Kim Jong Un Uses an iMac

Mar 29, 2013 - 36 Comments

Kim Jong Un and his iMac

We all know that Apple products are quite popular around the world, but would you ever have guessed that the North Korean “Supreme Leader” Kim Jong Un is a Mac user? Well, he is, and in a recently released press photo from the North Korean state media you can see Kim Jong Un sitting at his desk reviewing plans to nuke America – yes, seriously that is the theme of the photo set – alongside a 21.5″ iMac. Specifically, the iMac is prior generation model with a side-loading SuperDrive, not the recent super-sleek thin revision, and NKNews says the photo can be “confirming long-held rumors of the Kim family’s passion for Apple Macs.

Quite peculiar, indeed. Though perhaps it shouldn’t be too shocking considering that Kim Jong Un’s legendary father, Kim Jong Il, also had a favorite computer from our favorite fruit company too, and that was a MacBook Pro 15″.

Anyway… it’s Friday, so uh, yea, most interesting Mac setup post ever maybe?


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Posted by: Paul Horowitz in Fun


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  1. JY says:

    “You also agree that you will not use these products for any purposes prohibited by United States law, including, without limitation, the development, design, manufacture or production of nuclear, missiles, or chemical or biological weapons.” -Apple Terms And Condition

  2. Joe Sapone says:

    I knew Kim Jong Un had an iMac, but I didn’t know he could write !!!

  3. blaneyphoto says:

    “Here’s to the crazy ones….”

  4. Jotun81 says:

    He´s probably having fun with his new nuclear-app these days.

  5. drav says:

    yummy he thought !!!!
    hes going to eat it later after the photos session
    …he thought its like a new kind of ice cream !!!!
    miam..miam imac…miam…me korea cookie monster…me eat…me find delicious…miam…miam….

    me when go china me… like this fast food place called applestore…me sometimes eat icepod….icemac!!!

    me love apple food!!!

  6. MacTech says:

    So he’s making plans to nuke the country who designs the technology he uses? What does he think he’s going to do after he nukes California and then finds out he can’t get a new Mac when the one he’s using dies? Oh, sorry idiot, you just nuked the company that makes them!

  7. dataghoul says:

    “Kim Jong Un Uses an iMac”
    Ok, so what?
    We all switch to Windows?

  8. Ben says:

    Apple’s License Agreements clearly state, “You also agree that you will not use the Apple Software for any purposes prohibited by United States law, including, without limitation, the development, design, manufacture or production of missiles, nuclear, chemical or biological weapons”

    • Vasek says:

      Yea! Call to Tim Cook and his lawyer or better B. Obama and his/US forces :D

      or is there someone who can remotely connect to this iMac?

  9. Stuart says:

    So i guess that picture proves Macs have 100% market share in North Korea?

  10. Phil says:

    If he really does, and his IMac is connected to the internet, he has a clear security breach because all os’s are deemed to be unsecurable when connected to the internet…

    I know, I caught a hacker red handed accessing locked filed…

  11. Felix says:

    is this an ad for mac?

    • MizuInOz says:

      It’s an ad about “Think Different”… but I am sure no one will see the humour in that.

      What Kim Jong Un doesn’t get is that he could make squillions if he used the photoshopping capabilities of his “media” department and made movies worth selling – like China. (read about China suing Apple for selling movies without permission. Gargle it, if you don’t follow other MacNewsfeeds.)

      Cheers – and lighten up folks, it’s Saturday!!!

    • ds says:

      If it were an ad, it would be something sick in Korean like “iMac for iNucU”.

  12. Rob F says:

    I don’t know whats worse, Him or Rush Limbaugh using a mac.

    • MizuInOz says:

      It’s obvious – even to Repulsivecans… Rush.

      • Michael says:

        I don’t know who’s worse, Mao Tse-tung, Hitler, Kim Jong Un or Al Gore. It’s obvious – Even to Dumbocrats… Al Gore. You see, straw-man arguments make no sense. Step off.

  13. Steven Cagle says:

    After his whacking, I hope they auction his iMac on eBay.

  14. Tim says:

    So much for sanctions. Only hurting the people who are already hurting.

    • Michael says:

      Sanctions do work and are intended to cause the people to rise up against their government. However, in that totalitarian communist regime, any uprising is met with chains in the gulag.

  15. Graham says:

    Not really a great shout oxs daily. Grow up. This guy is keeping millions in misery by brain washing people and creating an army that if invoked would be sent to a sure death. Stick to great mac updates. Leave politics to the grown ups.

  16. jeff says:

    yes, why can’t he just embrace the idea of nuclear-capable b2’s in his airspace? i mean wtf?

  17. BDK says:

    That’s not a real iMac. The optical drive and compact flash slot are in the wrong place and the foot doesn’t taper from the back to the front.

  18. Michael says:

    The Telegraph UK states in an article “Despite the increasingly belligerent rhetoric and new images emerging from the North Korean regime, analysts believe its missiles are not capable of striking targets as far away as the US mainland and are not, as yet, capable of delivering a nuclear payload.”

    To that I say, our (US) intelligence has been wrong before and even though this may be nothing more than Sun Tzu style posturing, it is a very real threat to our national security.

    Had it been a inferior Dell Desktop instead of an iMac, I might have not taken Kim Jong Un’s pomposity as seriously as I have.

  19. Rickey says:

    Ahhhh yes! And on that iMac and iPad will the evil “Young ‘un” finalize his diabolical plan to vaporize every country in the world, except his own little sliver of land. There’s an app for that!

    Seriously, and personally, I feel badly for every soldier—American, South Korean or Allied—living or who died in the Korean war, who has lived long enough to see that twisted family regime turn back the clock on that conflict of so long ago. Shameful doesn’t begin to describe the North Korean “government.”

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