OS X 10.11.2 El Capitan Released with Wi-Fi Improvements & Bug Fixes

Dec 8, 2015 - 60 Comments

OS X El Capitan 10.11.2

Apple has released OS X El Capitan 10.11.2 to the public, the latest version of OS X resolves various bugs and offers improvements to address wi-fi issues, HandOff, AirDrop, Bluetooth, Mail app, iCloud Photo Sharing, and photo importing over USB.

OS X 10.11.2 arrives as build 15C50 and is available now for all Mac users currently running OS X El Capitan via the Mac App Store. Release notes accompanying the Mac software update are included below.

Updating to OS X 10.11.2

Be sure to back up the Mac before installing any software update.

  1. When the backup has finished, go to the  Apple menu and choose App Store
  2. Under the “Updates” tab you will find “OS X El Capitan 10.11.2 Update” available, click the Update button to install

If you don’t yet see the software update available, you can refresh the Updates section by hitting Command+R on the keyboard.

As usual, a reboot is required to complete the installation.

OS X 10.11.2 El Capitan Release Notes

Release notes accompanying the download are as follows:

The OS X El Capitan 10.11.2 update improves the stability, compatibility, and security of your Mac.

This update:

• Improves Wi-Fi reliability
• Improves the reliability of Handoff and AirDrop
• Fixes an issue that may cause Bluetooth devices to disconnect
• Fixes an issue that prevented Mail from deleting messages in an offline Exchange account
• Fixes an issue that prevented importing photos from an iPhone to a Mac using a USB cable
• Improves iCloud Photo Sharing for Live Photos

Separately, Apple has released iOS 9.2 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, tvOS 9.1 for the new Apple TV, and WatchOS 2.1 for Apple Watch.

Additionally, Security Update 2015-008 and Safari 9.0.2 are available for OS X Mavericks and OS X Yosemite users. Those updates are included automatically in the El Capitan 10.11.2 update, thus do not require separate updates for OS X El Capitan.


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  1. MacKen says:

    Hmm…I’m still using the old Maverick. Do you know why?Because a lot of problem back then when all Macs is in the Maverick. That’s why I never want to upgrade anymore. Back in update reviews in APP?, a lot of users complaining about wife problem?It is a real problem for most of the people.

  2. john lester says:

    I almost gave up on M-Audio fast track C400 as being nothing more than a paperweight .. suddenly in january 2016 a driver appeared (1.2.7) in OS 10.11.2 ant it worked perfectly for me.. I was happy once again. Suddenly OS 10.11.3 appeared as a update.I ran my usual maintenance routine and re-booted my mac and suddenly no sound again.. do we have to wait another 4 (four) months for apple to repair this glitch again ??? This may not be important to some mac users that treat this as another shiny fly by night toy but it is very important to (real pro Musicians) that use and depend on Mac for there hardware operations… to keep changing software and hardware can be a expensive option … come on tech people.. pay attention and get it together …


    a jazz keyboard player

    • Rebecca says:

      I just bought a Mac OS X 10.11.3. My M-Audio Fast Track Pro will not let me record anymore. I have scoured the internet and there seems to be no hope for us M-Audio El Capitan users.
      Have you had any luck fixing this issue? If so, any advice or should I just find a new audio interface so I can get back to work?
      Thank you!

      • john lester says:

        Rebecca i did two things. First i utilized my input line on the back of my mac mini .then i plugged in my output to headphones jack to my speakers .. that worked with my software and speakers pretty good bud control was a bit tricky so finely i downgraded my mac to OS 10.11.2 back to january 10 2016 and everything works fine again .

  3. Mary Thomson says:

    Apple, help!!

    Ever since I “upgraded” to El Capitan, I am unable to delete emails on my mac! I expect it will crash soon if I do not find a solution! I did upgrade to OS X 10.11.3, hoping that would help but no luck.

    What gives, Apple???

    • Not Apple says:

      This is not Apple, this is a fan website that is unrelated to Apple, aside from offering information about Apple products this website has nothing to do with Apple and no relationship with Apple. Apple is a corporation, Apple does not read this website, or any others.

