The Top Mac & Mac OS X Tip Collections of 2012

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Best of 2012, Mac tip collections

With 2012 coming to an end, is looking back and gathering some of the most useful Mac multi-tip and trick collection posts from the year past. Yes, we post individual tips and walkthroughs every day, but we’re aiming to give you the most bang for your reading buck here by focusing on our favorite roundups, so take the time to read them all and you’ll be mastering a wide range of Mac topics. From general OS X tips that improve Mac productivity, little known keyboard shortcuts, to some more advanced tips for the command line, we’ve got something for everyone at every skill level, so read on and learn some new tricks for the new year! (Don’t miss our favorite iOS, iPhone, and iPad tip roundups too!)

14 Must-Know Tips & Tricks for Mac OS X
Master these tips and tricks for OS X and you will be more productive on your Mac.

4 Simple Mac Maintenance Tips
Maintaining your Mac is critical for optimal performance, but it shouldn’t be complicated. Here are a few super simple tips to follow to keep a Mac in tip-top shape.

9 Command Line Tricks for OS X You Should Know
Whether you’re an advanced user or just want to learn more about the command line that sits underneath OS X’s GUI layer, these terminal tricks are essential.

5 Quick Tips to Free Up Disk Space on a Mac
Everyone runs out of disk space sooner or later, but you may be surprised to find out where all your storage capacity has gone. Run through these quick tips and you’ll be freeing up tons of drive space on a Mac in no time.

8 Simple Tips to Speed Up an Older Mac (or Any Mac, Really)
Does your Mac need a speed boost? Things slow down over time, and while these easy tricks are aimed at older Macs, they’ll work to speed up any Mac, even the newest models.

9 Reasons a Mac is Running Slow, and What To Do About It
If your Mac feels like it’s running slower than it should, there are usually reasons why that is. We cover the 9 most common reasons Macs start to run slow, and more importantly, we tell you what to do about it so you can be back to normal again.

8 Tips to Protect a Mac from Viruses, Trojans, and Malware
Macs are much more resilient to viruses, trojans, and malware than Windows PC’s, but they’re not completely impervious. The good news is, Macs are extremely easy to protect against such baddies, and with some simple tips you can protect any Mac from almost all known threats.

11 Must-Have Free Apps for Macs
Whether you just got a brand new Mac or you just want to get some new apps, these 11 apps are essentials for any OS X user, and best of all, they’re completely free!

5 Tips to Make iTunes Look Normal Again
iTunes 11 completely changed the interface of Apple’s desktop media player and store, and while some people are OK with those interface changes, others would rather iTunes look familiar again. These tips will make iTunes 11 look normal again, so you won’t be fumbling around looking for podcasts, media, iOS devices, and that ever-useful sidebar.

10 Essential Keyboard Shortcuts for the Open & Save Dialogs in Mac OS X
The Open & Save dialog windows are surely some of the most used in all of OS X, and these keyboard shortcuts will have you mastering those file dialogs in no time.

12 Keyboard Shortcuts for Navigating & Selecting Text in Mac OS X
For Mac users who type and write often – and who doesn’t? – learn these keystrokes that help you navigate and select text faster than ever before.

21 iTunes Keyboard Shorcuts
Master iTunes with keystrokes for just about everything, from accessing libraries to controlling your media library and playing music.

8 Shortcuts to Navigate the Mac OS X Dock
Did you know the OS X Dock can be navigated with just the keyboard? Forget the cursor, you can launch and switch apps easily without ever lifting your hands from the keys.

43 Gorgeous Secret Wallpapers in OS X Mountain Lion
Start the new year off with some beautiful new wallpapers that are already buried in OS X, all you need to do is uncover them!


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