OS X 10.10.2 Wi-Fi Issues Continue for Some Mac Users

Jan 30, 2015 - 169 Comments

Wi-Fi Problems in OS X 10.10.2

Some Mac users who have been experiencing longstanding wi-fi issues with OS X Yosemite have discovered that updating to OS X 10.10.2 does not resolve their networking difficulties. Perhaps more troubling, some Mac users who had functioning wi-fi previously have discovered that new wireless difficulties have appeared on their Macs after updating to the OS X 10.10.2 release of Yosemite.

These cases are likely outliers, as OS X 10.10.2 has resolved wi-fi difficulties for some users as well. Nonetheless, we have received numerous reports about wi-fi issues appearing or persisting with OS X 10.10.2, and the large Apple thread on the topic continues to grow with user feedback about the same problem persisting.

Typically, wi-fi issues with OS X 10.10.2 come in two varieties; sluggish transfer speeds relating to Bluetooth, or outright connection dropping and failing to establish a wireless connection at all. Sometimes, the troubleshooting steps offered here are sufficient to resolve the problem.

Issue 1: Slow Wi-Fi Performance with Bluetooth Enabled in OS X

One persistent wi-fi complaint with OS X Yosemite, even after OS X 10.10.2 appears to be abnormally sluggish wireless networking performance and slow transfer speeds when Bluetooth is enabled concurrently with a wi-fi connection.

For users who experience the Bluetooth related Wi-FI issues, disabling Bluetooth will return wireless speeds to their expected rate, however, given that Bluetooth is required to use an Apple Wireless Keyboard, Magic Mouse, or Magic Trackpad, amongst other third party accessories, disabling Bluetooth is an unacceptable situation for many of these Mac users.

Issue 2: Wi-Fi Drops Connection Frequently or Fails to Connect

Random connection dropping is another commonly observed issue, usually with a connection sustaining itself for anywhere from a few seconds to 10 minutes before dropping. Sometimes, the wireless connection fails to establish entirely, simply showing a yellow Wi-Fi icon in the Network menu.

This is the most difficult wi-fi issue to experience because for those impacted it essentially renders modern Macs that are equipped only with wireless cards to be complete unable to have an internet connection. Given the reliance on internet connectivity these days, that can be a very frustrating situation to experience and to troubleshoot.

Possible Solution to Wi-Fi Problems Post OS X 10.10.2

The very first thing you should do is add a new network location in OS X, set DNS manually, and then reboot the Mac. This resolves many network issues that Mac users experience with wi-fi and is an easy procedure:

After you have updated to OS X 10.10.2…

  1. Go to the  Apple menu and System Preferences, then choose the “Network” preference panel
  2. Select Wi-Fi from the sidebar, then in the Location menu choose “Edit Locations”
  3. Click the [+] plus button to add a new location, name it something obvious like “OS X 10.10.2 Wi-Fi Fix” then choose “Done”
  4. Join your wi-fi network as usual by selecting it from the Network Name menu
  5. Now click the “Advanced” button
  6. Choose the “DNS” tab and manually add DNS servers that are appropriate for your location, these can the DNS from your ISP, or something like Google DNS service:
  7. Choose “OK” then click “Apply” to confirm the changes made
  8. Back at the  Apple menu, choose ‘Restart…’ and reboot the Mac

For sluggish Bluetooth related Wi-Fi problems, switching the router to 5GHz is often sufficient to resolve any trouble. Disabling Bluetooth entirely also resolves the wifi-bluetooth conflict, but whether or not that is acceptable will be dependent on each user and their respective hardware.

If your wi-fi works at this point, you’re good to go and there’s nothing else to do. If you’re still having problems then you should start by following our wi-fi troubleshooting guide for OS X Yosemite here, it’s specifically aimed at wi-fi issues with OS X Yosemite and involves a multi-step process of removing preference files, adding a new network location (again), setting custom DNS, adjusting MTU size, resetting the SMC, and reloading discoveryd daemon.

