Grab the macOS Monterey Default Wallpaper

Jun 11, 2021 - 8 Comments

MacOS Monterey Default Wallpapers

MacOS Monterey includes some snazzy looking default wallpapers of purple-ish abstracted scenery. Looks nice, right?

But you don’t have to download or run macOS Monterey beta just to get the default wallpapers, you can just grab the wallpaper images and spruce up your Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, or Windows PC with that Monterey style.

Click on either thumbnail below to launch the full size compressed image in a new browser window.



The images above have been compressed for smaller download size, but if you want the full 6K resolution images which are roughly 20mb JPG files, they are available via 512pixels at the following URLs:

Whether you get the compressed images for easier file management or the whoppers from the above two links, you can change the desktop picture in macOS easily, or set the picture as wallpaper on iPhone or iPad rather simply too.

And while you’re enjoying the latest snazziest background images, you might also appreciate getting the iOS 15 default wallpapers too.

Enjoy the wallpapers!


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  1. Lehibenson says:

    Really? This the best Apple can do to promote Monterey? Whats this say about the operating system itself? As Biden would say “C’mon Man!”

    • Karen says:

      This is the fugliest background imaginable! It just makes me angry. And angrier there is NO way to get rid of it. All the suggestions on line do not work. So sad that Apple customer service is the pits now – it used to be the best. Not so much anymore. You would think they would get a clue and allow users to once again, select the log on of THEIR choice – not some wacked out designer at Apple.

  2. Daniel says:

    Nothing like over-saturated, too bright colors to really highlight the flat, low contrast controls and buttons that are spread too far apart in the UI. :-)

  3. Eric says:

    Seriously? it’s as god-awful as the abstract ‘art’ that is Big Sur’s.
    And due to bat-sh•t crazy “security features”, users can’t change the login screen on their own computers.

    • Interloper says:

      I actually like the default Macos Monterey wallpaper, but gee whiz that iOS 15 wallpaper is as ugly as it gets!

      The Monterey abstract at least has some pleasant colors and resembles some natural forms, whereas the monstrosity they stuck on the iPhone doesn’t even have colors that compliment each other and looks like an assortment of blurred rubbish. You can really tell whoever was in charge of that was “working from home” for the past year!

      The login screen picture in Big Sur and Monterey changes with your wallpaper, so if you set it to something else it will change that in  > System Prefs > Desktop you will see it on the login too.

      • Eric says:

        I have changed the login screen on my Mac Mini M! but can’t change the start up screen in Big Sur due to ‘security features’.

        • Daniel says:

          You might be able to by logging in as the Root user and changing the wallpaper there. I haven’t tested it on an M1, but it worked for me on big sur (or catalina?)

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