Two iPhone 6 Models with Bigger Screens Coming This Year, According to Bloomberg

Jun 23, 2014 - 12 Comments

Big screen iPhones

Apple will have two new “rounder and thinner” iPhone models with larger screens to debut this year, according to a new Bloomberg report.

Specifically, Bloomberg is reporting that a 4.7″ iPhone and a larger 5.5″ iPhone are both entering production soon, and both devices may be provided to retailers sometime in September. This is in line with other recent rumors suggesting that Apple was working on two new iPhone models with bigger screens, though prior reports suggested the two devices may be due to ship at different times.

Additionally, the new iPhones are said to have new sensors that can “detect different levels of pressure”, according to the Bloomberg report.

The new iPhone designs will also feature “curved glass”, but it’s unclear from the report if the new devices will resemble the rumors and pictures of iPhone 6 based upon leaks of alleged manufacturer molds and dummy models.

Rumors surrounding new Apple products are notably heating up, with many new reports on the iWatch surfacing recently as well, a new device that is also said to debut in the fall.


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  1. James says:

    I’m not sure I’d want a larger iPhone. I have to keep it in my pocket and that doesn’t seem comfortable. I see people using the Galaxy Note and that thing it WAY too huge. It’s like using an iPad mini as your phone. LOL

    • Paul says:

      The assumption is that a 4.7″ iPhone will be barely larger in total size than the current 4″ iPhone, yet have a sizable increase in screen. If that is indeed true, it could be a great trade off; a noticeably bigger display without any added heft, still able to fit comfortable in a pocket (which is essential, I agree).

      • Brad says:

        I really hope this is the case. And I hope this awful trend to these gigantic phones ends soon.

        • vdiv says:

          Had you said this back in 2001 when the trend was just the opposite towards smaller phones it would have been hilarious. :)

          • Paul says:

            Very true, the smallest Motorola Razr and Nokia phones were all the rage pre-iPhone, the smaller the better was the idea then. It’s fun to remember how much tech trends change.

            Perhaps with the iWatch and other wearable devices a return to smaller screens will prevail again, but I think for handheld smartphones the bigger screen is here to stay simply due to increased readability.

  2. Legs says:

    Hey DG, that is the OSXDaily bookmark icon!! I’m hoping these rumours are true as I’m due an upgrade in the fall (September for us Brits)

  3. Dustin says:

    The x your talking about appears to be a link to and is the site’s logo.

  4. DG says:

    It might be just for the image but what app is the ‘X’ icon on the homescreen of the larger phone?

  5. AJ says:

    Apple is really feeding the rumor mill lately, after the slowest 1/2 of the year perhaps ever in their history, now it’s nonstop iPhone 6, iWatch, iPad Air 2, etc etc…

    My wallet wishes they spaced the releases out more evenly through the year.

    So, a 4.7″ iPhone or a 5.5″ iPhone?? Tough one… maybe the 5.5″ and skip the iPad from here on out…

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