It’s important to point out these wi-fi issues appear to be unusual, random, and are fairly rare, the majority of Mac users running OS X Yosemite are not experience networking difficulties. With that said, the apparent randomness of networking problems with some Macs running OS X Yosemite could suggest compatibility issues with particular routers, issues with some wireless networks, or issues related to various environmental conditions, making the problem increasingly difficult to narrow down and troubleshoot beyond the software approaches outlined above. One persistent theme has been that most of these users experiencing wi-fi trouble with OS X Yosemite did not report any similar issues with OS X Mavericks, and most that have trouble experienced problems immediately, with 10.10.1 too, and now the issue has carried forward to OS X 10.10.2. In that describes your situation, downgrading OS X Yosemite back to OS X Mavericks remains a viable resolution for some users who don’t mind losing out on the added features brought in OS X Yosemite, and who are comfortable with the downgrade process. Typically an OS change should considered a last resort, as downgrading OS X is a fairly time intensive procedure and it’s not well suited for users who are not at least moderately comfortable with backups, software reinstalls, and whatever hiccups could be encountered on the way.

If you are experiencing wi-fi improvements after the 10.10.2 update, new or persistent wi-fi problems after updating, or you have found a resolution to OS X Yosemite wireless networking difficulties, let us know in the comments!


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  1. Debbie says:

    Upgraded to iOS 10.2 and all sorts of wonkie things happening….forms won’t fill on sites…pages shut down….glitchy….screen not rotating in photos….awful

  2. Todd says:

    Wifi kept disconnecting after a few seconds/minutes of watching a show…followed the solution for Issue #2 and everything working like gold!! Thanks!!

  3. Bharat Gupta says:

    I am working on mac yosemite 10.10.2 version . my ups is not
    keeping it on when power failure its restarting . but the same ups is working well on other system.
    please help me what should we do

  4. Jo says:

    I have a macbook pro retina, updated to Yosemite 10.11.2 and still having internet connectivity issues! Really annoying because my PC and iPhone connects fine to my internet.

    I also have issues with Safari, even with Safari updates, in saving a webpage as a PDF–Safari freezes very often when saving a page as PDF.

  5. Yiaro says:

    As written on the other thread https://osxdaily.com/2014/10/25/fix-wi-fi-problems-os-x-yosemite
    On some Macbooks (mine is the White from 2009) it seems to be a conflict between both WiFi bandwidth given by a router under the same name.
    => After having changed the name of one of them (for example my SSID was MYWIFI, and I renamed the 5GHz in MYWIFI-5G), no conflict anymore, the WiFi remains stable when connected to the -5G.

  6. Bry says:

    Everything was so slow when I upgraded but I just thought it was terrible wifi. Now I can’t connect whatsoever. It has been driving me insane. Tried the above fix and it takes a lengthy amount of time to connect. All other devices are seamless but I really really wish I could use my desktop like normal!

  7. markt5233 says:

    Any additional updates on this item? My daughter has a 2011 MacBook and after upgrading to Yosemite she is also having Wifi problems. She just took her machine into an Apple Store and they installed some updates and said that it worked Fine on their Wifi in the store. When she gets home the only way she can connect to Wifi is if the machine is literally a few feet from the Router. Leave the room and it disconnects.

    She is currently running 10.10.4 and we have tried a number of the fixes that we have seen here and on other forums but nothing seems to fix the problem. Any additional updates or advice from other people suffering with this problem would be greatly appreciated.

    • markt5233 says:

      I should add. We have iPhones and iPads and they connect just fine to our Wireless router from anywhere in the house. So the only device we are having problems with is the 2011 Macbook running Yosemite 10.10.4.

  8. Hafeez says:

    I am on 10.10.3. MBA 2011. Bluetooth is Off. Wifi connection gets really slow (thankfully no disconnects, so far) after display is closed and the machine is sleeping. I need to restart the machine for the speed to be restored.

  9. david says:

    I have the same issue on wifi connection also..especially when after auto disconnected and want to reconnect it again.. i mostly must restart my mac.. i use mba mid 2013.
    i use 10.10.3.. i use wireless router asus RT N12 HP. really need help on this. thx

  10. remoran says:

    I posted this on another bitch site regarding Yosemite.

    The more I use Yosemite, the more I am beginning to hate it. DNS, WiFi and the seeming inability of the OS to remain connected is not possible. Snow Leopard was the best OS Apple ever made. After that, nada. I have a Mac Pro, awesome machine but the WiFi issue and the insane difficulty of getting Mail to work boggles the mind. Cook must cut the crap and get this fixed. I have used Apple since the beginning and now the OS is resembling MS back in the bad old days. Going through risky fixes to fix somehthing as fundamentally important as network is not acceptable. To me, Apple’s becoming a trinket company, not a company with the best OS in the world, something it had back in the days of Snow Leopard. End of rant.

