Having Safari Problems with iOS 8.2? Try This

Mar 10, 2015 - 48 Comments

Safari Some users who have updated to iOS 8.2 have discovered the Safari web browser no longer works as it should on their iPhone or iPad. There seems to be a few variations of Safari issues with iOS 8.2, but typically the problems manifest as an inability for Safari to launch or stay open, Safari becoming unresponsive to touch input, Safari loading blank pages, and the Safari search / URL bar becoming unworkable. If you’ve experienced one of these problems with iOS 8.2, you may be able to remedy it with one of solutions outlined below.

First, Try Clearing All Web Data

The first thing to try is to reset Safari in iOS by clearing website data, cache, history, and cookies.

  1. Open the “Settings” app and go to “Safari”
  2. Choose “Clear History and Website Data” and confirm that you wish to clear Safari data when asked

Once you’ve cleared the Safari cache, manually quit the app by using the multitasking screen and swiping up on Safari so that it flies off screen, then relaunch Safari again. You may want to reboot the device too.

At this point Safari should be working as intended, opening as usual and being responsive to touch and input again. If you’re still experiencing trouble, you can go a step further and restore the device.

Safari Still Broke? Reset & Restore the Device

Resetting a device is not fun, but there are reports this can work to resolve broken Safari issues. You can either reset to factory settings and then restore backups from an iCloud or iTunes, or restore directly with iTunes and a computer.

Be sure to back up your iPhone or iPad before restoring or resetting, otherwise you may lose important data.

Alternatively, Use Chrome as a Web Browser

If there is indeed a bug with Safari in iOS 8.2 then a fix is sure to arrive in the form of a point release. Thus, rather than reinstalling iOS, you may opt to use an alternate web browser like Chrome in the interim period. Chrome for iOS is quite good anyway, though you will miss out on useful features like Handoff and iCloud Tabs.

The restore approach was pointed out by iPhoneHacks who noticed a conversation on Twitter discussing the Safari problems post iOS 8.2 update. For me, simply clearing out caches was enough to get Safari working again on the iPhone and to stop loading blank pages (much like a similar experience in OS X), but let us know in the comments if you experience any problem and what worked for you to resolve it.


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  1. SAR says:

    Constantly, constantly getting “there was a problem with this page so it was reloaded” error. So fed up! Doesn’t Apple test this stuff before releasing? Only way to fix it is to shut off JS. That makes pages load screamingly fast. But of course then, menus, comments, etc don’t work without JS. Apple should be ashamed!!!

  2. Danny says:

    I had this same problem (tap the address bar and safari closes). Tried resetting safari data and force closing, restarting the phone, etc. what finally worked was to go into safari settings and disable “safari suggestions,” turn off “quick website search,” and turn off “preload top hit.”

    Hope that helps!

  3. Viking says:

    ipad2 safari crashing sufferer here.

    simple fact of the matter…ipad come with memory limitations. I am not talking storage, but rather RAM. With each release of an upgraded model of ipad comes better ram specs. older models (like mine) simply do not have the memory to run the latest iOS and thus the stuttering, crashing experiences we are getting. Apple doesn’t really highlight this issue as there is nothing you can do to fix it, except buy a new ipad of course ;-)

    So you have to find work arounds. Safari is a resource hog. I have found better luck with Google Chrome. But even that is slow. I went to the apple store in grand central last week, picked up an ipad on display and it was screaming fast, as it should be when software and hardware are properly in sync.

    So, the lesson here, is to either plan on buying a new ipad model every three years, or go the windows route where keeping an OS for several years is not such a big issue.

  4. Annoyedwithapple says:

    SAME ERROR MESSAGE FOR A YEAR no matter the update. Surfing the Internet with my annoying ipad has been rough. I tried all of the fixes on all of the sites I could find and none worked. I just tried this recently and it seems to have fixed it….crossing my fingers. I changed my cookies setting in safari from- Allow from current website only- TO -Allow from websites I vist . Shouldn’t have to but nosy Apple probably won’t allow you to not be cookie controlled!!

  5. Sebastian says:

    Uninstalling Adblocker tweak solved the problem on ios 8.4

  6. Lizzie says:

    Safari/Facebook issue: when I go to comment on someone’s post it now takes me to the next post down and I have to close out that pop up window and try again. The Facebook app is worse because half the time, posts that show up in safari, simply aren’t there on the app.

  7. kickstarter says:

    After latest updates (10.10.4 and IOS 8.4) I suddenly had the same issue-blank pages when clicking the back button.
    Disabling google “search engine suggestions” – this seems to have fixed the issue on phone iphone 6 and my mac.

