itunes, but now i hope to get the 4.2 OS with my download manager…Keep it up!

  57. Aline says:

    why is it that every time i download, i never get an ipsw file. Every time I just get stupid folders with documents and files but nun of them are ipsw’s why is that??!!!! (2)

    Help me please!!!

  58. Mar says:

    why is it that every time i download, i never get an ipsw file. Every time I just get stupid folders with documents and files but nun of them are ipsw’s why is that??!!!!

  59. megh3n says:

    i downloaded itunes 10.1, downloaded this link and started with shift key and update….took a few screen blinks and eventually gave me a code 14 error…only option i was given was to press restore!!!!!!!!!! WTF??
    now i have a reloaded beautifully new iphone with ZERO personal info…i can even restore a back up from somewhere…any ideas?

  60. Daniel says:

    I dl the os4.2 files for iphone 4, but couldn’t find any ipsw . Did i get the wrong download?

  61. merlinalove says:

    Excelente!!! Gracias!!!

  62. Daniel Liang says:

    Waa… way much faster than itunes!! idiot itunes..

  63. […] Download iOS 4.2.1 IPSW that corresponds with the hardware that you want jailbroken […]

  64. Lara Croft says:

    Just found out that iOS only downloads/upgrades with iTunes 10.1, so I upgraded another of my Macs (an older iMac) to 10.1 and downloaded and upgraded the iPod TOuch successfully. THEN I find out it defaulted to “SYNC” my apps on THAT iMac, basically DELETING some 30 apps and all associated data/login info. THEN I find out that you not only need iTunes 10.1 to DOWNLOAD iOS 4.2, but you ALSO need iTunes 10.1 to USE the iPod on your MAC. THEREFORE I can NO LONGER use my $400 64GB iPod Touch on my main Mac (where all my apps and music is). (It’s a 2GHZ Dual G5 with OS 10.4.11.). I WAS going to buy an iPhone 4 soon, but FORGETABOUTIT!! If my Apple “cell phone” is going to become a paper weight when my Macs become older, just give me a plain old cell phone and F*** Steve Jobs!!!!!

    • JD says:

      I ran into the same problem with iTunes. I’m running Tiger and can’t run iTunes 10.1 to do the ios upgrade. So I guess my phone is going to stay with ios 4.1. Thanks for the info.

  65. Lara Croft says:

    iTunes says the 4.2 update is available for my iPod Touch (64GB). When I click “UPDATE” it says “This version of iTunes (9.2) is the current version” (which obviously has nothing to do with the iPod Touch iOS) and does nothing else — will not download/update the iPod. iTunes does the same thing with holding down the OPTION key and selecting check for updates.
    Please HELP!!!!!! (Thanks!)

  66. Bikorchi says:

    Thank you. Your tutorial was very descriptive and easy to follow.

  67. Jason says:

    WTF! i downloaded this for my iphone 4 and when every seems to be going well, there was an error on itunes and now i have to restore my phone which means i have to download the 4.2.1 update on my itunes AGAIN! so wtf??? i thought this was suppose to work

  68. Robert V says:

    Thanks! Like many of those who commented about, I could not get the itues download to work – you saved me hour of time.

  69. Amy says:

    iPad: Download the software from the link above for iPad and save to any folder on PC or desktop if you want. When done, hold the Shift key click Update button in iTunes. Browse to the file and select it (might need to show all files *.*). iTunes and iPad will do the rest. Tried 3x through iTunes without this manual download, waited 1 hour for each download and on the last 1 minute ended up with a network connection error. I had no A/V, no Firewall…just wouldn’t work. This worked just great and I’m set.

  70. Patrick says:

    Thanks for the links. I have limited bandwidth and can use a download monitor to get this.

  71. digitalkilla says:

    if i download this ios 4.2.1 and update it manually would it update my baseband?

  72. alma says:

    i did the same.downloaded the ipsw file.using xp, hold shift and updated. all the while, apple verified.till the last bit when it was reconnecting. then it gave me the “software is expired” error notice. restoring is not possible either

  73. thanks! worked! Using windows Microsoft XP, I just pressed and hold the shift key and iTunes is asking for the IPSW file.

  74. alma says:

    Itunes gives me an error “the softearw has expired” after updating to 4.2. what dto do :'( help

  75. ken says:

    how can i restore with this file ??

  76. jakob says:

    great hint!!!
    after 10 times download error 3259 in itunes i now sucessfully updated our ipads to 4.2.1 in a few minutes.
    thanks a lot!

    • En says:

      Hi, did you do this using the direct link above?
      I have been getting the 3259 error for the past week, trying to download this for my ipod touch, using vista.
      hope it works.

  77. Rmani says:


    Thanks a lot…helped me save my time…


  78. […] Ios 4.2 download can be found in the official site of apple, but you can also download ios 4.2 from this link. This update is particularly enticing to iPad owners because it brings the full iOS 4 feature set […]

  79. Mark says:

    Still not able to get the new OS 4.2..I use a mac pro and downloaded the 4.2.1 directly and am unable to restore…getting error 1403 when attempting to download and install

    • Parakeet says:

      “An unknown error occured (1403)” means the IPSW file is corrupted, this usually happens if you download the file and your browser tries to decompress it directly.