    • Donte says:

      OS X 10.11 is said to focus on quality and performance, hopefully it will repair the many issues that arrived with OS X Yosemite, which is undeniably the most unstable release of Mac OS system software in many years. When OS X 10.10.4 and 10.10.5 arrives, install that, it will help too. Otherwise, when OS X 10.11.1 comes, that should be a big help.

    • Zirc says:

      I agree with you fully, remoran. I’ve been with Apple since 1986 and this is the sorriest state I’ve seen the OS. There is no apparent software quality assurance at Apple. This isn’t a limited, random problem. I’ve seen scads of people having this same issue with WiFi. Apple needs to get serious and quit pawning off play toys to their customers. Maybe a bunch of us should get together and institute a class action lawsuit against Apple? The amount of time and effort spent to troubleshoot and try to correct THEIR problems is untenable and we need some serious remuneration for our efforts.

  11. Francesca says:

    Do you think Apple will fix this in the next Yosemite upgrade ?
    – I feel like throwing this out of the window

  12. Francesca says:

    I have an iMac, upgraded to Yosemite 10.10.3
    Massive problems now connecting to Wifi – can take 10 mins to connect and it used to be nearly instantaneous.
    How can they let this “upgrade” off the shelf it is awful. Does anyone know how to fix this? I have tried most of the fixes and cannot disable bluetooth as have other bits and pieces,
    Please help!

  13. Mark M says:

    updated to yosemite after getting annoying push messages in the corner of my screen that would keep coming back every 15mins for 6 months. My wifi only works now if i’m within about a meter of my router (used to work fine 15meters away) and now its super inconsistent and slow. Tried a whole heap of the suggestions listed here, other websites and youtube videos and nothing worked for me. Hesitantly updated from 10.10.2 to 10.10.3 after reading other comments stating that it made things worse for most people but figured it couldn’t really get any worse.

    Now have 10.10.3, didn’t fix my problem and it doesn’t look like it got any worse. I guess ill have to go back to using Mavericks if i don’t want to be connected to a ethernet cable for the rest of time.

    question for the people out there: is there a way to back all my things up so when i reinstall Maverick’s i don’t loose all my itunes playlists? I’m a DJ and have literally spent whole days of my life organising all my music and really really dont want to do it again.

    Also I’m really not that tech savvy, is doing downloading and reinstalling mavericks a big process or is it pretty straight forward?

    Any advice would be appreciated

    • tim says:

      The easiest way to downgrade to Mavericks from Yosemite is using a Time Machine backup made before installing Yosemite. https://osxdaily.com/2014/10/22/downgrade-os-x-yosemite-to-mavericks/

      Absolutely back up your data first, do not update or downgrade system software without backing up everything that matters to you, its very risky.

      Downgrading requires you to format the Mac – delete everything – and then restore from a backup made beforehand from the prior operating system. It is not a simple task. If you can’t backup everything that matters to you to an external hard drive, do not attempt to downgrade. You could lose everything. Don’t take it lightly. Ideally, stick with yOsemite, it’s the easier / safer route.

      • Mark M says:

        Cheers for the quick response Tim.

        I do have a time machine with Mavericks back at my home in Sydney. I’m living in Peru for the next five months though so I guess i’m stuck using this damn ethernet cable until I go back, someone comes to visit me or they bring out an update that actually fixes this shit.

        Looks like Apples are really just lemons :P

        • paul says:

          Mark, I would not recommend trying to downgrade without an easy backup on hand. Updating to OS X 10.10.3 and creating a new network location, and using custom DNS ( google DNS or whatever is fast for your region), is often the best solution. OS X Yosemite has caused many headaches for users with wireless networking trouble, it’s a well known issue.

          Best of luck, and enjoy Peru!

  14. Michael says:

    My wifi card went completely dead. I’ve tried all solutions. It says no hardware is installed. SOMETIMES, I can get it to acknowledge the card, but it is in a state of constantly looking for networks and never actually connects. I’m getting pretty fed up at this point. I’ve had this iMac for 5 years and in all that time I’ve always been able to troubleshoot everything on my own. This is the first time that I feel helpless.

  15. Denise Chambers says:

    Hi All! My wifi was restored when I moved closer to my router. I had also followed the steps listed about about assigning a new location. After I did that though, Yosemite ran diagnostics and un-did the location change, but by that time I had moved closer to my router. Maybe diagnostics also fixed other issues but for now I have internet access… Woooo – hoooooo… Yosemite blows btw!

