iOS 9 Said to Emphasize Performance, Stability, & Bug Fixes

Feb 9, 2015 - 25 Comments

iOS 9 logo mockup from 9to5mac

iOS 9 will primarily aim for system performance and stability improvements, according to a new report from the well-sourced 9to5mac. Furthermore, iOS 9 will have a ‘”huge” focus’ on fixing bugs and bringing under the hood improvements to the mobile experience, while the new iOS version will have less of an emphasis on bringing new features to compatible iPhones and iPads.

Apple choosing to refine the existing iOS experience should make iOS 9 a welcome update to users who have experienced various stability issues and bugs with iOS 8. Most of the complaints with iOS 8 have been fairly minimal, but the bugs that users do experience can be annoying, ranging from Spotlight suddenly not working, to random crashes of apps, to outright reboots during simple tasks like opening the iPhones Camera application.

There is no known release date for iOS 9, but typically Apple releases developer versions of new system software in the summer, and launches new major iOS versions alongside new iPhone hardware. The last few years have followed a fall release schedule for new iPhones and iOS releases, so extrapolating that into the future one could estimate a rough Fall 2015 timeline for when iOS 9 could possibly become available to the wider public.

For Mac users, the 9to5mac report does not mention OS X 10.11 or what the focus of the next OS X release will be. Mac users who have been frustrated by various stability troubles, persistent wi-fi issues, and general usability complaints with OS X Yosemite would almost certainly appreciate a similar focus on improving stability and functionality on the Mac side of things, but it remains to be seen if Apple makes a similar focus decision with OS X 10.11.


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  1. Ted says:

    This is so funny! All these teenagers commenting Apple please this, Apple please that… LOL!

    Of course Apple could fix all the issues if they wanted to. But they are not idiots. They are going to fix everything in a new full release because that will also give YOU, dear subscriber, the opportunity of upgrading to a brand new hardware since your old will be too slow…ahem.

    But don’t worry, the new release will have just a little glitch, that will require you to upgrade YET to another release which will of course fix all the remaining issues. But by then you also should upgrade OS X in order to sync your iOS device back and forth. But once you upgrade, the only way you can take advantage of having your laundry done and you car being driven by iOS and OS X remotely, if you also upgrade your hardware…and so on and on and on.

    As for me, I just stick to what I have and keep it as it is until it dies. And only then I will upgrade. Unfortunately, it would be a collective effort to fight against this constant update cycle. If you would just stop wanting the latest, if you would just stop installing the newest, Apple would realize that customers don’t want a new one. Or a better one. What they have is already good enough. And so they would be forced to FIX what is already broken.

    If you have not realized so far how (and why) the wheels are turning, then good luck with your complaints!

  2. Daniel Ebeck says:

    It seems that the accelerated revisions of yearly releases have had a major detrimental effect on the stability of OSX particularly. I’m wishing that they would go back to a two year cycle.

  3. Mario says:

    “Said to Emphasize Performance, Stability, & Bug Fixes”

    Sure, they will not say the contrary……

  4. Mike says:

    Another annoying bug to fix that started with iOS 8: getting notifications of new emails long AFTER I have read said emails. I don’t need to know I got an email 20 min after having already read it. Very annoying; that, along with app crashes.

    • Kafir says:

      Yea I get that too. I’ll even be READING the exact email that is open and get a freaking alert for that same email. What the? Alerts worked fine up until now, that means they literally broke something that used to work.

      Apple needs to batten down the hatches on software, it’s not amateur hour they have huge amounts of money and huge customer base. They can afford to fix it, so get to work on the bugs and release high quality software! And don’t even get me started on the mess that is Mac software… OS X yosemite is the worst…. ugh.

  5. R. Taylor says:

    What a novel idea! – release a new version of iOS that is same as the old version but the new one works (as the old one should have). It’s getting scary out there as Apple is slipping on each new iOS and OS X and becoming more like brand X with half-ass product releases.

  6. Tom says:

    Please fix the iPhone 6 Plus’s keyboard > short cuts. When I get there and hit shortcuts, it jumps back to home page. Very annoying and no way to set up shortcuts.

  7. Jazz Bass says:

    SNOW LEOPARD 10.6.8 till chuggin’ along. . . .
    Put 16 g in my MBP 2011 and now is faster. Faster= good.
    No drops from wireless. Wireless= good.
    Almost no system crashes for the last year. No crashes= good.
    Just wondering why I would need to change? No change = good.

  8. Carl says:

    I also have had little to no problems with either iOS or OS X Yosemite. It runs just great on my MacBook Pro and iPhone 6

  9. cashxx says:

    I haven’t had any problems here with iOS or OS X. Must be one of the few lucky ones!

  10. Jason Bush says:

    Here’s a thought Apple. Why don’t you just fix all the bugs in your software in a dot release rather than a full upgrade every year which is basically useless for the most part until a dot three release. Apple software is becoming as buggy as Microsoft software ever was.

    • Alfonso Vicente says:

      I couldn’t agree more. It is not reasonable that were released iOS 8 and Yosemite with so many errors .

    • Joe says:

      Since Snow Leopard, the only thing I found worth adding was the full screen option, Messages and Gatekeeper. Everything else has been unwanted garbage. Now Yosemite looks like it got a Linux overhaul and waste resources with all the unwanted options in the Notification Center panel.

    • Kafir says:

      Yup, what did iOS 8 add anyway? I mean other than new bugs, I couldn’t even tell you.

      iOS 7 had a new user interface… iOS 6 had…. a bad Maps application? iOS 5 had… crickets…. iOS 4 had… folders? Yippy. Most of these are worthy of a point release at best.

  11. ODFM says:

    I find iOS to be much more stable than OS X, but Touch ID needs help. They should allow us to add more fingers because I hit the limit but my skin changes or something and every other week depending on the weather, Touch ID stops becoming responsive. Total nuisance for such a highlighted feature, it stops me from using Apple Pay.

    I agree 100% about OS X 10.11, please fix the Mac, the stability, the usability, etc, it’s in a bad state at the moment. And 10.10.3 offers no improvements at all.

  12. Cole Gotcher says:

    I wonder how lucky I am to only get 2 problems with wifi, that are minor problems… (first one is decreased wifi reception by about 2 feet, and the second is wifi drops every 30 hours) I wish apple would stop being like “hur dur dur lets make our customers want to go to windows or linux because, so can have more customers hur dur dur,” and try to trouble shoot problems that they have so less and less people have problems.

    • Cole Gotcher says:

      ignore the mistake I made typing (my mac has no battery so, i’m using my sister’s and her auto correct changed so it “autocorrects” to incorrect spelling) :P

  13. Tim Arrington says:

    My touch screen on iPhone Plus gets randomly unresponsive and I have to reboot the phone to bring it back to normal. Also, sometimes it will randomly reboot itself doing just about nothing. That’s annoying, but otherwise I don’t think iOS 8 is that unstable at all. Then there is OS X Yosemite, which I basically can’t use because of networking issues, abhorrent memory usage, and the incredibly sluggish performance.

    So Apple, please do fix our Macs with OS X 10.11, some of us have real work to do that requires a stable computer, not just take selfies with the iPhone.

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