Why Apple is Called Apple

Oct 21, 2011 - 20 Comments

Why Apple is called Apple

Who named Apple? Steve Jobs of course! The story behind the naming of the company has been revealed in Steve Jobs’ official biography by Walter Isaacson.

The name “Apple” apparently reflects Steve Jobs’ early vagabonding years when he ventured north from California and into the state of Oregon.

According to excerpts from the WSJ and AP, after some time spent working on apple orchards in that state, Steve Jobs was in the midst of a “fruitarian diet” and thought the simple name was “fun, spirited, and not intimidating“, the rest, of course, is history.

Original Apple Logo

Apple’s original logo showed famous physicist Isaac Newton sitting under an Apple tree. This is an obvious reference to Newtons theory of gravitation, but now in light of the companies naming history, seems to give that apple tree a dual meaning.

Rainbow Apple logo

The Apple logo was then changed to the rainbow variation shown above, which lasted for many years until the color was removed to the current incarnation of a minimalist black or white silhouette in the early 2000’s (which can be typed on the Mac by hitting Shift+Option+K )

Black Apple logo

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak mentioned a similar story about the companies name history in an interview from 2010:

[ Apple on tree image from Steve Garfield on Flickr ]


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  1. little sapphire baby says:

    i think it is because of isaac newton.i could mean knowledge💬💬💭💭💭👥👥✨✨✨

  2. chilp says:

    He called it apple because eve took a bite of an apple and gained all the knowledge of the from the forbidden tree (hence the bite in the logo). Understand the knowledge of what holds itself in the technology that Jobs created, he knew it was basically like we all are holding the apple (knowledge) in our hand when we use a device.
    That why its called apple.
    smart phone

  3. Thoth thrice times great says:

    Apple was named after the Apple Shaped Torus Vortex. The immortal self regulating energy of all things in the cosmic chain. Same reason why the Freemasons named the New World they created The Big Apple. Ritually they shoot the apple off of a fellow mason’s head symbolizing destruction of self and realization of their own immortal energy. 33rd degree graduation. 33 is the number of vertebrae in the spinal column. Through meditation kundalini energy is drawn up the spine through deep breathing. Constant practice opens the pineal gland. Self realization and universal realization occur. Awareness of the Apple Shaped Torus Vortex is a permanent and unchangeable life experience. Apple doesn’t mean just knowledge. It means hidden knowledge. Freemason secrets we are not to have. Please research the Torus and the Apple Shaped Torus Vortex. Also an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Please eat some while you uncover and discover your own immortality. The truth does set you free.

  4. Sour Apple says:

    Bite it!

  5. Steve in UK says:

    How about the Alan Turning tribute in the Apple logo or is that an urban myth?

  6. Alberto says:

    When will we (you) stop to transform SJ in a superhero, a saint or a myth?

  7. macfoxpro says:

    Love the stories bout Steve an his empire. Just relax Jos and ride this out. Haha

  8. Charles Dale says:

    I personally like this story. It is good to learn things about Apple and Macs that are just not technical issues. Keep an open mind people. It is god to learn ALL aspects about a company or any subject matter as a matter of fact.

  9. 1337 says:

    That Wozniak guy is creepy…
    i still think the wrong guy died.

    • paul says:

      that wozniak guy was the co founder of apple, “the wrong guy died”. you idiot

      • Meet says:

        He meant Wozniak should have died for looking creepy and Jobs should have lived. Hence, “the wrong guy died”. YOU’re an idiot!

        • I says:

          You both are idiots… Steve Wozniak is the genius behind building the components and mechanism of the computers we have known to be Apple over the last 20 odd years! He is a lovely guy and I met him. He is a very left brain technical geek! he admits it himself! Steve Jobs was the marketing and negotiating mind. Watch the movie Job or read the book and get some insight into Woz and you may like to swallow you silly words.

  10. Jos says:

    Could we keep this a tech blog? Your posts have been very useful, aslong as they have been focused on technology.

    There are enough sites out there dealing with spiritual and philosophical perspectives of multinational corporations.

    He was a great guy, now lets move on

  11. Derek says:

    Think Beatles. Record label…

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