15 Mail Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac

Apr 18, 2024 - 1 Comment

15 Mail Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac

One way that you can navigate apps quicker and more efficiently is by using, learning, and mastering keyboard shortcuts, and Mail for Mac is no different. You can speed up your routine tasks in Mail app (and elsewhere) with the help of keyboard shortcuts. Rather than using your mouse or trackpad to perform certain actions, pressing a combination of keys can be easier and faster in a lot of different scenarios. When it comes to the Mail app, you can use keyboard shortcuts to reply to emails, forward messages, mark items as junk, and much more.

The default Mail app is used by a lot of Mac users to manage, send, receive, and check important emails no matter what email service provider they use. Many prefer Mail app over third-party email clients since it’s integrated into the Mac operating system, plus it has a simple user interface which makes things nice and easy.

We’re going to dive into 15 different handy keyboard shortcuts for Mail app on the Mac, try them out the next time you’re using Mail app in macOS and see how you like them.

15 Keyboard Shortcuts for Mail on Mac

Once you’re in the Mail app on MacOS, you can use any of these keyboard shortcuts to get the desired result:

  • Compose New Email – Command + N
  • Get All New Email – Command + Shift + N
  • Paste Text as Quotation – Command + Shift + V
  • Send Mail – Command + Shift + D
  • Forward Mail – Command + Shift + F
  • Reply to Selected Email – Command + R
  • Reply All to Selected Email – Command + Shift + R
  • Mark Selected Email as Read/Unread – Command + Shift + U
  • Mark Selected Email as Junk – Command + Shift + J
  • Format Email as Plain Text/Rich Text – Command + Shift + T
  • Go to Inbox – Command + 1
  • Go to Sent – Command + 4
  • Move to Flagged – Control + 5
  • Delete Selected Message – Command + Delete
  • Print Mail – Command + P

These are some of the most popular keyboard shortcuts that are for frequently used actions in the stock Mail app for Mac.

Note that some of these shortcuts will only work if you’re in the main Message window, whereas others require you to be in the Mailbox window, or at least have the email selected. For instance, you cannot use the keyboard shortcut to print an email if you’re in the mailbox window with no email selected.

Most of these shortcuts only apply to the Mail app that’s preinstalled on the Mac. If you’re using a third-party eMail app from the App Store, you may not be able to get these keyboard shortcuts to work, but most third party email apps also have their own keyboard shortcut lists to investigate and learn.

Looking for more shortcuts? You can easily find useful new shortcuts as they’re typically displayed next to menu bar items in macOS. We’ve covered different ways that you can use to find new Mac keyboard shortcuts if you’re interested.

Of course, we were focusing on keyboard shortcuts for the Mail app here. But, you can find a ton more shortcuts for the Mac by simply looking them up on our website. If you use Safari to browse the web like most Mac users, you may also be interested in learning 31 useful Safari keyboard shortcuts for Mac. Or, if you frequently make use of the built-in video player, here are 15 QuickTime keyboard shortcuts to improve your experience. Don’t miss out on many other keyboard shortcuts if they’re your thing.

We hope you were able to put all these shortcuts to good use while sending and viewing emails in the Mail app. Which is your favorite keyboard shortcut of the bunch? Do you have any other important Mail shortcuts that we failed to mention? Feel free to drop them in the comments section down below. Don’t forget to leave your valuable feedback as well.


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  1. Chris says:


    Bear with me here while I ask this question and it might be dumb but I have to ask.

    With Apple Mail open and lets say you start composing a new message. If you go to another app/window/safari tab/finder window my question is how do you bring the email you were composing back to the front? Is there a shortcut for this? If you go command tab for instance you get the mail icon (cause it is running) but select it and it shows you the inbox, not the email you are composing. Often I have found that I need to minimise all the windows to find the email I am composing lurking in the background. How do I just get that to come to the front ?

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