MacBook Chewed up by Dog… oops!

Oct 18, 2009 - 7 Comments

dog chewed ibook

Sunday funday again! Maybe dogs love Mac’s a little too much… at least in the case of this iBook which was somehow turned into a chew toy!

The amount of damage is pretty amazing, it looks like a pooch had his mouth on this thing for hours on end before someone finally found it. Virtually nothing is unscathed, it’s even missing keys and the screen has been chewed to oblivion, that can’t be healthy for a dogs diet.

Yikes. [ images via SmallDog (kind of a pun, get it? SmallDog electronics, dog chewed a macBook? Get it?? Ok I’ll see myself out of here) and Flickr ]

ibook chew toy

Wow. Bad dog! But dogs are great and so are Macs, so you know, compromise.

dog chewed mac screen


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Posted by: Paul Horowitz in Fun


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  1. Evan says:

    Tell Apple that your Mac was chewed by your god damn dog. I’m sure they will be nice and provide a replacement.

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  3. urpwnd says:

    @bassface: no, it’s an ibook.

  4. 人人可建 says:



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  6. haymoose says:

    I will tell you only once how to treat a dog that chews things of value…

    1. Take a newspaper
    2. Roll it up
    3. Hit YOURSELF on the head repeatedly chanting: “I wont leave my dog unattended, I wont leave my dog unattended.”
    4. Repeat until behavior is corrected.

    This method did wonders for me.

  7. bassface says:

    that’s a macbook not an ibook

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