How to Set Alarm Clock on Mac

Feb 5, 2024 - 4 Comments

How to set an Alarm Clock on Mac

Modern versions of MacOS have a built-in alarm clock, thanks to the addition of Clock app for Mac. This means that you can set an alarm clock on the Mac, a feature that has been long wanted as a native capability by many Mac users, especially since the alarm clock feature on iPhone has been around for so long. And finally, here it is! Using the Clock app and Alarm functionality is super easy in MacOS, as we’ll demonstrate in this guide.

The only real requirement is that you have the Clock app on your Mac. The Clock app will give you access to the Alarm Clock feature on MacOS, which means you’ll nee MacOS Sonoma, MacOS Ventura, or newer installed.

How to Set the Alarm Clock on Mac with Clock App

Creating and setting an alarm on the Mac is easy with Clock app, here’s all you need to do:

  1. Open the Clock app on Mac, it’s found in the /Applications folder or you can access it through Spotlight or Launchpad
  2. Click on the “Alarms” tab
  3. Click the + plus button in the top right corner of the app
  4. How to set an alarm in the Clock app of Mac

  5. Configure your alarm clock for the time you want it to go off for, and click on the days of the week if you’d like the alarm to repeat itself (choose M, T, W, T, F to activate the alarm for the standard 5 day workweek)
  6. How to set an alarm in the Clock app of Mac

  7. Give the alarm a name, like “Morning alarm”, and optionally, click on the menu next to “Sound” to customize the alarm clock sound
  8. Finally, check the box for “Snooze” if you want to activate the ability to snooze the alarm to give yourself additional time before the alarm sounds off again

There you go, you’ve created your first alarm on the Mac with the Alarm Clock function of Clock app.

Assuming the alarm is active, it will sound the next day. If you set it to repeat, the alarm will go off every day on the days you chose to repeat.

Alarms are very customizable as you can see, so you can set different alarms for different days if you’d like to.

How to Disable an Alarm Clock on Mac

Disabling an alarm is very easy, here’s how you can turn off the alarm clock function for a specific alarm in Clock app:

  1. Open the Clock app on Mac
  2. Click on the “Alarms” tab
  3. Toggle the switch to turn the alarm OFF or ON

How to turn off an Alarm in the Clock app for Mac

The alarm will now be disabled, until you enable it again.

How to Delete an Alarm from Clock on Mac

Removing an alarm is also simple though:

  1. Open the Clock app on Mac
  2. Click the “Alarms” tab
  3. Hover your mouse cursor over the alarm you wish to delete, then click the microscopic barely visible (X) button in the top left corner of that specific alarm

How to delete an alarm from Clock app on Mac

The alarm then deletes immediately.

Do alarms sync between Mac and iPhone, iPad, other Macs?

Intriguingly, the alarms set on Mac do not sync between other devices that you have, like your iPhone or iPad.

Perhaps that will change or become an option in a future version.

This may also be intentional, because if you have your alarms sync, then every one of your devices may have an alarm going off at the same time, which could be extremely annoying.

Clock App in Newer MacOS Versions Only, But Older Macs Can Set Alarms Too

As mentioned before, the Clock app is only available in modern MacOS versions, including macOS Sonoma, MacOS Ventura, and newer, making this perfect for any new Mac or semi-modern Mac that running the latest operating system versions.

If you are using an earlier version of MacOS or Mac OS X, you can set an alarm on older Mac OS versions with the Reminders app as discussed here, which is a completely different method, but it does work in a similar fashion, and you can use it on much older versions of system software or older Macs if you need to.

Do you use the alarm clock feature of the Clock app on your Mac? What do you think of this capability finally coming to the Mac? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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  1. Nancy says:

    Thanks for this

  2. billgr says:

    Where are the wake-up/alert tones stored…it would be nice to be able to use my own sounds which actually have some sort of meaning to me. Do you know if is this possible and if so, how?

  3. Peter Yankovich says:

    I use the alarm on my iPhone almost daily, good to know that it is available on Mac too…

    I do use the Timer on Mac pretty often. I wish it had a menubar item and tags, for billing hours and timekeeping purposes.

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