iOS 4.3.5 Jailbreak Possible with Redsn0w

Jul 26, 2011 - 158 Comments

Redsn0w 0.9.8b3 For the die-hard jailbreakers out there, you can jailbreak the newly released iOS 4.3.5 using the same redsn0w 0.9.8b3 version that worked for 4.3.4.

As before, the big caveat here is that it’s a tethered jailbreak, meaning it must be reconnected to a computer anytime you want to reboot the iOS device or if it runs out of battery.

This is what you’ll need:

You need to download both versions of the iOS firmware for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch (iPad 2 is not supported), and you’ll want to point redsn0w at the older 4.3.4 firmware. The rest of the procedure is the same as always, just follow the onscreen instructions to put the iOS device into DFU mode, then boot tethered, and you’ll be jailbroken as expected.

Personally, I don’t like tethered jailbreaks, but for many users they don’t mind the tethered boot process since it is fairly rare that an iPhone ever turns off, and this is for you.


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  1. Jawad says:

    i have iphone 5, want to jailbreak…is it possible and you guys used this…please send me link and how is working…..

  2. Kingsley says:

    I jail broke my iPhone 3GS. The battery died and I was trying to boot tethered with redsnow. During the process, the phone died and shows no sign of life in it. I thought that was battery issue, I plugged it into power to charge but still no sign of life. Even the battery level that shows up when u charge your phone doesn’t come up.also the apple logo doesn’t show up after several hours of charging the phone. The computer doesn’t recognize the phone anymore when plugged in. Please help me with any ideas on how to power up the phone. Thamks

  3. NITIN says:

    hi… i am having i phone 4 locked version from calfornia to india.. i does jailbreak n worked for quit long tim..
    now upgreaded to ios 5
    now i phon is locked not getting to factory restore also..
    someone adv..

  4. jossun says:

    i have an ipod 3g , i had a hard time upgrading the firmware last time i tried , i am still with version 3.2 or something like that and it is a jailbroken one . Can i upgrade the ipod with the jailbroking on or do i have to unjail. before and how to not loose apps and videos i had such tough time gather?
    And last but not least what is theeasiest way to upgrade firmware ?
    Thanks for any reply

  5. deonte says:

    im jailbroken my iphone and tried to get cydia with my computer to get my phone service to work with my iphone ; my wifi didnt work so thats why i did it with my computer ; now i want to restore my iphone and rejailbreak to get my wifi back working is that possible ? will my iphone mess up?

  6. azlan says:

    i done the jailbrk on my iphone 3g to 4.2.1 but the problm i had is my iphone cant detect my sim card(no network detect) i cant call out and received call.. what i should do..please help mee…

  7. Nathan G. says:

    How long can your iPod be off until you can boot tethered??

  8. Enque says:

    I have a question. I just bought a 16 Gb version of iphone 4 running iOS 4.3.5. The phone has been unlocked using Gevey Sim (I think!). Its the unlock method where u say accept on the first screen then dial 112 then wait a couple of seconds then turn airplane mode on and off. (I think thats Gevey sim card). Anyways, i bought the iphone 4 the applications i would get on cydia, but now im stuck with the appstore. I don’t want tethered upgrade. So, can i downgrade 4.3.5 to 4.3.3 (Without blobs or whatever, like i said, i just bought it), and will it affect the Gevey turbo sim? If anyone has a Verified method of downgrading 4.3.5 to 4.3.3, please tell me.

  9. Maria says:

    All you experts out there, I jailbroke my iPhone 4 (iOS 4.3.5) with Redsn0w and then realize that the process upgraded the firmware to 04.10.01, which made it hard to unlock. Any hopes to unlock still?

  10. chae says:

    3gs ios 5.0 was successfully unlocked but the screen has gone black and will not turn on. i have tried the tethered reboot with redsn0w but is gets stuck at waiting for reboot. anyone know how to fix this?

    • Matt says:

      Use the Recovery Fix in Redsn0w. Also you are on iOS 5, this article is about iOS 4.3.5, so make sure you use the newest redsn0w, you can find it in our search.