    • Denise Chambers says:

      I should have mentioned I did not experience this problem until I upgraded Yosemite (not sure of my initial version) but now I am at 10.10.3

  16. SeaDawg says:

    MacBook Pro 15″ Late 2013
    Arris Cable Modem/wireless router; 2.4GHz + 5GHz (both are saved under my list of memorized APs).

    Nothing until upgrade to Yosemite (10.10.3). After upgrade, my WiFi conn struggles to connect (if at all) after waking up (power plugged in, just had lid closed…e..g, when I wake up in the morning or get home from work)).

    Work Around:
    If I wake connected to one AP (2.4 or 5), I switch to the other AP in the menu bar dropdown. It works. (But WHY…never had to before…)

    Attempted Solutions:
    Various. Delete bluetooth; delete saved APs list; reboots; updates; blah blah. Still, nothing!

    Actual Solution:
    By complete chance, I needed to buy another wireless router (N7000 Nighthawk…the 802.11ac setup)…for reasons not worthwhile to mention in this forum. After configuration, BOOM goes the dynamite, laptop is no longer suffering from connection issues! Working EXACTLY the way it was before Yosemite, albeit much faster (300Mbs down now, TWC service).

    WFT is the deal with Mac OS X?! All other devices work fine. This laptop worked fine until Yosemite. Now it works fine on Yosemite with a new Wireless AP. All configurations stayed the same…MTU, etc… (although I’m now using AC instead of N…maybe there’s something to that exchange for the driver)

    Maybe there’s some info in my experience that will get Apple off their lame arses and fix their sh!t.

  17. Edwin de Jong says:

    Ok, you want a solution. Here is a solution. Open terminal. Type:

    sudo ifconfig awdl0 down

    This should fix your problem. Test this solution for 15 minutes (set a timer!) And when this solution is successful, please repost on this forum and on all other forums pertaining with this issue and *include* the description of this solution (including the 15 minute part and the viral posting).

    Credits: https://medium.com/@mariociabarra/wifried-ios-8-wifi-performance-issues-3029a164ce94

  18. Joonas Lehtinen says:

    Had 40% packet loss on MBPr Mid2012 on 10.10.2.

    Solved this by deleting most “Preferred networks” from network settings. Now WLAN works as it should with 0% packet loss.

  19. OSX 10.10….. Lost wifi and gained Bluetooth drop outs, Geniuses 3 times no help, tried every online solution including clean installs this is on a Mid 2013 fully optioned 13″ MacBook air that has just had its first birthday.

    Perhaps the genius bar can install Mavericks? Seems the last solution left.

  20. Dan says:

    My wifi is definitely dropping even more often now after 10.10.3. This is so incredibly frustrating. It went from once every couple hours to once every 10 minutes.

  21. Dan says:

    I have a MacBook Air, bought it around September last year. Recently bought the Apple BlueTooth Keyboard and Trackpad and noticed that my home wifi dropped quite a lot but didn’t know why. Now that I have upgraded to 10.10.3, my wifi will not work unless I turn bluetooth off. great. Have tried every complicated and simple solution on here

  22. Dan says:

    Updated to 10.10.3 today. My wifi is still dropping, and its’s the same fix: Turn Wi-Fi Off, Turn Wi-Fi On. It may be dropping even more often…

  23. flashy says:

    Very annoying wifi keeps dropping on Yosemite. This might be the new innovation from Apple.

  24. David says:

    I have a Macbook air, LOVE IT !!!!!! I have an Airport extreme, LOVE IT !!!!! I am very angry that they took away the ability to control the signal strength of my airport with Yosemite !!!! I don’t want my signal strength at 100%, I want it at 25% so anybody driving by can’t get to or see my Wifi. Give me back the control of my wifi, Please !!!

    • TheTinFoilLobby says:

      Connect to your AirPort base station and select the desired power signal.

      Just wrap some tinfoil around your router if you want to degrade the wi-fi signal. Maybe put up lead panels between the walls of your home.

      By the way, you should use WPA2 security for your Airport wi-fi network, if you’re not using encryption you are asking for trouble. Otherwise I don’t think anyone cares about getting onto your wi-fi if they drive by your house. In the meantime, tinfoil brother, tinfoil is the answer.

  25. Mike says:

    My issues started after the update. Any time my macbook goes to sleep, when it wakes up, I’m pulling a 169.

