Remembering Steve Jobs: Wallpaper Tribute

Oct 6, 2011 - 16 Comments

Steve Jobs silhouette within the Apple logo

This is a rather simple but beautiful tribute to Steve Jobs in wallpaper form. The image is of the Apple logo with silhouetted profile of Steve Jobs forming the bite.

Full size wallpaper here (2560×1600) or click the image above.

This image originated from a young Hong Kong artist, Jonathan Mak, on Tumblr several months ago when Steve Jobs resigned from the CEO position. In light of Jobs passing, the picture has since made its way around the world rapidly on the web, Twitter and Facebook.

Here’s a closeup of the original art:

Steve Jobs profile in the Apple logo

This particularly high-res desktop background version comes from SimpleDesktops, where someone pasted the above image onto a much larger black canvas to form a nice subtle tribute. It looks best with the dark menu bar.


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Posted by: Paul Horowitz in Customize, Fun


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  1. Raymond says:

    Yes, it is true. Raid71 came up with that logo back in May. Fast Track has a nice article about it here:

  2. hk shame says:

    this image copying with other designer style” “not original”
    same this

  3. Hong says:

    Thank you Steve

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  5. […] by jamesphillips — Leave a comment October 7, 2011 I saw the Steve Jobs tribute on OSX Daily and thought it was a great Idea. I was instantly inspired to create a slightly updated version […]

  6. ankit says:

    its a beautiful tribute to the michelangelo of our time!!!

  7. Khan says:

    Thanks for posting this. It’s a nice, simple tribute. Very much like all Apple products.

  8. Deocliciano says:

    Thank you.
    I am using it right now.

  9. Marshall says:

    Here’s some from your facebook

  10. :( says:

    This is a good wall paper too

  11. Donna says:

    I have a exhibit phone thru tmobile, and this morning the wallpaper I had on it changed to the picture of Steve Jobs that is shown lower on this page on the book about him….did this happen to anyone else? It was freaky. Was this some kind of trojan?

  12. Richard says:

    Have you seen how awesome the effects looks when going into Launchpad mode on Lion Mac OSX?

  13. David says:

    Great picture, thanks

  14. Robinson777 says:

    i photoshopped a very similar wallpaper last night…(link below)

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