  11. Mike says:

    Hi – Anyone please let me know if we have 4.3.5 untethered Jailbreak code released?

    I know this website gives me redsnow tethered jailbreak link but i would need untethered

    You can email me your comments/answers


  12. Iris says:

    My phone is stuck on the blank screen and says waiting for reboot

  13. iphone_fan says:

    i stay in INDIA.i m about to get an iphone 4 from the U.S.A of AT&T server. can anyone tell me that if i jailbreak it in INDIA will it work with what eva GSM i use here????
    help me out

  14. PK says:

    Happened to find a solution! Go to redsn0w->extras->recovery fix.

  15. PK says:

    Hi, I am facing similar problem. I tried to Jailbreak ( redsn0w0.9.9b1) my IPhone (4.3.5) – and my phone hanged (black screen with apple logo only). When trying to recover through itunes, I keep getting error code 3194. Please help!

  16. Jimi Bobson says:

    i downloaded an app or something that allowed me to change themes quickly on my iphone. it had some htc theme already on it. i chose this theme and it worked for a while and then froze i turned off my phone then tried to boot my tethered device on redsnow and it works for a few secends then goes back to a blank screen. HELP. i tried restoring on two computers but i get error code 3194. i also tried changing the hosts file but no luck. i dont care about losing anything i just want my phone to work please help im 12 years old.

  17. shera says:

    HEELPPP!!My iPhone 4.3.1GOT jailbroken LAST MONTH and then NOW as I was going to make a international call it got stuck and now all I see is the apple logo on it AND OFF. When the phone got jailbroken I was told to never turn it off because I would have to jailbreak it all over again. So what can I do now? Is this happening because I havEN’T upgraded it to IPhone 4.3.5?

  18. shera says:

    My iPhone 4.3.1 not jailbroken and then a month later as I was going to make a international call it got stuck and now all I see is the apple logo on it. When the phone got jailbroken I was told to never turn it off because I would have to jailbreak it all over again. So what can I do now? Is this happening because I have not upgraded it to IPhone 4.3.5?

  19. RISHAV says:

    i have jailbroken my ipod touch 4g and have installed installous,but when i restart my ipod i dont get the home screen.only it shows the apple sign and it doesnt go the home screen. what should i do???

  20. RISHAV says:

    i have jailbroken my ipod touch 4g and have installed installous,but when i restart my ipod i dont get the home screen.only it shows the apple sign and it doesnt go the home screen. what should i do???

  21. Tanner says:

    Hello everyone, i have an ipod 4th generation, it was 4.3.5 firmware before i jailbroke it, now it accidentally shut off one day and i have very few options of what to do. I can turn it on to the apple logo or put it into recovery mode. I have tried to put it into dfu with every combination of buttons, but it just wont work. Also when i try to restore it with a downloaded ipsw i get error 21 lol used to get 3194 until i removed and backed up the hosts file.
    Can someone please tell me how i can restore this or re jailbreak it! thanks guys :)

  22. johanna says:

    i have an ipod toch 2g runnig on ios 4.1. my pc had a problem in august and all my files were deleted. now i don’t know what to reinstall on my pc because my ipod isn’t recognized.

    please help me out!!

  23. jaimin says:

    i’ve got an iphone 4 running on ios 4.3.5 and i have thetered jailbreak it. but i want unthetered jailbreak and also want to unlock my iphone so i can use different network sim.

    please guys help me out.
    i m desperate, i bought my iphone in july and i couldnt use it in india as it need to be unlocked.

    please help me out.

  24. jake says:

    Suhas says:
    October 15, 2011 at 8:31 pm
    had the same problem. tried the following steps
    1)connect to itunes
    2)put the phone in dfu mode
    3) restore the phone
    4)update to ios5
    and it worked!!!!!

    -I followed this and it worked without any problems!

  25. Ciara says:

    I used redsn0w on my 3gs for ios 5. the jailbreaking seems to go fine, as well as the seperate tethering, but after the pineapple comes up (for a while) it shows the apple and then goes into recovery mode. How do I get it to work?