      If you want help from Apple, call Apple support at 1-800–275–2273, or go to an Apple Store, don’t comment on websites.

      Deleting emails is a matter of selecting an email and hitting the delete key.

  4. No where to turn says:

    Stumbled on this when trying to find out if 10.11.2 had fixed the usb problem yet. I have been an exclusive apple user since 97 and I first started in grade school back in the early 80’s. This el carnation is the biggest piece of crap I’ve seen out of apple since the newton. Do not update… it’s so far from ready and I have no idea why they went public with it. It completely borked half the worlds usb peripherals. Probably in an attempt to manhandle you into another apple proprietary. I still can’t justify going windows because they are just as bad off with windows 10 but my GAWD apple… get it together and stop being dix. I will be sticking to Yosemite like every other professional as long as I’m allowed to. If someone who knows what they are doing doesn’t come along and fix things soon we end users are will be seriously screwed. No where to turn.

  5. THE GHOST OF JOBS says:

    You are all screwed. All the apple geniuses in the world can’t solve the wifi issues. I suggest you recycle your aluminium. Ironically the walled garden of mac os x has become as fragmented as droid and we don’t know what to do about it.
    It just works is now make sure you backed up.

  6. Brian Mahony says:

    nothing has improved!

  7. Brian Mahony says:

    here here…it sucks

  8. Joe Blow says:

    10.11.2 broke my Finder’s image and video displaying capabilities and my Mail inbox!
    10.11.2 SUCKS!

  9. nines says:

    Latest update tanked emoji and symbols on my iMac.

  10. Kim says:

    Folk, el cap is the best, it doesn’t leave any files open on your computer. No one can get in without a password. Beforehand the other two Yosemite,and maverick Would leave file open. So know matter you put a password someone could get into your computer. The landlord son come in my apartment and trys to hack in to my computers. El cay close everything and give you a blank screen. Thank you Apple your the best!

  11. Clive says:

    I’ve noticed disk access is really slow now. Copying a Final Cut Pro X project is running at either 120MBs or 12Mbs. Please get them to fix it. Scrubbing through a video is painful now with regular pauses.

  12. Sick entire says:

    I just did this update and my mac froze again in restart. Same thing happened also in november and had to use time machine backup. It is really annoying, waste of time…

  13. Bills says:

    Why is this OS so slow? They should offer a system that doesn’t have ten tons of crap on it. Course, look at all the so called safe apps in the Apple Store. Is Apple jacking everybody off ? Or do they thinking the people in middle America are so wise to just completely avoid buying a Mac. Hence, somebody at Homeland Security should tell the Navy to ban Apple products on their bases. As the unloaded all the Microsoft products a few years ago. At The NavyExchange… Imagine, if the Army & Air Force told everybody Apple products are not permitted on base due to spying concerns. And that would include the Coast Guard, too. You know, the Hell’s Angels have a sign out in front of their clubhouse to leave ones cellphone outside. Hence, who does Homeland Security fear the most a suicide bombers who’d go shoot up a city services building or a school or some bikers who are just keeping tabs on the whores? Or is it the IRS… Looking for tax loop holes, while the gov’t keeps printing money up! Fix your OS Apple. Stop throttling people’s machines with spooling code so as to make them pay for more cloud storage space. Wonder when the Justice Department are going to raid their offices ?

  14. Bills says:

    why doesn’t iTunes sell that Vietnam song by Uncle Joe & Fish?