  8. Carlo says:

    After trying all previous methods mentioned and making do with Chrome for a month, happy to say that the iOS 8.4 update has finally resolved this problem. Shocked at how Apple can allow a problem with an integral part of its OS and user experience go on for so long!

  9. Bushra says:

    Clearing the history data in setting solved the ios crash problems in my iPhone 5 !!! good job

  10. Garretttheman011 says:

    This actually helped with a problem caused by iCleaner which crashed safari

  11. Drwatson says:

    Thom’s solution solved the safari search bar issue without any restore, reset or install any thirdparty browser.

    in iOS device settings/Safari

    – PreloadTophit switch On/Off
    – Quick Website Search delete the entry

    Thats it!

    • Brad says:

      Yes, it worked for me too, thanks so much! I’ve been using Chrome for months now, which is fine but inconvenient compared with Safari.

  12. jls4 says:

    Yep-yep I just discovered this fix independently. Disable iPOd “services” and you get better service. Oh Apple…

  13. David Hillery says:

    Hi all From Dublin Ireland.i am having an issue with my iphone 5. On safari or google app when I try and look at a web site all I get is text and no images.. Any help would be great.. I Have chrome installed and that loads fine but I want to use safari and google apps cheers

    I am using an iphone 5 on ios8′

  14. Thom says:

    I have had these exact problems and tried all the solutions above, with no change.

    THE FIX.
    I did on the other hand turn off:
    Preload Top Hit
    Quick Website search
    Search engine suggestions

    in the safari settings and it has remedied the problem––for now.

  15. Ray says:

    I am over Apple and will not buy another damned Apple product EVER!!!! Every time I upgrade to a new version of IOS to “hopefully” fix my issues it goes from BAD to WORSE! Seriously, you can’t get Safari to work??? Nothing like safari crashing when your 15 minutes into a 2 hour long movie! No problem, right? Just reload the movie (wait the 5 minutes), find the spot where you left off (another VERY FRUSTRATING 5 minutes), watch the last 3 minutes you just watched so you don’t go past the spot again and then BAM! Your back to your movie! Great, until it crashes 8 seconds later. Now repeat until you throw your ipad down and drink to forget your problems! Apple has gone downhill and I cant justify the high cost and horrible updates anymore. Going to find an alternative, any suggestions?

  16. Chris says:

    Like others I have had lots of problems with Safari since updating last night, but the suggestion to switch to private browsing seems to have worked for now.

  17. Martha C. says:

    I’m having the same problems with Safari not loading, blank pages, etc. Use iPhone Plus, have updated iOS, cleared history, reset, nothing helping. Not sure what else to do. Hate having to dl/use Chrome (want to use Safari!). Please fix this!!!!

  18. Hoyt Sumner says:

    This pertains to iPad 2:
    After updating to rev 8 and subsequent points my iPad has experienced a number of problems. Before this update it ran beautifully, but there is no way to return to previous revs. I have considered buying a new iPad, but then I think about what has happened to this one and I am not sure I want to go through the same situation again. Apple should make sure that updates work on all models before making it available to all models, or at least a way to return to a rev that works.

  19. Gill says:

    Had all the same issues as above. Upgraded to the new update and zero use of Safari. Cleared the history, rebooted, reset factory settings, and still nothing!!! Now having to use Google Chrome. Not happy in the slightest. I love Apple products, but this issue needs to be rectified as soon as possible. It’s alright saying it’s not affected everyone, but it’s no help for the thousands plus that it has.

  20. D.R. says:

    Safari is horrible after the update. They should have sent out a bug fix by now. Shame.

    I’m using Dolphin for now, but if they don’t send out a bug fix for Safari pretty soon, I’m trading in my iPhone and not going back. I get a lot of use out of Safari and I may as well not keep putting up with this crap.

  21. redheart (@redheart) says:

    I have this on two of the 6 IOS devices that I updated when the update was introduced. I have reset to factory settings and set up from a backup and the problem persists. Very frustrating. I added Chrome as a substitute. Poor action on Apple’s part to not address this issue.

  22. Di Brown says:

    I just downloaded the new update on my iPad Mini – Safari will not work. I followed the above instructions for clearing the cache, also rebooted. No difference – still gets stuck on loading a page and will go no where. I am now using Google Chrome – but, I’m not happy!

    • Nebby says:

      I had reset all settings and then everything came back on line , I completely lost my safari icon like it never existed , weird never had any update problems, btw if you can afford a I watch get one their bad a zzz love it

  23. Nick says:

    After iOS 8.2, literally NO SAFARI

  24. Keith says:

    The work around for me was to use Safari in private mode for a few pages then all seems to work OK until I leave the iPad alone for a while then Safari locks up and I have to go back to using in private mod for a short time.

