How to Fix the Apple Watch Squiggly Charging Cable Screen

Mar 29, 2024 - 1 Comment

Fix the Apple Watch squiggly line screen with a lightning bolt

If you have an Apple Watch, or you just bought an Apple Watch, you may occasionally run into a situation where the Apple Watch displays a squiggly line charging cable on the screen, sometimes with a little lightning bolt icon as well. Some people have even referred to this screen as the ‘green snake screen’ or ‘red snake screen’ because it also kind of looks like the old snake video game. If you see this screen, you’ve probably noticed by now that the Apple Watch will not turn on at all, instead it just shows that screen image.

If you see the squiggly line screen on your Apple Watch display, this is actually pretty easy to fix, but you’ll need to have some patience.

What does the squiggly line cable screen mean on Apple Watch?

You may see the Apple Watch squiggly line screen when the Apple Watch battery has drained very low. This can happen after the Apple Watch has not been charged or used in a long time. It can also happen sometimes with a brand new Apple Watch that has completely lost it’s charge.

How to Fix the Squiggly Line Charging Cable Screen on Apple Watch

To fix the squiggle charging cable screen on Apple Watch, you need to connect the Apple Watch to a charger and let it charge for a while.

The key is to have patience, leave Apple Watch plugged in and on the charger, possibly even overnight.

You may even need to connect the Apple Watch charger to a USB-C port on a Mac or a more powerful outlet, because sometimes the output of the charger is insufficient to charge the Apple Watch (or anything else for that matter).

If you connect the Apple Watch to a computer to charge, make sure the Mac/PC is also connected to a wall outlet so that the power is being transferred.

I charged it for a while but it’s still not working, now what?

You may need to keep Apple Watch charging for much longer than usual to resolve this issue. As mentioned before, you may even need to charge the Apple Watch overnight.

Also, make sure you have the Apple Watch seated firmly on the Apple Watch charger.

Additionally, double check so that Apple Watch charger is plugged into an outlet or a Mac/PC with a USB cable.

And this might sound obvious but it is often overlooked, but ensure that all packaging and wrapping has been removed from both the charger, and the Apple Watch itself.

If you continue to experience issues with Apple Watch failing to turn on, or the snake screen not going away, you may want to reach out to Apple for official support, or visit an Apple Store or authorized repair center. It’s always possible there’s a hardware issue, like a failed battery, that needs to be addressed, though that is much less likely than the device simply requiring a lengthy good charge.

Have you ever seen the Apple Watch charging squiggle snake screen? Were you able to resolve it easily by simply charging Apple Watch as expected? How long did it take for you to charge the Apple Watch before it turned on and this screen went away?


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  1. Erol says:

    I encountered this when I first bought my Apple Watch. Took me a long time to figure out. I couldn’t even interpret the screen, and definitely did not identify it as a charger or needing power.


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