  15. Bills says:

    This is just another reason to upgrade or find a MacIIcx with the 6 floppy disks system and give Apple the finger. Killing Steve Jobs was the best way to get that clown out of the way as look at how worthless Cook is. Guess since MSFT owns a chunk of the Apple stuck. Wonder when their going to start unloading it, a bit like Chipotles as look at how the competition slipped a few people in those stores to lace the food. Those food out breaks just don’t happen at one store here or there. So ya gotta wonder if their saying only 40 people got sick and they had 50 pounds of tomatoes. Do the math, how many tomatoes does it take to get 40 people sick? I’d love to say 10 tomatoes but look at how they skimp. 10 tomatoes might be 3-4 pounds. Wonder how secure their grower greenhouses are ? All it take is one spraying and you talk about Shorting a stock and a whole lotta churning. Moral of the story – eat fish you caught and avoid resturants as can you trust a company with your stomach or data? As poof, out it goes ! Just a bit of banter tonight… Thinking about all those folks poisoned by people so lazy or driven to suck money out of people’s pockets so they can avoid looking life in jail. Three hots and a cot.

  16. gianluca says:


    It’s crazy. After the upgrade to osx el capitain, my M-audio firewire solo doesn’t work! No sound from it. Sh**!

    Can you tell me why? How I can fix this problem?


    • nano says:

      This is an issue with the new rootless system that apple is rolling out, the kext system extensions/drivers won’t load root privileges for the driver. You can disable it but you leave yourself to malware attack, I did see a work around to load the kext directly into the kernal but still working on figuring out which driver is which.

  17. Peter says:

    Still waiting for the bug fixes on Preview. Since El Capitan, the Preview application has been nearly unusable. It constantly crashes, blurs images, and spontaneously rotates texts for no reason.

  18. Paulo says:

    Install the latest update of the system and even continuous problems with bluetooth, lose the connection of keyboard and mouse. Someone else with the same problem ??? Try to reinstall the update to see if I can correct.

    • Astoria says:

      I had the same mouse connection problem after update to 10.11.1 and 10.11.2. I had to shutdown the Mac and restart it a couple of times in order to get the Mac eventually paired up with the mouse.

      The latest 10.11.2 is supposed to fix the bluetooth connection issue introducing in ver 10.11.1. It doesn’t seem so ….

  19. john lester says:

    I’m really surprised …. You work for apple but you don’t use garageband.. this is a major apple recording product for musicians .. I use a mac mini and i play keyboard not guitar and i play jazz .. anyway i need garageband to work me and thousands of other projects that are stuck I use m-audio fast track C400 on my desktop .. ( Mac mini ) I’m waiting for real answers …

  20. Tony Still says:

    I haven’t had any problem with El Capitan because I haven’t bothered to ‘upgrade’ to it. As a new to Apple user since January this year I am extremely disappointed that this seems to be causing so many problems. Wondering if I should have stuck with Windows.

  21. Garthly says:

    Since updating from 10.11.1 to 10.11.2 my 2009 MacBook Pro is ridiculously slow. I even have to wait for it to catch up my typing in a message like this. Does no one else have this problem?

    • CTlady says:

      I have the same problem. My whole iMac is running at a snails pace since the download. It took five minutes for Safari to open and every other program is the same. I’m writing this on my iPad and will not “update” it or my phone.

  22. Bart says:

    Before going to El Capitan from Yosemite should I bother with this s/w update 2015-005 1.0 ?

  23. Hakeem Agbaje says:

    Please does anyone know the permanent fix for airdrop issues between phones and the mac? It doesn’t work all the time…what can cause it to fail and wake at will???

  24. moh_zaher says:

    Did this update resolve interference issue between bluetooth and 2.4 GHz wi-fi networks?

  25. DickS says:

    I just did the latest El Capitan update and it created a “match” folder on my desktop that appears to mirror my computer’s contents.

    What gives?

  26. john lester says:

    we want to know about real progress a problems and fixes with Garageband and M-audio fast track… this is a real and serious problem most of are having.. any real news about that ??

    • steve says:

      m-audio stuff requires new drivers most likely – either wait or move on to better stuff. I dumped my m-audio stuff because they stopped updating the drivers for the stuff I had.

      • John Lester says:

        so you are saying i should throw out my M-Audio C400,fast track and garageband and buy something els and start over again ???

  27. john lester says:

    Garageband and M-Audio fast track ???

  28. Rika24 says:

    i really hope that CS6 works with the new update. i’m still running mountain lion but i heard all the issues people were having with illustrator and indesign. i WILL NOT use creative cloud!

