Mac Setup: MacBook Pro with Twin 24″ Displays

May 23, 2015 - 27 Comments

MacBook Pro dual displays and an iPad featured Mac setup

Ready for another featured Mac setup? This time around we’re featuring the great desk setup of Toby R. , a web developer who has a dual display setup and some great under-the-desk cable management. Let’s jump right in and learn more about this setup:

What hardware makes up your Mac setup?

Hardware includes:

  • MacBook Pro 13″ Retina (Mid 2014 model)
    • Intel i5 2.6GHz
    • 8GB RAM
    • 256GB SSD
    • Intel Iris Graphics
  • Dual Dell Ultrasharp 24″ U2414H Monitors
  • Bose companion 3 speakers
  • Logitech Performance MX mouse 
  • Logitech easyswitch K811 (Backlit)
  • iPad mini 3 
  • PS Vita (Wifi only)
  • Two twelve south HiRise stands for iPhone and iPad mini
  • Anker 5 port USB wall charger

Mac desk setup of MacBook Pro driving twin displays and an iPad Air

Not pictured:

  • iPhone 6 Plus (taking the picture)
  • WD mycloud storage (for time machine backups)
  • Apple Watch Sport

Future additions to the setup:

  • LED lights behind the monitors
  • Two 27″ 2k monitors (as this is the max my macbook can handle)

The underside of the desk shows the cable management:

Cable management done right

What do you use your Apple setup for?

I use my Apple gear for website development (which is my everyday job), and editing YouTube videos for my channel (TRMHD) in my spare time.

Do you have any particular apps which you can’t do without?

My favourite most used apps are: 

  • Brackets (a free open source HTML editor)
  • Filezilla 
  • Spotify
  • Photoshop 

Do you have any tricks you want to share?

There’s an app called Subler for Mac, which if you have a movie on your computer but don’t have any of the meta data, you load it into Subler, and it fills in all the information for that movie, and gives it cover artwork, just as if you had bought it from iTunes. This is very helpful and handy if you’re as OCD about your iTunes library as me!!!

Mac setup dual displays and iPad

Do you have Mac setup that you want to share with OSXDaily? Go here to get started and send it in, or if you just want to browse past featured setups you can do that too.


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  1. jhon says:

    based on official Dell support and I read on this Dell u2414h driver page, dell u2414h is not supported for Mac, how you can install the monitor for your MacBook ??

    • Squirl says:

      You don’t need drivers to use a display on a Mac, just connect the HDMI to the computer port and the Mac will detect the display.

  2. Ogo Ezeofor says:

    What kind of desk is this? Seems like the perfect for my home setup.

  3. Silence fan of OSxD says:

    “I did not understand what the PC hidden under the desk, nostalgia?”

    It’s called a Bose bass box :)

    • Eisenhorn says:

      Haha. I cracked up when I read the original comment. I guess not everyone’s familiar with Bose’s woofer.

  4. Chad says:

    Nice, clean setup Toby. Definitely a fan or your taste and style.

  5. Toby Ramshaw says:


    This is my setup I sent in, if you have any questions about any of it feel free to email me toby_r_m (at)


    • Sean Gonzales says:

      Hey Toby, where did you get the cable holders on the underside of the desk? They look great, I want that.

    • Michal says:

      Well Toby,
      I sent you an email 4 days ago but still no response. So, where do I get the wallpaper and how to accomplish to have the wallpaper spread on both screens?

  6. Mark says:

    How are the monitors connected to the MacBook Pro? Bridged HDMI?

    • icebreakertech says:

      You can daisy chain those monitors. So you hook up one displayport cable to one monitor and connect that monitor to the other monitor. This way you only need to use one port on your Macbook Pro.

      • Jason says:

        Hey, does anyone know if daisy chaining 2 of the u2415h monitors does actually work using MacBook Pro early 2015? I seem to be getting conflicting information everywhere I look.


        • Tommy says:

          Did you ever manage to answer this question? I really want to sort out the same setup but with so many conflicting reviews I am hesitant to purchase the monitors in case it is a failure. I have a Mid-2012 non-Retina 13” MBP (Model 9,2 which is i7 2.9GHz; Intel HD Graphics 4000 1536 MB; which I have 12GB DDRAM in) and I am looking to run dual Dell screens (25″ or 27″). If anyone can answer this and I would be extremely grateful !!

  7. Jen Hundley says:

    sorry should say best set-up

  8. Jen Hundley says:

    Best step I have seen on here. I have cable management envy.

  9. Beautiful location, too bad of Apple products if they see less and less. Only a few years ago anyone would have been ashamed to say that the displays are Dell branded and that the keyboard and mouse are not Apple original. Times change, and Apple is too busy making money to realize this change.
    I did not understand what the PC hidden under the desk, nostalgia?

  10. nofoe says:

    Those Dell U2414H monitors are excellent. Best I’ve ever used.

  11. Johnny says:

    Nice 90% of profit on that desk going straight into Apple’s coffers. Well done… Tim.

  12. Ron says:

    WOW looks great. So what do you use ’em for.. Graphics, video, websites…? You don’t need two 24 inchers to write a book.

    • Stephen says:

      “Toby R. , a web developer…..”

      Where does it say that he’s using two screens to write a book?

  13. Chris Proudlove says:

    How come you don’t use the MacBook’s screen in addition to the dual screens you have?

  14. Andy says:

    where is the desk from?

  15. Tom Cross says:

    What is the source of the cable management hardware?

  16. Sean Gonzales says:

    What is the name or brand of the cable management baskets under the desk? Or did you build them yourself?

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