How to Remotely Control Windows PC with TeamViewer on iPhone

Sep 19, 2020 - 1 Comment

How to Remotely Control Windows PC with TeamViewer on iPhone

TeamViewer is a popular remote desktop software that’s used by millions of users to establish a remote connection between devices. With the TeamViewer app for iOS and iPadOS, you can remotely control your Windows PC right from your iPhone or iPad, for free.

With the remote desktop feature of TeamViewer, you can have complete control over a Windows PC at your fingertips with an iPhone or iPad, no matter where you are. Need to view a document left on a work computer? No problem, you can do that remotely. Forgot to turn off a PC at home or the office? You can take care of that remotely too. As long as TeamViewer is running in the background, you can remotely connect using your iPhone or iPad, whether to manage the computer, access apps or files, or perform other tasks remotely.

Interested in learning how this remote desktop service works? Read on to see how you can remotely control a Windows PC by using TeamViewer on an iPhone or iPad.

How to Remotely Control Windows PC with TeamViewer on iPhone

Before you get started, you need to download and install TeamViewer on to the computer you want to establish a remote connection with. You’ll also need to install the TeamViewer app for iPhone & iPad from the App Store. Now, without further ado, let’s take a look at the procedure.

  1. Open TeamViewer on your computer and take a note of your TeamViewer ID and password. We’ve censored those details in the screenshot below for security reasons.

    How to Remotely Control Windows PC with TeamViewer on iPhone
  2. Next, open the TeamViewer app on your iPhone and iPad.

    TeamViewer Icon
  3. Type in the TeamViewer ID of your computer and tap on “Remote Control”.

    How to Remotely Control Windows PC with TeamViewer on iPhone
  4. Now, enter the password you noted in the first step and press “OK”.

    How to Remotely Control Windows PC with TeamViewer on iPhone
  5. You will be shown some instructions on how to use touch gestures for controlling your desktop. Tap on “Continue”.

    How to Remotely Control Windows PC with TeamViewer on iPhone
  6. As you can see here, the remote desktop session has begun. Drag the cursor for mouse movement, double-tap for left-click and long press for right-click actions. If you want to use the keyboard for typing on your computer, tap on the chevron icon as shown in the screenshot below.

    How to Remotely Control Windows PC with TeamViewer on iPhone
  7. Here, you can bring up the on-screen keyboard by tapping on the keypad icon. If you want to end the remote desktop session at any time, simply tap on the “X” icon at the top.

    How to Remotely Control Windows PC with TeamViewer on iPhone

And there you have it, now you can remotely control your Windows PC using just your iPhone or iPad. Simple and straightforward, right?

TeamViewer makes it easy to control your computer regardless of where you are, so you don’t always have to carry around your laptop to perform minimal tasks. As long as your iPhone (or iPad) has a data connection available, you can access the PC remotely.

It’s worth remembering that TeamViewer must to be running on the computer (at least in the background) to successfully establish a remote connection from your iOS or iPadOS device. If TeamViewer is not active on the PC, a connection can’t be established to it.

The software can also be used to establish a remote desktop connection with other computers, which could help for other use cases, whether to access data or materials, or for providing technical assistance. Similarly, you can also share your iPhone or iPad’s screen to a Windows PC using TeamViewer Quicksupport. However, you’re limited to just viewing what’s displayed on the iOS device, as you can’t remotely control it for now.

TeamViewer is only free for personal use. Pricing for commercial license starts at $49 per month and goes all the way to $199 per month which allows 200 licensed users to access up to three remote sessions simultaneously.

Looking for other options for remote PC access? If you’re not satisfied with TeamViewer, there are plenty of other remote desktop software to choose from to perform similar tasks of connecting to a PC remotely via an iPhone or iPad. For example, AnyDesk boasts remote connections with high frame rates and low latency, and Microsoft Remote Desktop can be considered as a compelling alternative too.

Of course this article is focused on remote connections to Windows PC from an iOS or iPadOS device, but you can also perform similar tasks with a Mac using some different tools. For example, you can remotely access a Mac from iPhone or iPad by using VNC as discussed here. The Mac has screen sharing built-in so this kind of thing is fairly easy to do within the Apple ecosystem, albeit you’ll still need a remote desktop client for iOS for the time being.

Were you able to successfully remote control your Windows PC with your iPhone or iPad using TeamViewer? Do you have another solution, and if so what other remote desktop software have you tried before? Share your thoughts and experience in the comments section down below.


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  1. N. Duke says:

    Great one but needs to be updated every year, and I like the LiteManager another analog software for remote control PC.

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