  26. Ekaansh says:

    Hey Guys
    i’ve got an iphone 4 running on ios 4.3.5 (i never upgraded it . it came with 4.3.5) and i want to jailbreak it Unthetered so should i downgrade it if yes then how or hsould i wait for ios 5 or anything else please help ?

  27. dani says:

    excuse me, i mean b4*

  28. dani says:

    i read that the crashing issue was fixed for windows users in v0.9.6b2 but it’s crashing when i try to boot tethered…

  29. reyad says:

    which is better….
    redsn0w _0.9.9b1 or redsn0w_0.9.8b3

  30. GPO says:

    P.S. it was iOS 4.3.5

  31. GPO says:

    I jailbroke my iphone 4 tethered with redsn0w. Then booted “tethered right now” It seemed to work for about 24 hrs. then I powered off my device and it would not “boot tethered right now”.

    After some panic I tried a restore with iTunes trying both DFU and recovery mode. Still no joy. 3194 error….doing the host file trick does NOT work.

    iPhone Totally useless.

  32. jose says:

    im new to jailbreaking and i heard that red snow is pretty good all my friends used it so i wanted to try it.
    when i downloaded red snow and i opened it it said to find some firmware.
    i really dont know how to find that on my mac can anyone help??

  33. Serge says:

    Hi . My anme is Serge and i have a iPod Touc 3g . im on 4.2.1 firmware and i want to update it . ive tried on itunes but its said that my ipod was on the latest version . ive tried downloading ipsw , but i think they are mac documents . how can i update my ipod on a windows 7 ? thank you 4 helping :D

  34. Mark O says:

    Hey guys I have an iphone 3gs running on 4.3.5 I used redsnow to jail break it. Now, is there a way to unlock my iphone using CYDIA? or could a downgrade it to a lower firm ware so I can unlock it? Thanks!

    • Matt says:

      Sorry, you can’t unlock a phone once it’s been upgraded to 4.3.5 without SHSH blobs

      • Mark O says:

        so is there a way to get a shsh blobs? and how long will I have to wait so that I can unlock my iphone 3gs? when the ios 5 Comes out? also is it possible to down grade it to 4.3.3?

  35. OfficalBlueMacaw says:

    I Tryed It And Got Stuck On Moving Apps Went Black And Rebooted And Had Error And Connect To Itunes HELP SAVE MY IPOD

  36. axs says:

    i’ve a problem once done jailbreak to 4.3.5,my phone gone off…and cannot go over from the apple logo…and the wrried part is cannot recognized when cnncted to my laptop…..why?and how i want to fix it…

    • George says:

      now run redsn0w ands select “just boot tethered right now” this should get you up and running. and remember, you ALWAYS HAVE TO DO THIS TO START YOUR PHONE.

  37. fossda says:

    I’ve downloaded reds0w and the two apple update files, but on redsn0w it says to choose the CURRENT firmware, (and my current firmware is ios 4.3.5) while on here it says to choose 4.3.3. which one should I choose?

  38. Matt says:

    ok so i did everything right.. I have JB a bunch of iphones. but its hanging on the pinapple its a 3gs 4.3.5 any ideas?

  39. Seix Tsen says:

    After I re jailbreak, I can’t find installous on screen after install it. How to solve this problem?

  40. ihatepork says:

    Why does my redsnow stuck at the waiting for reboot part. What should i do? Someone please help ):

  41. regi says:

    i need help, i already jailbreak my iphone 4 version 4.3.5 but when i complet the process the cydia app crashes i reboot my divice for 3 times and the same what can i do

  42. MacGuy says:


  43. Jay says:

    After jailbreak iPad 4.3.5 i have problem with ibooks, i deed 3 times but the same . I installed iBook fix from Cydia but stil problem can u tell me eBay i can doe but i need ibooks

  44. […] Blijkbaar lukt het toch? Of zit ik verkeerd? iOS 4.3.5 Jailbreak Possible with Redsn0w […]

  45. Ravi says:

    Hey i wana install cydia in my iphone 4 ios 4.3.5
    plzzz tell me the whole process step by step

  46. BatFastards says:

    Why why why why why doesn’t it support iPad 2?! :'(

  47. Rayson says:

    can anyone teach me how the whole step to jail break my iphone , my iphone is version 4.3.5 .

