FaceTime Stuck on Connecting & Fails? Here’s How to Fix in iOS & OS X

Apr 29, 2014 - 15 Comments

FaceTime FaceTime makes video chat and audio calls easier than ever, or at least, it does when FaceTime works. While FaceTime used to be one of the most reliable ways to initiate a video conversation between any Macs, iPhones, or iPads, sometimes it just doesn’t work. More recently, a bug has been identified that has completely broken FaceTime for many users, which may cause FaceTime to get stuck on “Connecting…” either staying there indefinitely without a connection, or failing and dropping a FaceTime chat instantly. This problem can impact both FaceTime Video and FaceTime Audio calls for either Mac OS X or iOS, but there are means of troubleshooting the issue if you happen to run into persistently failing connections.

FaceTime stuck on "Connecting" then fails

Because FaceTime is a two-way service, some of these troubleshooting tricks will need to be performed on both sides of the connection; meaning both on the caller and recipients device. Failing to do so may cause FaceTime to continue to report connection failures.

Resolving FaceTime Connection Errors

If FaceTime calls or video is getting stuck on “Connecting” seemingly forever, timing out, or failing repeatedly, try the following tricks in the following order to fix the problem.

1: Update iOS and/or OS X to the latest version available

The first thing you should do is update all possible system software to the newest version available. This goes for both sides of the FaceTime call – meaning the initiator and the recipient. Always back up the iOS device or Mac before updating operating system software.

  • iOS: Settings > General > Software Update
  • OS X:  Apple Menu > Software Update

Sometimes this alone is enough to get FaceTime working again, so go ahead and try to start a call or video chat as usual when finished.

2: Force FaceTime Re-Activation by Toggling FaceTime OFF and ON

Turning FaceTime off and back on again forces reactivation with Apple’s servers. This can resolve many FaceTime issues pertaining to activation, particularly if they persist after updating to the newest version of iOS or OS X available. This is also a good opportunity to be sure that you have the correct Apple ID entered into the FaceTime settings:

Reactivating FaceTime in iOS

  1. Open “Settings” and go to “FaceTime”
  2. Flip the switch for “FaceTime” into the OFF position
  3. Flip the switch back to the ON position, you’ll see a ‘Waiting for activation…’ message and in a moment the Apple ID information will fill in

Reactivate Facetime in iOS

Reactivating FaceTime in OS X

  1. Open FaceTime in OS X and go to the “FaceTime” menu and choose “Preferences”
  2. Flip the ‘FaceTime’ switch to OFF
  3. Flip the ‘FaceTime’ switch back to ON and wait until it finishes reactivating

Reactivate Facetime in Mac OS X

When finished, try initiating a FaceTime call again.

3: Reset Network Settings on the iOS Device

If FaceTime is failing on iOS, resetting network settings often can do the trick if you’re already on the latest version and have already reactivated the service on device:

  • Open “Settings” > General > Reset > choose “Reset Network Settings”

This also automatically reboots the iOS device when it’s finished, so when it’s done try connecting again.

What if I can’t update iOS / OS X? Is FaceTime Broken Forever?

Users who are unable to update to the latest version of iOS or OS X may be out of luck. Unfortunately, Apple has acknowledged a recent issue with FaceTime calls, but their resolution isn’t going to make everyone happy: “Update both devices (your device and your friend’s device) to the latest version of iOS, OS X, or FaceTime for Mac. FaceTime calls will still fail if the iOS device or Mac that you’re trying to connect to isn’t up to date.” In other words, even if you update to the latest version of iOS or OS X, if your chat partner doesn’t, you can’t have a FaceTime call.

That poses a particularly problematic for some large managed deployments of iOS devices throughout enterprise and education environments, where organized system updates often move slower after heavy internal compatibility testing, and where updating every iPad, iPod touch, or iPhone to the latest version is impossible due to deployment protocol, restrictions, or just general IT policy. (I know of at least one large organization stuck on iOS 6 who relied on FaceTime, now they are looking to migrate to Skype due to this problem – updating to iOS 7 is not an option for the foreseeable future due to software issues). Aside from that, the average user may also be confused or halted by a requirement to update iOS, particularly since the loss of a service that ‘just worked’ for years is now malfunctioning, seemingly at random. These users are apparently out of luck and unable to use FaceTime at all, for now anyway. If you’re stuck in that boat and unhappy about it, you may want to send Apple your feedback on the matter, or contact Apple Support directly.

