Enable root User in Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

Sep 28, 2009 - 4 Comments

There are two ways to enable the root super user account in Snow Leopard, the first is probably the quickest. Launch the Terminal and type the following command: sudo passwd root You’ll be asked for the admin password, then you’ll have to set a password for the root account. When you’re finished, the root account … Read More

Steve Jobs at his Home Office in 1982

Sep 25, 2009 - 10 Comments
Steve Jobs picture by Dianne Walker in black and white

“This was a very typical time. I was single. All you needed was a cup of tea, a light, and your stereo, you know, and that’s what I had.” – Steve Jobs This is rather iconic, isn’t it? Something about that picture captures the minimalist aesthetic that Apple successfully translated to the digital age, with … Read More

Check a Macs Uptime and Reboot History

Sep 22, 2009 - 19 Comments

The “uptime” of a computer is how long it has been since it was last rebooted or started up. Since Macs are very stable and generally OS X users rarely have to reboot their machines, the uptime of Macs can reach impressive numbers. You can check the uptime and reboot history of any Mac if … Read More

Wireless Network Security: Change your WPA Encryption from TKIP to AES

Sep 21, 2009 - 1 Comment

This is just a quick security tip based on some recent news, a couple Japanese computer scientists have figured out a way to crack WPA TKIP encryption in under a minute. This news came out a few weeks ago but after updating my wireless routers firmware I realized I hadn’t made the encryption type change … Read More

The Ultimate Resource for Building a Hackintosh Netbook or Hackintosh Desktop

Sep 19, 2009 - 13 Comments

First a quick note, we absolutely adore Apple and all it’s software and hardware offerings, but… Hackintosh machines offer an impressive alternative to the official Apple hardware that we all know and love, and in some cases even fill a niche where Apple has yet to dabble (eg: Netbooks). If you’re in the market for … Read More

The Best Free iPhone Twitter App is Echofon (aka Twitterfon)

Sep 19, 2009 - 7 Comments

Looking for a free iPhone Twitter app that is awesome? Allow me to rave for a moment about Echofon (previously Twitterfon), it’s without a doubt the best free iPhone Twitter app I have found and it has become an integral part of my day. I know there are various paid solutions out there which are … Read More

How to File a Bug Report with Apple Directly

Sep 18, 2009 - 6 Comments

Though the Mac is fairly error free and tends to run much more stable than some of the competitors out there, many of us will find a bug or two in day to day usage anyway. Sometimes the bugs are minor, sometimes they’re fairly major and can dramatically impact how Mac OS X or iOS … Read More

Creating a Hackintosh desktop Mac just got easier, thanks Lifehacker!

Sep 16, 2009 - Leave a Comment

For anyone looking to have a great desktop Mac without paying a small fortune, creating a Hackintosh is becoming an ever-popular solution, and building a Hackintosh just got even easier. Assuming you have the supported hardware, this awesome tool from LifeHacker makes creating a Hackintosh Mac even easier by eliminating some of the more complex … Read More

Use a Quick and Dirty Stopwatch via the Mac Terminal

Sep 12, 2009 - 2 Comments

Need a super easy and simple Stopwatch on the Mac, but don’t want to download anything like a third party app or utility? Look no further than the command line. You can create an instant quick and dirty stopwatch via the Mac OS X (or linux) command line by launching the Terminal app and typing … Read More

Force Snow Leopard to Use 64 Bit Kernel

Sep 10, 2009 - 21 Comments

By default, Mac OS X Snow Leopard boots using a 32 bit kernel. But did you know you can switch between the 64-bit kernel and 32-bit kernel upon boot? This should be useful to advanced users who may need to perform such a feet, though the average Mac use likely has no business forcing one … Read More

Apple releases iTunes 9 and iPhone OS 3.1 for iPhone and iPod Touch

Sep 9, 2009 - Leave a Comment

In case you somehow missed the news today, Apple has released iTunes 9 available immediately for download, and iPhone OS 3.1 for the iPhone and iPod Touch, also available now. Both updates seem worthwhile and right in line with what the Apple Rumor Mill has been suspecting, although they don’t add anything jaw-dropping in terms … Read More

How to Convert a DMG to ISO on Mac, & Convert ISO to DMG on Mac

Sep 9, 2009 - 20 Comments

Have you ever needed to convert a DMG file to ISO in Mac OS, or wanted to convert an ISO file to DMG on your Mac? Converting image files on your Mac is easy thanks to a command line utility included in Mac OS X called hdiutil.

Build a Screaming Desktop Hackintosh running Snow Leopard for around $900

Sep 3, 2009 - 4 Comments

The Hackintosh community just keeps on growing, and this particular guide is sure to roil some feathers. Lifehacker has an excellent walkthrough from start to finish on how to build a screaming desktop Mac Hackintosh that runs Snow Leopard, for under $900! Assuming you order the same parts, the incredible specs of the machine you … Read More

Snow Leopard Performance Reviews

Aug 30, 2009 - Leave a Comment

So now that Snow Leopard is out, how does it stack up? In many cases it’s faster and in some cases, well, it’s slower. It appears that the most significant speed gains are in Apple’s own software and Mac OS X itself, this is likely because Apple has optimized as much as possible to use … Read More

5 Tips to help Independent Developers to succeed in the App Store

Aug 29, 2009 - 1 Comment

Successfully developing for the iPhone and iPod Touch is fun but it’s not easy, sure, you’ll want a good book, but after you’ve written your first app, what do you do next? TechCrunch for mobile geeks site MobileCrunch has a couple great detailed tips for small independent developers to increase their chances for success on … Read More

How to Fix Software Update when it freezes during “Configuring Installation” – 10.5

Aug 29, 2009 - 1 Comment

I installed some Software Updates recently on an older Mac Mini and left my house to go on a run, I came back about an hour later to find that nothing was installed yet, my Mac Mini was stuck on “Configuring Installation” – hmm now what? Well, it’s a rare occurrence, but it can happen … Read More

Install Mac OS X 10.5.8 or 10.6 on a Dell Mini 10v – Hackintosh

Aug 27, 2009 - 4 Comments

The Hackintosh community is rather controversial but increasingly popular, and some of the most appealing Hackintosh machines are those based around Netbooks, tiny lightweight laptops that fill a niche Apple has yet to dabble in. The Dell Mini 9 has long been the cream of the Hackintosh Netbook crop, but it looks like the Dell … Read More

Mount a partition or volume on command

Aug 25, 2009 - Leave a Comment

I have an external drive partitioned in various ways, one of the partitions is formatted to FAT32 and I don’t need access to all the time. So how do I keep that from showing up needlessly when I plug the drive in? Using the command line to create an /etc/fstab entry and a bash script, … Read More

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