You Can Install Siri on iPad 2 with Spire

Jan 26, 2012 - 35 Comments

Siri on iPad 2

You can now run Siri directly on the iPad 2, thanks to the recent A5 jailbreak and a few third party tools. While Siri works as expected and will answer your questions and inquiries, getting this all put together isn’t exactly for the impatient and it’s a somewhat lengthy procedure with a fair amount of setup required. If you’re interested in this, here’s what you’ll need to get started:

Jailbreaking and installing Spire are the easy parts, it’s really the SiriProxy aspect that requires the most work. It’s also not without risk, as iDB tells us:

This could make your iPad kick into “iPhone mode” which makes your screen look funky, as everything is sized for iPhone. A quick respring should fix this, but you’ve been warned. I had no problems with it, but it’s worth noting

Read the full walkthrough on how to set it up at iDB or check out their great video below to get an idea of what’s entailed in the process.

If you think it’s more trouble than it’s worth, there are rumors that the iPad 3 may include Siri as well, but that won’t be known for certain one way or another until around March.


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  1. kal says:

    precise reason I hate ios. Android does no such thing.

  2. Pristiwahono says:

    No siri no cry….

  3. Irv says:

    I need to be walked threw setting up Siri I viewed the video but I need writing directions


  4. Devil says:

    I put all of the things but siri is didnt came in my ipad2

  5. Sushant says:

    Hey guyz i have an ipad 2 installed siri but i am unable to turn it on coz when i turn it on and go back to settings automatically turns itself off
    Any ideas whats happening??!!!

  6. reiner says:

    my ipad 2 went to ”iphone” mode how to fix it

  7. Miguel says:

    Just read this ill try it right away. Just downloaded Ubuntu I’ll install right away

  8. Mike says:

    How can I Download drop box help me Plz!

  9. Chloe Scott says:

    Yayyy got it XD.

  10. Brian L says:

    I did everything you told me to in the video, up until the turn off/turn back on part and now my iPad won’t turn on. I’M PANICKING HERE HELP ME PLEASE.

    • Justin says:

      can you connect and restore? Else there is typically a “safe” type mode that allows you to take control. All hope isn’t lost.

  11. Crazy Horse says:

    I’ve seen Siri running on an iphone 3GS – seriously.
    Its a paid for service via an unofficial VDS server which is then authenticated using an iphone 4S key.
    Doesnt run quite as fast/smooth on the 3GS as on iphone 4 or ipad, but it can be done :-)

  12. Cougar Hunter says:

    Its not necessarily about installing SIRI. It’s about having something that your big brother (Apple) says you can’t have. Do you want to be free and be able to do or get things people say that you don’t deserve? Or do you want government and big corporate Mongols dictate what they feel you be allowed to have and not have?

  13. RC says:

    Since most of you guys are having troubles, why try to install SIRI? Why can’t u guys just be patient? The iPad 3 is coming soon after all. If the Apple doesn’t want to include the SIRI in any of the iPad models, that means they have tested it and they are aware that there is some conflicts running SIRI with the iPad… So, why bother about having SIRI? After all, we generally use our hands to run any apps… Isn’t that true? If you play games, are you commanding the game? Lol… =.=”

    • Nils says:

      BS!! With the A5 Chip The iPad two could easily run Siri… Also The iPhone 4.. It’s just Apple’s Marketing – they want The 4s to be special but without Siri it wouldnt be at all..

  14. Waddle says:

    I also have the same problem telling me that it can’t take any request at the moment what can I do

  15. Brian B says:

    Ive also noticed that when i change my DNS it makes the internet on my ipad not work.

  16. Brian B says:

    I’ve made it all the way to the end, and when I go to test the siri proxy, it keeps telling me that it cannot complete the request at this time. Anyone have any suggestions???

  17. lowbraincells says:

    If your having problems installing from cydia, I have found it helpful to go “HOME” then close cydia in the background tasks then try it again. It should install now.

  18. ehson_95_95 says:

    guys my ipad 2 is jailbroken but it isn’t installing ifile from cydia… help what i need to do???

  19. Kristi says:

    i made everything as you said.. And,Siri says, ” I’m really sorry about this,but i can;t take any request right now. Please try again in a little while. ”

    Can anyone help me??

  20. Juan says:

    Tony T

    You can just email them to yourself as an attachment, then open them on your iDevice and it will ask you to install them. I think its a lot easier to do than Dropbox.

  21. Tony T says:


    I have done everything as shown but am having trouble with the Siri Proxy CA, I am unable to get this done. siri proxy CA is not showing up in dropbox as shown, how do i install this certificate?

  22. icebreaker says:

    Nobody gave a damn about voice commands before and now Apple does it it’s some kind of big new thin. Sometimes I don’t get it anymore. A lot of times it just doesn’t work on an iPhone so why would it be any good on an iPad? Let them concentrate on more important matters in the OS.

    • labron says:

      Hey icebreaker, do you know if there is any other voice command apps that work any better? Plus I think you are missing the point. Its not just a voice command but the beginnings of a Personal assistant for all.

  23. PippoX0 says:

    Yeap , i hope we can get Siri on iPad one … Sigh

    • labron says:

      Not likely, thats the only thing I hate about Apple is they are going to do what ever it takes to maximze profits and including SIRI on the old devices is something they have made clear that they are not planning to do.the iPad 3 will sell much better if SIIR is only on it and not the older iPads. I hope they change thier mind

  24. No thanks says:

    Or you can just wait until iPad 3 comes out and have it then.

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