  48. Andy says:

    I mean after i do this jailbreak?

  49. Andy says:

    Would i be able to downgrade to 4.3.3 (to use jailbreakme 3.0)using the same method as this tethered jb?

  50. iMack says:

    It doesn’t work period. The new jailbreak is ready. They’re just waiting so the exploit doesn’t get wasted on idiots like me that had to update.

  51. hany says:

    hello everybody , i have iphone 3gs with 4.3.5 . i used redsn0w 9.8b7 for jail breaking . it worked but when jailbreaking finished cydia icon is white color and it doesn’t work?
    what i have to do?
    best regards

  52. LiL-DyL says:

    yes,you can put it in DFU mode and restore it in iTunes. you can just restore from a backup if you want all your settings and games (this will not keep cydia things)

  53. bader says:

    hello everybody , i want to jail break my iphone 4 4.3.5 and i wonder if i can restore it to the original apple 4.3.5 platforme after jail breaking

  54. Dudebro says:

    Uh my cydia will not start, there is an icon that says “cydia” underneath it, but its just a blank box. i have ipod touch 4.3.5

  55. […] party Cydia tweaks, the iPhone Dev Team has released redsn0w 0.9.8b7 which is aimed at making the existing iOS 4.3.5 jailbreak easier, but also adding support for jailbreaking iOS 5 beta 6 and beta […]

  56. Bryan says:

    Umm well my iPod ussually turns of for no reason what can I do about that?

  57. […] phone off or reboot without re jail breaking it. Here is a quick guide if you decide to do it: iOS 4.3.5 Jailbreak Possible with Redsn0w maybe best to wait for the iOS 5 […]

  58. imack says:

    Not one comment of a succesfull jailbreak on this page. It doesnt work does it? Now I’m waiting on the iphone 5 and a new jailbreak for my ipad.

  59. jadapop says:

    is there any site to get the jailbreak free???

  60. JeePsteRiouS says:

    Hi Guyz,

    I have done all above with Redsnow, Installing Cydia. boot tethered. Go to cycia> recources> > install> boot tethered.

    After this signal stays at one stripe and no network finding. Any ideas?

  61. Enzo says:

    Hey guys i have a problem with my itouch 4g. My uncle just jailbroke it with redsnow tethered jail break for version 4.3.5. My itouch was on iOS 4.2.1 and then my uncle jailbroke it to 4.3.5. So my question is that is it possible for me to downgrade it back to 4.2.1? Because i cant put cracked apps for my device. Please help :(!

  62. Maurice says:

    Is it possible to execute this tethered jailbreak if your on/off-button is broken? (in other words: is there any possibility to enter the DFU-mode without a power-button?)

  63. Sam says:

    please help me.. What to do with the ios 4.3.5 if i have already in my ipod 4g ? ..

    and i installed the jailbreak and did ” the boot tethered ”

    when i get into cydia and try to download anything thing it says ” POSIX : connection refused “

  64. Tawkir says:

    Is it possible to untethered jeailbreak for iOS 4.3.5….?or how many dayes to to wait for untethered jeailbreak…..?

  65. TOr says:

    Hi, updated 3gs to 4.3.5 and did the above. my phone goes white when an unexpected error occurs while rebooting first time.


  66. Cza says:


    Noob here, I have Redsn0w 0.9.8.b4, ipad1 with 4.3.5 installed and 4.3.4 ipsw availible. after following instructions and the jaibreaking starts, the installation remains at exploiting with limera1n.

    what could be causing this? and how do i get past it? I’m jailbreaking from a mackbook running snowleopard

  67. Kenny Therriault says:

    I have a question, because my iphone 3GS WILL NOT jailbreak with redsn0w. I have a mac. I think i have tried every version of redsn0w. The closest i have gotten to it working is i get past DFU mode, and redsn0w is doing the jailbreak. I use the 4.3.4 firmware just like it tells me. (Ive tried muiple firmware downloads) Then it says waiting to reboot and my phone either reboots without cydia or goes to a white screen. Either way it never says, “Done!” it always says, “There has been a problem” or something like that. I’ve been working on this ALL DAY yesterday and today to no avail. Someone please help me. PLEASE.

