Apple Runs “Shot on iPhone 6” TV Commercials Showing Off Camera Abilities [Videos]

Jun 2, 2015 - 22 Comments

Seagull flies over a breaking wave in California, shot with an iPhone

Apple has unveiled a series of commercials which feature video shot by iPhone 6 users. Each of the advertisements shows off the high quality recording capabilities of iPhone, most of which demonstrate some of the more interesting camera features like the ability to easily capture time-lapse and slow-motion video.

The seven videos are shot from a variety of places around the world, each clip is 15 seconds long and features an accompanying soundtrack. Those interested can find the song names for each song featured in the ads on the YouTube page for the individual videos.

You’ll likely start seeing these on TV during the traditional timeslots that Apple runs commercials, but the videos are embedded below for easy viewing as well.

The slow-motion bird feeder in France (slow motion):

Seagull flying over a breaking wave in Hermosa Beach, California (slow motion):

Kids playing Cricket on a beach in India (slow motion):

A boat ride in Myanmar (slow motion):

Train ride through Chicago (time-lapse):

A lazy dog is tired in Oregon (normal):

A closeup of a crawling lady bug in California (shot with an Olloclip lens):

Even if you’re not interested in keeping on top of Apple commercials and advertising efforts, most of the short movies are interesting enough to warrant a view or two, and perhaps inspire you to get out there with your own iPhone camera. The videos are also available to view on the iPhone World Gallery page of which features some really nice photography shot with iPhone cameras.

Apple iPhone bird eating cracker commercial

The movies first appeared on the Apple YouTube channel, but according to Recode, the short videos just started airing on television as well.


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  1. mart says:

    how does one submit a I phone video for review or commercial presentation?

  2. Phil says:

    who shot the videos??? professional from Apple or random iPhone owners?

  3. iPhone 6 – Is its a smartphone or a camera?

    Apple is currently running a campaign “Shot on iPhone 6″ TV ads showing off the iPhone 6’s camera abilities

    The videos are shot from a variety of places around the world by real people, each clip is about 15 seconds long.

    It is accompanied by a pleasing soundtrack.

    Undoubtedly these ads are creative and beautifully shot –


    Not a single word about its USPs or its benefits as a phone.

    When you spend Rs. 55000 to Rs. 81000 you definitely get a camera which has far superior features than an iPhone 6!

    I really wish David Ogilvy was alive today for his expert comments on this ad!

  4. carlos says:

    Hey apple, quit trying so hard to convince your self that your phone is a camera, is not…its still just a fricking phone…

  5. Alex S says:

    How do you submit the time-lases to apple to have your own ad?

  6. Tina d says:

    Anybody know the song from the commercial with the tricolor ed caterpillar …I’m gonna take my road…make my road..etc

  7. Melody Frierson says:

    What’s the song that’s playing in the ladybug commercial?

  8. Fabian Santiago says:

    The song that plays in the seagull video??

  9. Ryan Jackson says:

    I would like to know the song that plays during the video of the slow motion boat ride in Myanmar by Lin C.

    Thank you!

    • Paul says:

      The song playing in the Myanmar boat ride video is “The Wheel” by Sohn

      The song playing in the kids playing cricket on the Indian beach is “Kiki” by Blick Bassy

  10. James says:

    Anyone know the song being played when the boys are playing cricket????

    Awesome song!

    Much Thanks.

  11. Nigel M says:

    How can you use a smart phone for Time Lapse photography. It is a device for making phone calls, and communicating with. Time Lapse photography is generally used when placing a camera or device on a tripod or something for set period of time. A smart phone is normally stuck in a pocket or bag. I cannot see someone placing a device on a tripod to film something, then the phone rings during the filming – great!

  12. Michael says:

    Not one of them were shot by people with VVS.

  13. Linuxpro says:

    Very cool!

    My wife thinks the dog is so cute!

  14. Tom says:

    The closing pic in the Seagull vid would make a great desktop. Thanks for the vids…

  15. Mason says:

    I like the billboard ads of the photos taken from iPhone, and I like these video ads too. I just wish Apple would choose my pictures too, but I guess they look on Flickr? So maybe if you want your pictures featured by Apple, post them to Flickr? I don’t know, hah!

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