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  1. YipYap says:

    Or, do what I do now and use Google Hangouts for iPad and iPhone. Works just as well and it doesn’t care if you’re running the latest version of iOS.

    I communicate with my family daily and Face Time was the preferred method until it broke weeks ago. Now we just use Google Hangouts.

  2. sam says:

    Yea I have this problem and so do half the people I know with iPhones and iPads. At the office we use FaceTime for video conferencing, and at home I use it to talk to family when I’m away or traveling. The story is always the same, everything worked fine until recently (April 16 to be precise), then Apple apparently breaks something. No more FaceTime out of the blue. Rather than fix what they broke, Apple figures “Lets force everyone to update to our new horrible OS! LOL!”. You know what? I can’t update to iOS 7, I have to stay on iOS 6 because of MY JOB! So screw you Apple, this is not a solution. iOS 7 is horrible anyway it looks like a kid drawing with neon markers, and your new support system is worse than Microsoft. Apple is becoming way too arrogant!

    Want a video chat that ALWAYS WORKS? Try Google Hangouts, works every time! No problems! Don’t want to use that? Use Skype, it always works! No problems! Funny how Apple is now the least reliable service of the big three, eh?

  3. Peter says:

    On my MBP I can’t even get preferences up. Greyed out and unobtainable.

  4. Ken says:

    I have the issue, but it’s happening between a friend and myself. I tried with both my iMac and my iPad, and both fail before connecting. She has a new iPhone too. So, Apple isn’t giving us all the details.

  5. cristia says:

    not let me facetime with friend

  6. Nathan says:

    I was having this problem as well but think I’ve found a workaround. If you have iTunes, open it up and sign into the store. Leave it open, then when you open FaceTime, it will automatically connect using the info from iTunes. I have not verified if this works on other devices, but it works for me.

  7. Hannah says:

    I try to facetime anyone and it says connecting and stays like that forever and won’t actually connect

    • Imesh says:

      i have an iPod touch 4 its running iOS 6 because it not supported iOS 7 or later. i tried to take a FaceTime call to my brother mac book pro. after call will be accepted the face will detect foe 1 second and the call will be ended. i have reset network settings, restarted, turn off FaceTime nothing works

  8. Mae says:

    Apple used to be the most reliable one. Now it’s gettting diwn the drain. Facetime isnt even working well on my iPhone, my mom’s iPhone, and my iPad. Tried everything. The now iOS is too big, and i need more memory for my phone. Apple, sucks a lot. How i wish Steve Jobs will come right out of his grave and gave them a high 5 on their face with a chair! Apple is such a control freak! Don’t even understand why my mom keeps on buying their products. One things for sure, i aint gonna buy their products, and i aint gonna recommend it to anyone anymore. They better learn to fix their mistakes instead of being so arrogant. We all know they’re sinking because of samsung galaxies and sony xperias that’s why they released 2 phones with the “latest iOS 8″ this month to keep up with their loss.

    Meanwhile, we’ll be using skype for now… Boohoo on Facetime.

  9. Lisa says:

    I think we deserve an answer. instead of making a new iPhone 6 Where it will STILL be broken, I suggest fixing this now.

  10. Nico says:

    I can not connect with anyone in my family (5 people) because we all have slightly different versions of ios. Many of us cant upgrade because we dont have enough memory on our devices. I think we will use skype from now on, this is kind of ridiculous…

  11. Chris says:

    Well, I’ve been trying to use Messages and Facetime from OSX since 2009 until today with Yosemite and I’m still don’t know how the interface on both are. In iphone 5s both works

  12. Amanda Clarke says:

    I found that it was a software issue you have have the same version.

  13. Gonny says:

    Whenever I try to facetime a friend, her husband’s iPhone starts ringing too.
    They have different Apple ids.
    Anyone recognize this problem and have a solution?

  14. Mikayla says:

    When I log in to face time I push my email and it varifys then it goes back to the FaceTime log in place how do I fix this?

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