    • M says:

      The iPhone has to be updated to 4.3.5 already, then you point the newest version of Redsn0w at the 4.3.4 firmware and then jailbreak with that.

  68. Khadeer says:

    I have iPhone 4 with 4.3.5 firmware. I want downgrade it with 4.3.3 but in restoring it checked with apple and giving error 1943.
    So my question is what if I try to jail break it with 4.3.3 without downgrading firmware.

  69. haseeb says:

    after jailbreak i feel battary timing will be reduce is this possible iphone 4 4.3.5
    plz some body help

  70. Enokha says:

    Can I download the untethered version after I download this one and don’t lose data?

  71. AvenGerMK says:

    so i updated my iphone 4 to 4.3.5 after i saved a backup of my stuff. then i tried 0.9.8 beta 5. so far i had to completely restore my iphone lol. stupid thing

  72. Enokha says:

    Is it possible to download this tethered one then when the untethered version can I download it onto my iPhone again?I had to restore my iPhone cus it froze on the apple logo. And yea I had to update it to4.3.5:(

  73. tuksumbum says:

    Hello everyone,

    I just wanted to say thanks to all the people out there who lends advice to all the noobs that are present in this world.
    u guys ROCK!

  74. ??????????????????? says:

    can you download installous from red snow?

  75. help says:

    when i got this for my 32 gig 4g ipod touch it wouldnt allow me to install instalous with cydia and i couldnt access my settings can anybody tell me what i did wrong?

    • help2 says:

      mine too! i jailbroke it with redsn0w 4.3.4 and then i tried to install Installous but it just wont appear on my home screen. then i tried to click around the Installous page in Cydia and my ipod just FROZE. i held the power button and it got stuck in the apple logo, and i had to DFU it and did a full restore with itunes (THANK GOD). now i dont dare to do a tethered jailbreak anymore. i did an untethered one with greenpois0n with my old ipod and it worked seamlessly. i dont understand why Installous wont appear in my homescreen this time despite Cydia being installed perfectly :(

  76. dean says:

    I have not been able to jailbreak my phone.

    I had 4.3.4, tried to jailbreak.
    Lost everything – including ability to make calls. It won’t load a carrier list, wont do anything.
    When I restore it then sticks on apple logo for ever.
    I had to do full restore and update to 4.3.5
    not happy.

  77. dubbya says:

    Anybody else having problems with the IPSW for 4.3.5? I downloaded this one and am running the proper version of redsn0w but get a message back that it is unable to recognize the IPSW. Haven’t seen anyone else on the thread complaining about that. Wish I could just downgrade to 4.3.3…but noooooooo…

    • Pablo says:

      When Redsn0w asks for the IPSW you must load the 4.3.4 regardless that a 4.3.5 is installed in the iDevice. Then the process runs correctly.

    • faisal says:

      run redsn0w 0.9.8.b4 and firmeare 4.3.4 on yur upgraded iphone 4.3.5 first install only cydia then run the application again and this time run “just boot in tethered” it will works and plz avoid to reboot your iphone. if it hapens then connect to the computer and again run”just boot in tethered”.
      try and enjoy.

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  79. Pablo says:

    I did all the steps to my iPhone 4 with OS 4.3.5 got the tethered jailbreak that starts up with the pineapple logo, Cydia works perfect installed Ultrasn0w but does not recognize other sim but the AT&T :-(

  80. cydia says:

    i just jailbroke my ipod touch 4g and each time i try to open cydia, it instantly crashes. what do i do?

    • dubbya says:

      You need to go back into redsn0w and use the ” just boot tethered” option once you’ve installed cydia

      • zakr says:

        THANK YOU!!!!!

      • Tanner says:

        heres my question

        i have an ipod 4th generation, it was 4.3.5 firmware before i jailbroke it, now it accidentally shut off one day and i have very few options of what to do. I can turn it on to the apple logo or put it into recovery mode. I have tried to put it into dfu with every combination of buttons, but it just wont work. Also when i try to restore it with a downloaded ipsw i get error 21 lol used to get 3194 until i removed and backed up the hosts file.
        so how do i get it into dfu or just get rid of error 21

  81. pwk says:

    so now? 4.3.5 can jailbreak already or not?

