Gmail Page Won’t Load in Brave? Webpages Not Loading in Brave Browser? Here’s the Fix

Oct 9, 2022 - 6 Comments

Brave browser

The Brave web browser is a popular privacy-centric browser alternative that is based on Chrome, but built with user privacy in mind, and it usually works great. But sometimes, thing’s don’t work as expected.

Something curious about the Brave browser that is experienced by some users however is that certain webpages will randomly stop loading or working, when they were working fine before.

If you’re experiencing issues with the Brave browser randomly not loading webpages like Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, or other popular sites, read on to resolve the issue. These tips apply to Brave for Mac or Windows.

Update Brave Browser

First you should check for a Brave browser update, if there is one available, install it. You can do this by going to the following in the address bar:


If there is an update available, install it, and relaunch Brave.

Clear All Browser Data in Brave

Next you should clear all browser data, including all cookies, web history, web data, caches, etc. Yes this is annoying because it will log you out of sites you are logged into, but not being able to load certain webpages is also annoying too, right?

You can clear Brave browser data by going to the following URL in the address bar:


Check if Blocking Javascript and Scripts

Many web pages won’t load, or load properly anyway, if you are blocking scripts and javascript. You can check if you are blocking scripts by going to:


If you’re still experiencing issues with Brave not loading webpages, you can try to open the page in a private window to see if it loads there. Often it does, which indicates that a cookie or site data was not cleared effectively.

And finally, you can always abandon ship, and go for another browser entirely, like Safari, Chrome, Epic, Edge, or whatever else you feel like using.


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  1. Lane G says:

    I’m just trying out Brave tonight. I cannot access my email. I see the web page for like 2 seconds and then it goes blank. I see nothing. Good bye. I’m deleting Brave.

  2. James says:

    Brave is crapp. For months its opens a site like BUT it fails to display the seach results based on the criteria entered.
    I have logged several broken site reports but no so much as whimper from the developers.
    Bye Bye Brave – once an OKM browser now its about as good as Netscape.

  3. Jack says:

    I have done all of this and Gmail still won’t open. I don’t know what the Brave developers did to break gmail, but they clearly aren’t paying attention.

  4. Howard S says:

    Brave used to work fine with gmail. Updates over the past six months or so have resulted in me not being able to access my gmail accounts. I went through all of the ‘fixes’ and workarounds they suggested, to no avail. I switched back to Chrome and moved on from Brave. It’s buggy and the systems guys don’t seem to care about fixing reported issues. Took Brave off my laptop.

    • mito says:

      I’m glad I am not the only one experiencing the problems with Brave unable to load Gmail and YouTube, it’s very annoying.

      The cache clearing system doesn’t even seem to work in Brave, it just spins and spins for me and nothing happens.

      I guess I will go back to Chrome too, or Safari. I like the idea of privacy, but Brave is very buggy and if it can’t load my Gmail or YouTube then what is the point?

  5. Tord S Eriksson says:

    Since some weeks I have occasionally had these problems, so a great THANKS to you all!

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