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How to Connect the PS5 DualSense Edge Controller to Mac

Apr 7, 2023 - Leave a Comment
How to pair and use a PS5 DualSense Edge Controller on Mac

You can now use and pair a Playstation 5 DualSense Edge Controller with your Mac, you can do so rather easily. The pairing and connection process for the PS5 DualSense Edge Controller to the Mac is pretty straightforward, using a standard Bluetooth pairing process. If you’re wondering how to pair and connect a PS5 DualSense … Read More

Is macOS Monterey Draining Your Battery Overnight in Sleep Mode?

Feb 11, 2022 - 13 Comments
Overnight battery draining on MacBook

There is some online discussion of battery drain occurring overnight on MacBook Pro and MacBook Air laptops, while the Macs are in sleep mode, with many users noticing the problem after updating to a recent version of macOS Monterey. While there does seem to be an uptick of overnight battery draining behavior with macOS Monterey … Read More

How to Pair a Bluetooth Trackpad, Mouse, & Keyboard with iPad

Jan 17, 2022 - 1 Comment
How to pair iPad with Bluetooth keyboard, mouse, trackpad

Until somewhat recently the idea of pairing a Bluetooth trackpad, mouse, or keyboard with an iPad is something that would have had people looking very confused indeed. But we live in exciting times, and all modern iPad devices running modern iPadOS versions have proper pointer support for trackpad and mouse, and full support for keyboards, complete … Read More

How to Use Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controllers with Mac

May 21, 2021 - Leave a Comment
Macbook Pro and Joy-Con

Ever thought of using a Nintendo Switch controller with a Mac? You can do that! While it’s true that the Mac might not be the gaming powerhouse that some gaming fanatics may like, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some pretty great games to be played. Apple Arcade has certainly improved matters, and the … Read More

Apple Pencil Won’t Pair or Disconnecting Frequently? Here’s How to Fix & Troubleshoot

Apr 9, 2021 - 1 Comment
Apple Pencil Troubleshooting

Is your Apple Pencil not pairing with your iPad or is it getting randomly disconnected while in use? This could be due to a number of different factors since it relies on a wireless connection and packs its own battery. Don’t fret though, since most disconnection and pairing issues with Apple Pencil can be fixed … Read More

How to Connect AirPods to Windows PC

Aug 13, 2020 - Leave a Comment
How to Connect AirPods to Windows PC

Do you want to use your pair of AirPods with your Windows PC for listening to music or watching videos? Well, you’ll be pleased to know that AirPods work with PC just like any other Bluetooth headset. AirPods and AirPods Pro are one of the most popular wireless headphones that are mostly known for working … Read More

iPhone / iPad Bluetooth Won’t Turn On or Work? Here’s How to Fix & Troubleshoot

Jul 26, 2020 - 2 Comments
Bluetooth Troubleshooting on iPhone & iPad

Making Bluetooth connections with peripherals and other devices from your iPhone or iPad is a fairly simple and straightforward procedure for the most part, but sometimes you might run into connectivity-related issues. In rare cases, you might be unable to successfully pair or connect a Bluetooth accessory to your iOS device, or you might have … Read More

How to Enable AirPods Pro Noise Cancellation with Just One Earbud

Apr 8, 2020 - 1 Comment
AirPods Pro noise cancellation and transparency features

Did you know you can use the AirPods Pro Active Noise Cancellation feature even if you only have one of the earbuds in? Indeed you can use ANC on a single earbud. This is a great feature if you use a single AirPods Pro earbud for phone calls, conversations, podcasts, or listening to audio. If … Read More

How to Use Xbox One Controller with Mac in macOS Big Sur & Catalina

Apr 4, 2020 - 10 Comments
Xbox One controller support in Mac OS X with Xbox One Controller Enabler

Ever wanted to use an Xbox One controller with your Mac for gaming? You can do that easier than ever before with the latest versions of MacOS, because with modern versions of macOS like Big Sur and Catalina (and newer), Apple has added native support for Xbox One game controllers. A paired Xbox One controller … Read More