  82. bigJ says:

    I had the 4.3.1 jailbroken and it died last night, i tried turning it back on this morning and it just got stuck on the apple logo, after about 5 hrs of trying to reboot it I had to restore it to the 4.3.5 and lost everything. Whats the risk of a tethered jailbreak vs a non tethered?I know you have to hook it to a computer to turn it on, but do you have to rejailbreak it after? Thanx.

  83. YaSh says:

    I still don’t understand why the hell 4.3.5 ipsw file required for jailbreaking if redsn0w has to be pointed out to 4.3.4…. can anyone tell me

  84. […] 0 Times in 0 Posts maybe this will help Its Tethered but at least you'd have something iOS 4.3.5 Jailbreak Possible with Redsn0w Reply With […]

  85. Dave Lister says:

    For me there was no other option than to upgrade to 4.3.5, my new iPod Touch 4G 64gb was shipped with 4.1, and unfortunately the shipping got delayed so 4.3.5 was released before it arrived…
    And many of the apps/games I use/play since my iPhone 3GS purchase requires much more recent version of iOS than 4.1…
    I’ve tried this tethered jailbreak, but it don’t do much good (even if it does work).
    As soon as I try to install something in Cydia that requires the mobile substrate, I get stuck at the Pineapple logo during reboot, even when I’m doing a tethered boot…
    So 4.3.5 is jailbreakable with redsn0w, but at least for my iPod Touch 4G it’s useless to do so :<
    Hopefully there will be a proper jailbreak once 5.0 is released :)

  86. Gehaktmolen says:

    My Iphone is dead now:( It doesn’t get further than showing the Apple sign. Can somebody please help me? Thanks!!

    • MikeyG says:

      A long as it just shoes the apple logo take it to a store and they’ll exchange it under warranty.

    • VK Tan says:

      i got the same problem too last two days but now i ve solve it already. first u need to connect your phone to your computer then hold the sleep and home button for 20sec. Then u will see the recovery sign (cable connect to itunes), then press “restore” on your itune.

      Good Luck!! and hope this will help. :)

    • Arup says:

      Just connect to itunes and get into DFU mode. Itunes will allow you to restore

    • faisal says:

      again connect the iphone with computer and run again only “just boot in tethered” it will works with jailbreak. try to avoid reboot

    • cypher says:

      you need to re jailbreak your phone and boot tethered. start your pc with jailbreak software, plug your phone in and put it in dfu mode. to do this there are a couple easy steps. 1, hold down power button for 5 seconds. 2, while still holding power button hold down home button for 10 seconds. 3, release the power button but keep holding home button for 15 seconds. if you followed steps correctly your screen should be black and your device in dfu mode. now run redsn0w ands select “just boot tethered right now” this should get you up and running. and remember, you ALWAYS HAVE TO DO THIS TO START YOUR PHONE.

    • 1onic says:

      if you used redsn0w then all you have to do is click extras instead of the jailbreak button. then click “boot from tether.” this will boot your ipod.


      u need to plug ur iphone in to ur computer again and go to the jailbreak app and press “just boot” everytime ur iphone crashes or losses all its battery

  87. Slyppry says:

    Technically that is not correct. Depending on what tweaks you have installed, it is possible that the device will actually boot, but packages that have invalid signatures, such as cydia, will not work. Also if you have installed things like SBSettings, it will not boot at all as these hook deep into the os but will not function without the Jailbreak, hindering the device from even starting up all the way. You would be stuck in a boot loop until you jailbreak again. Tethered sux, but it is better than nothing…

  88. Malik says:

    i have a question, if you do a tethered jailbreak and your iphone turns off can you turn it back on without having to use a computer

    • Matt says:

      Yes but it won’t work without a tethered boot.

      • ravi says:

        you say yea but then you tell him hes gonna need a tethered boot. Meaning he needs a computer. So to answer his question, No you cannot do it WITHOUT having a computer. You need a computer, and not any computer… one with the jailbreak stuff on it.

