OS X 10.10.4 Beta 4 Released for Testing

May 26, 2015 - 12 Comments

OS X Yosemite

Apple has released a new version of OS X 10.10.4 beta for those participating in the OS X Yosemite Public Beta program, and for registered Mac Developers. The new build arrives as 14E26a and aims to “improve the stability, compatibility, and security of your Mac”.

Mac users who are eligible and opted-in to receive the beta builds will find the OS X 10.10.4 beta 4 update available through the  Apple menu > App Store > Updates tab.

The download itself weighs in around 1GB and, as usual, users will need to reboot their Mac to complete the installation.

OS X 10.10.4 beta 4

The new beta build mentions a focus on Photos app and Migration assistant. There are no obvious changes or new features introduced to OS X 10.10.4, suggesting that the future OS X Yosemite update could be aimed at resolving bug fixes, stability and performance changes, or various other under-the-hood adjustments.

One notable change in the new beta is that discoveryd has been replaced with the old fashioned mDNSResponder, as noticed by 9to5mac. This could be in response to many of the ongoing networking issues that have plagued some OS X Yosemite users, ranging from failing wi-fi connections, to problematic networking discovery, Bluetooth discovery issues, amongst other connection related difficulties in existing OS X 10.10.x releases. It’s unclear if OS X 10.10.4 will resolve those issues, and impacted users will have to wait until the final version arrives before knowing for sure.

No known timeline for OS X 10.10.4 exists, but there has been some suggestion the final public version could be unveiled around WWDC 2015, which starts in early June. Apple typically goes through multiple beta builds before releasing the final version to the public.


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  1. Bgf says:

    10.10.4 is worse than the one time I tried to sell a-stick on eBay to a bunch of Cambodians … Seriously, a-stick

    • Eldon says:

      Did they buy it? There is always someone on eBay that will buy anything. Your post made me laugh out loud, well done.

  2. David Hodgson says:

    you can always find fault we never appreciate the improvements. we should stop whinging.

    • Eldon says:

      You mean whining and not whinging, and NO, we should NOT stop complaining about major bugs in a product that is extremely expensive from a company with more cash on hand than most countries on earth. It is people like YOU that allow Apple’s quality to drop year after year since Steve’s passing.

  3. Terence Lo says:

    Up to now, the low resolution login screen still not solved after changing to scaled resolution in system preference(e.g: 1680 x 1050). Looks like 10.10.4 would keep leaving this problem behind :(

    • Kevin DeKorte says:


      I had this same issue, resetting the PRAM fixed the low resolution login screen for me.

  4. Ubea says:

    Why did it take until the fourth beta version of the fourth release of OS X 10.10 to FINALLY start looking at a serious solution to networking disaster of Yosemite? Whoever stuck to discoveryd for this long should be demoted from development, lose access to git push, and spend a year on Apple OS X Tech Support phone calls instead.

    • nadi ramoni says:

      If I had to guess it’s because a couple of ‘influential’ developer bloggers complained about it on blog posts. But hey, it worked! Thanks Marco and Greg!

    • Eldon says:

      Simple – Tim is too worried about the new iWatch toy, pretty colors, skinnier hardware, and forget about the software.

  5. Sean Gonzales says:

    So OS X 10.10.4 may be a bit more stable then we’ll immediately have a very unstable OS X 10.11 to break our Macs with, LOL.

    • Tim says:

      I wonder if they should take a clue from MS, which is no longer going to have new “Windows” versions but rather will simply keep updating and improving what they have. It does seem rather stupid to spend a year or so trying to work out all the bugs on something, get it working properly, and then promptly replace it.

      • Eldon says:

        Do you live under a rock? Microsoft continually releases new versions and will continue to do so. People won’t pay for updates to existing versions.

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