Mac Setups: Prince Khaled bin Alwaleed’s Mac Office

Dec 5, 2010 - 38 Comments

prince khaled mac setup

Ever wonder what type of Mac setup a Prince would have? This is the office of Prince Khaled bin Alwaweed of the Saudi Royal Family, and if I had to guess I would say it fits pretty closely to what most Mac users dream setups would be.

This is full of awesome equipment: Dual Apple Cinema Displays are hooked up to a Mac Pro under the desk, those screens sit next to a 27″ iMac, and then there’s a MacBook Pro, along with a new MacBook Air 13″ and MacBook Air 11″ and a couple Apple keyboards, a magic trackpad, an iPhone 4, and a new iPod Nano.

Hanging above the setup is what looks like a CAD GXL2200 Cardioid Condenser Microphone with a shock frame.

This whole setup is fit for a Prince indeed!

Other than having a sweet Mac setup, it looks like another perk to being a Prince is that you can get a white iPhone 4 right now:

saudi prince gets a white iphone 4

Something tells me that white iPhone didn’t come from Apple though, unless of course Apple is now bundling Xbox 360 games in with the unicorn phone… but seriously, why wait for the Spring 2011 white iPhone 4 spring release date if you don’t have to?

Thanks to Adem Semir for the heads up on this one.


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  1. nondisc says:

    I see them hatin’

  2. Youssef says:

    That’s Nothing ! To Me it’s Just So Cheap

  3. Muhammad Abdul-Saboor says:

    Well, if any of you chaps in Saudi could tell me where I can pick up a MacBook Pro near Ha’il (yes, Ha’il) it would be greatly appreciated. I just hope the brother Prince Khaled left a few for the rest of us. Mashaa Allah, Tabaarakallah.

    • Khaled says:

      Hi brother,
      Got a skype user name?

      • Muhammad Abdul-Saboor says:


        Well, a full year and a half later and with a MacBook Pro, I finally see this post! I actually ended up having a partner bring one over for me when he came for Umrah.

        However, my skype id is msaboor1.

  4. John Abell says:

    What, no iPads?!?!? Poor fellow!

  5. Burrito Culture says:

    You guys need to calm down, this is just someones office!

    • Faisal says:

      May be when the guy should be paying your father back money he stole but is spending it on apple stuff you will be pissed.

  6. Worry not Faisal, cables will be released showing damning evidence of corruption and collusion between KSA and others.

  7. Jo says:

    C’mon you lot, this is an article about Mac setups, not a mud slinging match. Keep the personal attacks out of it.

  8. Constable Odo says:

    Damn! That’s how you roll when money is no object. Those dudes over in Saudi Arabia really know how to live the good life. There’s nothing like being a member of some royal family where anything you can dream of automatically becomes yours. It’s a bummer being a mere commoner.

  9. Faisal says:

    To bad Khaled owes lots of people money. He still hasn’t paid all the people he and his partner stole money from in riyadh. Let not for get he has no job and daddy still pays him allowance. It’s to bad daddy doesn’t pay back all the money you and your partner Sultan stole from the people in riyadh. Well the saudi court rules khaled owes the money and sultan has nothing to pay back. Dont let this guy fool you.

  10. He must be out with his iPad.

  11. HM says:

    Looks like my husband’s work station and he is not a prince but a work bee.

    • Khaled says:

      I’m sure your husband is a fine man but doesn’t strike u as strange being a prince and being a work bee seem to be contrasting things to u? Come on HM we all work hard and what we make of our lives is what defines us not the titles we carry…
      Tell your husband he rocks for having an awesome setup ;-) (not bring sarcastic in honesty I mean well)

  12. Rumel says:

    Why? Why not? :P If he is a prince and can afford it why not? Can you chuck one of the macbooks my way? ;)

  13. James B says:

    Holy crapola!! That’s an Apple orchard!!!

  14. bill says:

    Seriously…. is this nice? Does this guy even know what & how to use?
    This is the worst setup I have ever seen, so many cables hanging & such a mess…

    Someone truly said, Money can’t get U style & class!!!

  15. khaaaan says:

    That is my dream setup, that is exactly what I want

  16. Khaled Alwaleed Talal says:

    Hi there,
    Thanks for the article. Must say was shocked to see it actually published by someone… :)
    OK, White iPhone came from they do great work and i recommend anyone who wants one to get it through them. As for the Xbox game, ahhhh, well, it was sent to me from a friend, Jon Rettinger ( as a joke so nope it didn’t come from Apple thank God for that. As for the Mic, it’s a Samson (

    Thanks again guys for the article! Was a nice surprise :)

  17. Sick says:


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