        • Matt says:

          Yes what you say is absolutely correct, thank you for the clarification. The phone will technically turn on without redsn0w, it will just be unusable without the tethered boot.

  89. James says:

    If you have your iPhone jailbroken (untethered) then why in the heck would you update to 4.3.5 whose sole purpose is to block jailbreaking? LOL

    I am excited for iOS 5 as well but there are a number of tweaks I enjoy that Apple still won’t allow. Custom icons, 5-columns, CallLock, SSHing, 5-icon dock, MxTube, MyWi, SBSettings, etc…

  90. Spencer says:

    I’m increasingly less interested in jail breaking since reading more about iOS 5, I know that is Apple’s intention and I am fine with that. The main reason I used to was for Wi Fi hotspotting but then they offered it natively, now the only reason I would still want to use this is for 3G unrestrictor, but I suspect carriers will wake up and let FaceTime over (4G LTE more likely) soon anyway.

  91. Mike says:

    “for many users they don’t mind the tethered boot process since it is fairly rare that an iPhone ever turns off”

    Really? I undid the jailbreak on my phone after a few weeks, since it crash (requiring a restart) more times in those few weeks than the 3 years I’ve been using the platform.

    • weddingbows says:

      I have the redsnow jailbreak on my iphone4 4.3.5 and it works great, however, since I am away from home and my computer A LOT, I have decided to restore my phone. When I do this I get error code 3194. Any idea what I need to do?

      • bmgx says:

        Try putting it in recovery mode like you’re about to jailbreak it.
        Hold power 5 secs, then both for 10 secs, then home for 15 secs. Then try to jailbreak it.

        • Brampton says:

          For error 3194
          Windows Platform
          1.log on with administrator priviledges
          2. go to c:windows\system32\drivers\etc
          3. click hosts and copy it at desktop
          4 now delete it from etc and restart itunes
          5 once u restore ur iphone
          6. copy that hosts file from desktop back to etc folder

          • sur club says:

            im trying to update to ios 5 and my 4 is jailbroken tethered and it keeps giving me that 3194 code and i deleted those host and still doesnt work

          • Not iphone savy... says:

            Have only had my iphone 3gs for 31 days…upgraded to ios 5 on itunes; then had this wonderful idea (sarcastic) to jailbreak my phone so that I could lock some of my folders…I have a three year old that plays on my phone. Tried several times, finally got Cydia to work properly, had researched BossPrefs and found that you could lock folders, downloaded it, iphone rebooted and now is frozen in recovery mode. Attempted to restore to factory settings through iTunes but get the message that phone needs to be taken out of recovery mode and error message 3194. So I thought I would try to jailbreak again, using the same redsn0w, and when it started running, it said no firmware was detected…error…and giving up. Really wish I had just left the dang phone alone. So, if anyone is able to give me some detailed advice, in laymen terms, I would really appreciate it. Right now I am downloading ios 5 to my desktop in hopes that I can re-add it to my phone.

          • gary says:

            So nice to hear a simple accurate solution. Worked perfectly! Thanks my friend!

      • GuyBenitez says:

        hey Buddy!!! did u fix your Iphone already, cuz i have the same problem, i wanna get iOS 5 on my Iphone 4 but i cannot update and even restore cuz appear the same error 3194.. if u got it could u help me!! thanks!

      • Suhas says:

        had the same problem. tried the following steps
        1)connect to itunes
        2)put the phone in dfu mode
        3) restore the phone
        4)update to ios5
        and it worked!!!!!

        • Belinda says:

          Help!! my iphone is jailbreak from redsnow, trying to update to ios5. it says error 3194 and i tried to restore it setting it to DFU mode. now its showing only apple logo and itunes cant detect. what should i do??

          • amril says:

            so now ur iphone works?how do you manage the poblem?i got the same problem too..urgent

          • Cory says:

            hey belinda try holding the power button and the home button in different sequences until your computer makes a sound that it has recognized an new usb device in dfu mode your iphone/itouch screen should appear black.

    • Nathan G says:

      How long can your iPod stay off if you have a tethered jailbreak??

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