  29. James says:

    I have purchased a new MacBook and a late 2015 iMac 27″ and everytime there is an update, they install and when rebooting after install, I get a black screen with only a cursor. That is both my MacBook and new iMac. It’s very frustrating. I then have to wipe out hard drive and start w/ a fresh install that includes the update. Very annoying.

  30. yyz guy says:

    Is it my imagination or does every release come with kind of “Wi-Fi Improvement?” I’ve never had a a problem with Wi-Fi on OS X, but it sure seems alot of people do. Are these problems real?

    • Geman says:

      Unfortunately yes wi-fi can be problematic. There are tons of people who have problems with wi-fi in OS X, particularly after updating. Yes the problems are real, but fortunately most people don’t have them.

    • NickO says:

      Never had a problem, and have always wondered the same myself. Clean living, I guess!

    • You are one of the fortunate ones, Mr. guy. There are so many different combinations of equipment and real-world situations that wifi will need incremental improvements for some time.

      Now, if they’d do something about Bluetooth…

    • JAlvin says:

      I continue to lose AirPrint capability, it will be up and connected and then after a bit the printer goes offline. This has happened with two different printers and I have tried everything to fix it. The printer is even connected via AirPort, so I’m also using an Apple product for the connection.

    • vinO says:

      I updated to OS X El Capitan 10.11.2 and it killed my Wi-Fi on my Mac mini…any suggestions on how to fix it?

    • TDogg says:

      I’ve had issues with WiFi for a long time now (since the second update of Yosemite if I remember correctly and only with certain wireless access points) and there have been small improvements with each release. However finally El Capitan 10.11.2 has fixed all of my WiFi issues and everything has returned to (what was for me) normal!!! Pretty happy about that.

  31. Neal says:

    One thing they don’t talk about but they fixed is this: If you open a folder within a folder then using the arrow key you go back to the pervious folder you will be in the same location. Previous 10.11 would put you at the top of the folder list.

    Thanks Apple!

  32. Ruben says:

    There you go the combo and the regular update download links:

    Combo: https://support.apple.com/kb/DL1850

    Regular: https://support.apple.com/kb/DL1849

    • Seth says:

      Thanks for the direct links!

      • john lester says:

        This is good for all the toys but what is happening with the fox for garageband and M-Audio fast track ?? We musicians are watching closely about this so we can get back to work on our projects …

        • mike says:

          What issues are you having with your Fast Track?

          • John Lester says:

            Like many others.. I can’t use my M-audio to record and mix my music tracks as i once could..as what garageband is supposed to do ..

          • mike says:

            I’ll have to try recording using Garageband. I use Ableton Live and haven’t had any issues recording using my Fast Track since updating to El Cap.

          • don says:

            I upgraded to El Capitan and it is not recignizing my Fast Track Ultra by M Audio. I checked and M Audio may or may not be supporting this with new drivers is best i CAN Seem to find out.If you have different info could you email me at donb2025@aol.com please? best regrads. Don

    • Jake says:

      Do you know what is the difference between the combo and the regular?

      • btina says:

        The regular update goes from OS X 10.11.1 to OS X 10.11.2

        The combo updater is more complete, it can go from 10.11 or 10.11.1 to 10.11.2, hence the ‘combo’ it is a combined update to include prior updates as necessary as well

  33. Disappointed Dan says:

    OS X El Capitan works for me as is with 10.11.1, it’s not great but it’s better than Yosemite was. Hard to want to muck with it with another software update, for just bug fixes.

    I will hold off on this until I see user reports one way or another. It is better safe than sorry at this point, can hardly trust the Apple software quality these days!

    Don’t forget to backup, backup, backup!

    I already installed iOS 9.2 on my iPhone 6 Plus because I figured I had nothing to lose, the device is so darn slow since iOS 9 that it couldn’t get any worse. Well, it didn’t get any worse, but it didn’t get any better either. It’s still as slow as a dog. I wish I had stuck with iOS 8.4 on that one. Live and learn.

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