Enable a Hidden Disc Eject Menu in OS X

Dec 28, 2011 - 8 Comments

Hidden disk eject menu

If you use a lot of DVD’s or CD’s on a regular basis, you may find some use enabling a hidden disk eject menu item. Once enabled, you’ll have a Finder pull down menu that lists discs, and selecting a disk from the menu ejects it:

  • Hit Command+Shift+G to bring up the Go To Folder window, using the following path:
  • /System/Library/CoreServices/Menu Extras/

  • Locate and double-click the menu item named “Eject.menu”

To remove the Eject menu, just hold down the Command key and drag it out of the Mac OS X menu bar.

The Disk Eject menu works in OS X Lion but is probably only going to be useful for Mac owners who have a CD or DVD drive, because it doesn’t seem to show external USB devices in testing. It also seems to be connected to the same eject mechanism of just dragging a disk to the Trash, so if you have a stuck disc it’s probably not going to be as effective as a forced eject.

On a side note, once you’re in the Menu Extras folder you will find a variety of other menu bar items you can add by double-clicking. Most of these are also available by enabling various settings in System Preferences, but Eject seems to be unavailable elsewhere.


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  1. Awadhesh says:


  2. Joe says:


    After defraggin’ my leopard, restarted, and didn’t chech my passworI started with fsck… all seemed to be fixed… I’m trying to recover mode journaled… but something happens… Disk utility, which is inside the Leopard, doesn’t seem to let mestart normally… Even though verbose mode now… Only appeareswhite screen, sounds mac startin” sound, and turns black and it shuts down……anyone would beso kind to give me a little help?

    ..Thank you so much…

  3. Dale says:

    I used this technique to add the Eject Button. Now I find I’m not using the button much. How can I remove the Eject Button from the menu bar? I tried command-dragging the icon. That allows me to move the icon on the bar, but the icon won’t leave the bar.

  4. Tom Karalias says:

    Tip: The eject button and menu can be enabled in system preferences in keyboard settings…

  5. Bastien says:

    A great thanks! The eject menu is very useful.

  6. Nolin says:

    Tip: If you hit your ⌥ (Option Key) before clicking the menu item it gives you a handy ‘Force Eject’ option in the drop down menu.

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