  25. JHVS says:

    Switching to chrome is a pain in the ace. All of my homescreen added connects no longer work…I tried everything above and it works for a short time then the same issues happen again. I actually had the best luck by opening a site in chrome and then switching to safari…but that would only last 10 minutes or so.

    The only thing I really use my device for does not work. That is unacceptable. I am not resetting all of my data…I will lose some or something else will be lost, it would take almost the whole day, I do not have enough cloud space anyway and it is not free to add. Fix this issue. I am probably done with Apple after this go around. Rediculous problems with terrible suggestions for fixes.

  26. RugMan says:

    This update buggered my mobile safari. Couldn’t enter URL in browser bar (well I could, but ‘go’ was greyed out, or just wouldn’t do anything???). reset safari, rebooted, etc… nothing worked.

    ended up restoring back to 8.2 beta (12D5480a) and appears to be okay????

    I am Apple through and through, but recently I have lost a lot of faith. I had to upgrade to 8.1.3 as I hadn’t used my iPad for a couple of weeks, and for no reason whatsoever safari would crash on run, so too would mobile mail?????

    I had made no changes whatsoever, but all went tits-ups????

    I am not a ‘happy chappy’ at present. sorry Apple, but you are making Bill Gates look good at the mo :-(

  27. Colm54 says:

    I updated my iPad Air yesterday too! During the process it flatlined and was unresponsive! I tried to reset it but it remained in that loop with the cord design on the screen.
    I discovered that there is a program called “Tenorshare Reiboot” I downloaded it to my desktop and I ran it and it came out of the loop and returned it to it’s “Pre download condition”
    I’m just putting it there to help someone else. The last thing you need is a glass frisbee..

  28. Peter says:

    After update iOS 8.2 no more Safari. No response from keyboard, and after cache-clear and reset… No succes! Okay Chrome works fine but hurry with an update that is tested or something!

  29. jrcasmir says:

    no issues with safari or any other apps since the upgrade to 8.2 on iphone 5s..

  30. PeteN says:

    Updated to 8.2 and cannot update or add any apps.

  31. je...er says:

    Really? Chrome? No way!

    The only good thing about Chrome for iOS is its “Private mode” so I can watch pon safely!

  32. Harry says:

    No problems for me on an iPhone 6.

    And seriously, the Watch app is no big deal – I just put it in a folder along with all the other stock apps I never use.

  33. Saulowan says:

    I had to restart my iPad 4 to go back to the reading list, which was empty after the upgrade

  34. U212 says:

    Thank you thank you thank you — your first suggestion did the trick for my iPhone 5!!

  35. Someotherusers says:

    Great! Safari runs quicker on my iPad2 after the 8.2 update. No Apple Watch app added either.

  36. Raven says:

    No problems on my 32GB iPhone 5.

  37. Cerebro says:

    I haven’t noticed any problems on my iPhone 6 since upgrading to 8.2.

  38. David Townes says:

    I had those problems, so I powered the iPad down, then restarted and all worked as it should.

  39. forkboy1965 says:

    Glad I read this before updating as I was planning. I’ll wait for a bit since there doesn’t appear to be anything pressing in this 8.2 update.

    • Heb Walker says:

      You install iOS 8.2 and you get an advertisement for the Apple Watch on your screen that you can not delete, it will be there for a month and it won’t be able to do anything until and if only you buy an Apple Watch. It’s so useful.

      I don’t know what iOS 8.2 is for, why did the bother releasing it a month before we will have the Apple Watch on our iPhone anyway?

  40. Luke Paige says:

    Still not working for me, it’s working terrible, blank pages, empty urls, lagging.

    • grumps says:

      You may have to reset the iPhone and start as new… this is obviously a bug. Apple software quality is so bad now… unbelievable. But here’s a $17,000 watch! Ugh.

      • Kr00 says:

        I have no problems on either my iPhone or iPad using safari, so hardly an endemic problem for every user. Your opinion is noted but equally dismissed.

        • DC says:

          Grumps made a valid contribution and pointed out something that many people have begun to realise.

          You, on the other hand, did not.

          Therefore your opinion is dismissed outright.

          • H. Munster says:

            I agree! Why do people post if it has nothing to do with the issue mentioned. I too have had problems with safari crashing and tabs not resonding. I actually think it may be worse in Ios 8 than ios 7. The problems with safari started way back with ios 5. The only thing I have found that helps is turning off javascript. Ios has a poor javascript implentation. But, turning off javascript hobbles most websites. Clearing cookie and data may help until the problem comes back.

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