How to set a Manual IP address in Mac OS X

Jan 26, 2010 - 10 Comments

There are times where you’ll want to manually set your IP address in Mac OS X, so how do you do it?

* Launch ‘System Preferences’ from the Apple menu (or Spotlight)
* Click on the “Network” icon
* In the lower right, click on the ‘Advanced’ button
* In the pulldown menu next to “Configure IPv4″ select “Manually” (or DHCP with manual address, if that’s what you need)
* Fill in the IP address, subnet mask, and router, as appropriate to the network you are accessing
* Click ‘OK’
* Click ‘Apply’

manual ip address

That’s it! Not too hard right? Computer users can sometimes be funny, my cousin called me frantically asking me how to manually set his IP address, apparently due to the current network conditions at his lab this was a requirement to be able to have internet access. The guy is brilliant, he’s studying for his PhD but he just automatically assumed that setting a manual IP address was complicated, after I walked him through this, he laughed. Don’t be afraid to get your hands a little dirty! Things on a Mac are almost always easier than you think.

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  1. Justin says:

    Hey … could it be anything as for the IP address… cus some douch said hed crash me for no reason so if i change it i could run away from the problem… :D some help me i need to get his IP or change mine…



  2. J1335p says:

    I have a media player that is connected to my tv, and i use my network to watch it wirelessly from my mac, but every time i try to watch something it seems the ip address has changed and i have to find what it has changed to and re-enter that information into my media player. i tried to set a manual ip well when i do that, safari will not connect to the internet. any idea why?


  3. rickyjo says:

    @J1335p or anyone who is looking for the answer to his question:

    Change your IP through your modem, not through your operating system. Be careful and look up a tutorial concerning your specific modem if possible. Make sure to change your IP address back to dynamic/DHCP in your operating system first!

  4. omar says:

    I’m currently in Canada, but I would like to access to a mexican web site and watch some videos but it doesn’t allow me because I have a canadian ip. what is the proper procedure to change my ip to an other country ip. I try to put manually a mexican ip but didn’t work. What else do I need to do? what is the subnet mask for? If some one knows, that would be really helpful. thanks

  5. I am also in Canada and use a ‘service’ called Hotspot Shield which allows me to use American sites, such as TV networks, which are restricted to only US ip addresses.

    You can download it free from

  6. Lauren says:

    How do you know what to change it to?

  7. sirio says:

    i got this problem with my MAC.. Another device on the network is using your computer IP address

    where can i get a new IP address..?? should i just make it up or something ??

    • Paul says:

      Yes you can make it up if you want, just be sure to pick one that is far enough out of range as to not conflict. For example, if your router assigns as the base, you might want to pick or some obscure higher number.

  8. Mark says:

    So if your router is, you keep, and replace the rest with something made up?

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