How to Switch Bluetooth Devices on iPhone & iPad from Control Center

Feb 7, 2020 - 6 Comments
How to Switch Bluetooth Devices from Control Center on iPhone

Want to know the fastest way to change and switch Bluetooth devices on iPhone or iPad? How about switching Bluetooth accessories directly from Control Center? Now that’s possible. Many of us have multiple Bluetooth peripherals that we use with along our iPhones and iPads, and as a result, we might find ourselves switching between multiple … Read More

How to Connect a PS4 Controller to iPhone or iPad

Dec 1, 2019 - 6 Comments
How to use a Playstation 4 controller with iPhone and iPad

Want to use a Playstation 4 controller with iPhone or iPad for gaming? You can enjoy gaming on your mobile device more than ever by using a PS4 controller with iOS or iPadOS, and it’s quite easy to setup and get going. This can be a huge deal for gamers who prefer to use physical … Read More

How to Connect Xbox One Controller to iPhone or iPad

Nov 10, 2019 - 4 Comments
How to use Xbox One controller with iPhone or iPad

You can now use an Xbox One controller with iPhone or iPad for gaming. We’ve been able to use some select Bluetooth game controllers with iPads and iPhone for years, but for many gamers they don’t have the same feel as a classic gaming controller, like the Xbox One offers. It’s just hard to compete … Read More

How to Pair AirPods Pro with iPhone or iPad

Nov 3, 2019 - Leave a Comment
AirPods Pro connection screen

Apple’s AirPods Pro are fantastic headphones, whether for listening to podcasts and audiobooks, making phone calls, and of course they offer a great way to listen to music when you don’t want to have to wear massive headphones. They’re also a wonderful way of making sure that the outside world doesn’t intrude on your listening … Read More

How to Use a Mouse with iPad via Accessibility (iPadOS 13)

Oct 31, 2019 - 30 Comments
How to use a Mouse with IPad

Want to use a mouse with iPad? Now you can, and it’s fairly easy to setup and use. Plus the iPad and mouse experience works really great with an iPad, particularly if you have the iPad setup as a desk workstation. This article will show you how to setup and use a wireless Bluetooth mouse … Read More

How to Use AirPods with Android

Apr 6, 2019 - 3 Comments
How to use AirPods with Android

If you have AirPods and an Android device, you might be interested in knowing that you can use AirPods with Android phones and tablets too. Connecting AirPods to an Android device is pretty straight forward (thought not as seamlessly simple as the iOS setup) and once the two are connected and paired you’ll be able … Read More

How to Use AirPods with a Mac

Mar 20, 2019 - 1 Comment
How to use AirPods with Mac

AirPods are the incredibly convenient wireless headphones available from Apple that setup easily with an iPhone or iPad, but many AirPods users will likely want to use their AirPods with a Mac too. Setting up AirPods to work with a Mac is usually very simple, made especially easy if the AirPods are already configured to … Read More

How to Remove a Bluetooth Accessory from iPhone or iPad

Mar 9, 2019 - 1 Comment
How to remove Bluetooth devices from iPhone or iPad

If you regularly use Bluetooth devices and accessories with an iPhone or iPad, you might occasionally run into situations where you want to remove a Bluetooth accessory from an iOS device. By removing a Bluetooth Device from an iPad or iPhone, the bluetooth accessory is essentially forgotten and will no longer automatically connect to iOS, … Read More

How to Remove a Bluetooth Device from a Mac

Mar 1, 2019 - 15 Comments
How to remove a Bluetooth Device from a Mac

Many wireless accessories and peripherals for the Mac connect to the computer with Bluetooth, but what if you no longer need a particular Bluetooth device connected to the Mac and you want to remove it? We’ll show you how to easily remove a Bluetooth accessory like a speaker, headphones, keyboard, mouse, game controller, or similar … Read More

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