37 Zoom Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac

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Useful Zoom keyboard shortcuts for Mac

If you’re living in a world of Zoom Meetings and video conferences, you may want to familiarize yourself with the many keyboard shortcuts available for Zoom on Mac.

With keystrokes, you’ll be able to join and start meetings, mute and unmute your audio, start and stop your video, start screen sharing, view participants, raise and lower virtual hands, increase and decrease the size of the chat window, and so much more.

Ready to become a Zoom keyboard shortcut master on the Mac? Let’s check out a comprehensive list of available keyboard commands and keystrokes for the Zoom app for MacOS.

List of Zoom Meeting Keyboard Commands for Mac

The following keyboard shortcuts are available in all of the latest versions of Zoom for Mac. Don’t forget to update the Zoom app if you are finding some keystrokes are unavailable.

  • Command+J : Join meeting
  • Command+Control+V : Start meeting
  • Command+J : Schedule meeting
  • Command+Control+S : Screen share using direct screen share
  • Command+Shift+A :¬†Mute/unmute audio
  • Space : Push to talk (unmute microphone)
  • Command+Shift+V :¬†Start/stop video
  • Command+Shift+N :¬†Switch camera
  • Command+Shift+S : Start/stop screen share
  • Command+Shift+T : Pause or resume screen share
  • Command+Shift+R : Start local recording
  • Command+Shift+C : Start cloud recording
  • Command+Shift+P : Pause or resume recording
  • Command+Shift+W : Switch to active speaker¬†view or gallery view, depending on current view
  • Control+P : View previous 25 participants in gallery view
  • Control+N : View next 25 participants in gallery view
  • Command+U : Display/hide participants panel
  • Command+W : Close the current window
  • Command+L : Switch to portrait or landscape View, depending on current view
  • Control+T : Switch from one tab to the next
  • Command+Shift+F : Enter or exit full screen
  • Command+Shift+M : Switch to¬†minimal window
  • Command+Shift+H : Show/hide in-meeting chat panel
  • Command + (plus) : Increase chat display size
  • Command – (minus) : Decrease chat display size
  • Command+I : Open invite window
  • Option+Y : Raise hand/lower hand
  • Command+Control+M : Mute audio for everyone except the host (available to host)
  • Command+Control+U : Unmute audio for everyone except host (available to host)
  • Control+Shift+R : Gain remote control
  • Control+Shift+G : Stop remote control
  • Command+Shift+D : Enable/disable dual monitor mode
  • Control+Option+Command+H : Show/hide meeting controls
  • Control+\ : Toggle the ‘Always show meeting controls’ option in settings
  • Command+W : Close window / prompt to end or leave meeting
  • Command+K : Jump to chat with someone
  • Command+T : Screenshot

Try some of these out in your next Zoom meeting, and soon you’ll be more proficient with Zoom than ever before.

If you want to try these out independently without potentially disrupting a live meeting with others, you can always start a Zoom meeting from the Mac with just yourself (and you can join the meeting from your iPhone or iPad too) in it to test out some of the keystrokes.

There are many other customizations and options available with Zoom, and if you feel so inclined you can use custom backgrounds, dive deeper into screen sharing, use the goofy Snap Camera filters, get a little virtual makeover with Touch Up My Appearance, and more.

There are obviously many keyboard shortcuts available for Mac Zoom users, but if you’re Zooming from an iPad with a physical keyboard you’ll find a handful of useful iPad Zoom keyboard shortcuts for that device too.

Did we miss any handy Zoom keyboard shortcuts for the Mac? Do you have any favorite Zoom tips? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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