Two Very Unique iPad Stands: Cats

Apr 10, 2010 - 12 Comments

ipad cat stand

Have you ever wished you had a warm cuddly iPad stand? Well, if you’re a cat owner you just might.

As you know, cats love to snuggle up on the lap of their servants err I mean owners, so why not take advantage of your kitties snuggly nature and use them as a holster for your iPad? That’s what these people did, and it looks like it works really well!

ipad cat stand 2

This is pretty funny obviously, and it’s extra amusing in the context of a recent MacLife article about some interesting homemade iPad stands. Well, one of our readers found an even more creative homemade iPad stand… a cat. What about your iPad? What about your cat? Does your cat like your iPad? Does your cat like to be an iPad stand? You’ll have to tell us.

Whether or not people understand the iPad or like (dislike) the current case/stand options, these are amusing pictures. Thanks for the links and images Kara, they’re hilarious!

Oh and on a more serious note, if you’re actually looking for iPad stands, apparently the Logitech Alto Express Notebook Stand works great as an iPad stand and it’s pretty cheap.

Or, you can use some DIY iPad stands that aren’t of the feline variety. That’s OK too.


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  1. iPad Shirt says:

    […] The internet is always full of surprises, but this is just ridiculous, it’s an iPad shirt. Literally. It’s a shirt with a clear front pocket that you can slide the iPad into and wear it on your chest. I found this in our inbox and figured it was fake, but low and behold you can actually buy the thing. Very… interesting. I’ll just go ahead and file this into the same category as the cat iPad stands. […]

  2. smaty says:

    Ok! Well Now I wish Me an iPad+iCat!

  3. ZBeebs says:

    Shopping Tip: don’t buy your cat at the Apple Store, you can find them a lot cheaper elsewhere.

  4. […] 2010-04-16 0 (No Ratings Yet)  Loading … Rate Takif 猫iPadスタンドw [2010-04-16 04:28:33] recenturl iPadのUserAgent – […]

  5. Caitlin says:

    This is perfect, I can’t surf the web with my cat and my laptop on my lap. It always ends up as a battle royal, with cat closing laptop by lying on it forcibly, or me ending up balancing laptop as it is too heavy to put on the cat. I always suspected cats were Mac users and dogs were PC users…

  6. […] A great idea for an iPad stand I found over at OS X Daily! […]

  7. panizzi says:

    You can’t have TWO “unique” objects – it means one of a kind – and nothing can be VERY unique, since that implies degrees of uniqueness – it’s either unique or not. What you have here are “Two unusual ipad stands” :-)

  8. […] be wrong with people. I don’t know how to explain otherwise these pictures appeared over at OS X Daily of some people using their cats as iPad stands.Read again, cats as iPad stands. And quite useful […]

  9. Grover says:

    Finally there is a purpose to my cat climbing onto my lap

  10. skeptic says:

    at least cats like the iPad, that’s a viable market strategy: cat toys

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