      The best thing to do is re-download the 4.2.1 IPSW file with a different browser by “Saving As” and make sure the .ipsw extension is preserved and not amended to. Some browsers think the IPSW is a ZIP archive which corrupts the download immediately.

    • Joshua says:

      that error means that the apple servers are not idetifing the firmware as a legal licensced firmware
      this is a useless download because all you need to do i click the update button on itunes and it will automatically download the firmware and install it to your iphone, ipad, or ipod touch all at once

  80. Scott says:

    Totally easy and awesome. Kept getting a #fail error in itunes while it was verifying the download. Once I direct dd’d, it only took about 5 minutes for itunes to complete the update.


  81. Remi Alabi says:

    Hi. what is a download manager? Is it on the iphone or my desk top? Thanks.

  82. Dom says:

    This was a phenominal help. I spent six hours head scratching how to upgrade after 5 OS download crashes and two iTunes upgrade installs. Your post led the way to a newer, tidier, multi-functioning working iPad. Thank you. This webpage is THE solution! Superb.

  83. Afewgoodmen says:

    Thanks for this direct links to Apple servers for the ios 4.2 downloads. If not for you I wouldn’t be able to upgrade my ipod touch 4th Geneneration!

    I am still downloading the OS using a download manager. I have a slow internet connection and hopefully by tomorrow I should be through with the download and install.

    Best wishes!

  84. PLease Help says:

    so,thanks for the links … i downloaded and installed the nwe ios 4 for the ipad … ever thing is there except folders why?

  85. […] first post on the matter, iOS 4.2 is out!! Get it directly from your iTunes for easy updates, or at for direct downloads. Main iOS 4.2 feature updates will […]

  86. […] you’ve recently downloaded an iOS IPSW file (perhaps from our iOS 4.2 direct download links list), you might be curious how to use it to update your iPhone, iPod touch, or […]

  87. joseph says:

    hii my iphone wont show springboard and only comes up on the apple sign …. how do i restore without itunes update ( in other words can i use this software download to restore and update the iphone and if not ….PLZ SAVE ME !!!!)

  88. Jeff says:

    If you are a windows user, press and hold down the SHIFT key and click the Update button. Navigate to where you saved the ipsw file and let iTunes do it stuff. By using the ipsw files you can update multiple computers with multiple devices. Hence my wife and my separate computers for our 3GS and iPads. Saves on bandwidth if you have limited access.

  89. felix says:

    took a few steps but it worked when itunes failed

  90. Ray says:

    HELP!!!! I downloaded the ZIP file, now what? How do I load it on my iPad? Please help!!!

  91. […] Download it from here iOS 4.2 Direct Download Links […]

  92. […] your device before proceeding. If you are having problems with the iTunes update, you can use iOS 4.2.1 direct download links from Apple […]

  93. […] iOS 4.2 download is now available to all. You can also use iOS 4.2.1 direct download links and avoid the iTunes update […]

  94. Sean says:

    Thanks for the links, this is much faster than iTunes

    • paul says:

      Hi Sean, how do you install once downloaded please

      • Sean says:

        To install one of the update through an IPSW file, you go to ‘Restore’ your iPhone and then select the newly downloaded IPSW file.

        It’s easiest for most people to just download it from iTunes since Apple does it all for you, manual installation is really for advanced users and those of us who jailbreak.

        • Matt says:

          More correctly, you can press & hold the “options” button, then click “Check For Updates” in itunes. This will allow you to select the file you want to use. Doing this allows you to UPDATE the device using the new .ipsw instead of restoring the device and losing all of your settings.

        • michael says:

          k why is it that every time i dl one of theas i never get an ipsw file i get folders with documents and files but nun of them are ipsw whats going on hear

          • Kieran says:

            Yeah, this is old, but I had this problem too, and I am only now coming over this post, so I’ll answer this so that anyone else that comes this way knows what to do.

            You simply rename the extension for the zip file to .ipsw

            For example, just rename to blahblah.ipsw

            On windows you need to go into Tools -> Folder Options -> View -> Uncheck the box that says ‘Hide Extensions for Known File Types’

            To bring up the bar at the top of the windows explorer window that has File, Edit, View etc in windows 7, simply press the F10 Key.

        • roei says:

          hey sean once i downloaded the update i followed the instructions given by u n it tells me that the firmware is not supported

          • HELP says:

            I also followed the instructions and it said that the firmware was not supported. Please help!

        • Leon says:

          wondered if you know why when i download the 4.2.1 IPSW from the link above and unzip it I can not get redsnow to recognise it? I dont get the icon appear like in the tutorials for some reason?? Thanks in advance!

      • PLease Help says:

        so,thanks for the links … i downloaded and installed the nwe ios 4 for the ipad … ever thing is there except folders why?

      • Jake says:

        Thanks for the link. It downloaded in a fraction of the time that iTunes was taking.

        To install on Windows, open iTunes, go to the Info page, hold the Shift key and click Update. Then select the file that you downloaded. iTunes does the rest. Very easy.

      • JJ says:

        The easiest way on windows is to download it, open containing folder, then drag it to your desktop. When redsn0w asks for ipsw click browse then select it from your desktop. Hope this helps.

    • Jagadish says:

      My dear Sean
      O also have downloaded IOS 4.2 version very fast using DAP on my lNoteBook computer. But Now how to install it on my IPAD?? Can you help me
      Jagadish Soni

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