    It’s possible it’s an issue with my new modem. But my macbook is the only machine having the problem.

  26. Margaret says:

    Have new macbook air and wifi drops out if I do not actively use it for a 30 mins. Have had old macair for 4 years and it worked like a dream. Techies at shop can’t find issue. Any ideas?

  27. Henrik says:

    I think I’ve found a fix!
    Go to: Wifi settings, then to the left select “set order of services”, and make sure WIFI is the first one. Click set and wait for wifi to reconnect.
    Worked for me :)

  28. W says:

    After trying all of this stuff, nothing worked for me. Then after scanning some processes in the activity monitor I saw that the airportd was acting erratically with CPU fluctuating all over the place. I executed
    sudo launchctl unload -w /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.apple.airportd.plist
    and things /seem/ to be fine now. Not sure of any potential side affects but at least I can use my wifi now. I am running 10.10.2, which seems very nice otherwise. Hopefully folks will deploy a fix for the wifi soon. When I try to start airportd again the wifi acts up again.

  29. Dan says:

    Macs are garbage – I’m forced to use it at work. At one point they might have been better in during the time of Windows XP – but no longer with Win 7 / 8. And the window management is utterly stupid in a Mac, if I have 3 browsers in Windows I can always select the right one in the taskbar. In a Mac Alt+Tab shows one icon, the command center re-arranges the windows if the number of windows changes – so forget getting efficient. Need to maximize a window or snap it? So well done in Windows in a mac even with paid apps it’s not as well thought out.

    Anywho excuse my venting; I will now resume trying to figure out why my wifi keeps dropping every 10 seconds.

    • David says:

      Learning Mission Control is very easy, I can have 6 desk tops open at one time and 3 of them are browsers. Set up a hot corner and switch between desk tops with the click of the mouse. Any Icon from the dock can be assigned a desk top, otherwise it will arrange them by frequent use.

  30. Raed Bilbessi says:

    I’ve had it. I’m downgrading to Mavericks. As much as I like Yosemite, my internet access is too valuable. I can’t live with a dial-up speed. A wise man once adviced me to always run one release behind. Looks like he was right!

  31. Buddy says:

    I have been having wifi issues on one of my 3 Macs at home, a fairly new iMac. Sometimes it will work fine for weeks and then just go down. My other two macs, a 2014 new Macbook Air and a 2010 iMac work fine with the wifi. I have used Macs since 1987 and have done at least 10 hours of troubleshooting trying to fix this to no avail. It is a real hassle to try to downgrade to Mavericks with only if in the house though… I am hoping for a fix soon.

  32. Will says:

    I have a macbook air 2011 and ever since upgrading to mavericks I have had internet connection issues, upgrading to yosemity didn’t help, doing a full clean install only helps temporarily. It drives me completely nuts. Apple really needs to step up and take the necessary actions, I have been waiting for a fix for 2 years.

  33. Gita says:

    I have update my mac to 10.10.2, but now i can’ t use wifi( earlier no such a problems), now mac please to enter wpa2 password i don’ t have it, where i can find it? what to do?

    • gasbubbs says:

      Your router has a password on it, and it needs that password to join the wifi network. That is standard for any protected wi-fi network, has nothing to do with OS X.

  34. Marina says:

    I have a MacBook Pro Retina, Late 2013 running 10.10.2 and am having the same intermittent wifi issues. I am not using bluetooth (though I would certainly like to) I have restarted, tried different fixes suggested on various sites, some may seem to work for awhile but the problem persists. I don’t feel I should have to download additional third party software or write commands in terminal, or keep the connection in monitoring mode to fix this. It should work, and I should be able to use bluetooth. The router is in the next room and every other apple device I own is stable on the wifi. This is very frustrating. I can’t listen to a one hour radio show online without having the connection drop every few minutes.

    Needless to say the OS updates have wreaked havoc on my adobe programs, and the functionality of my wacom tablet too.

  35. Ray says:

    I brought the iMac Pro(retina) to reward of my study into PhD which aims to download and run the statistic and research software but eventually hit the rock after upgrade to Yosemite – The latest of Apple OS-X system. I trusted this brand so much that looking forward to use it many years to come but turn out that I have to make it obsolete as it serve no purpose —- the reason is unable to connect my WiFi network, after work through some suggestion from this OS-X daily, the problem still persists that I have to use my Dell that brought on 2012. I don’t know whether could ask Apple for refund or treat it as unlucky purchase for me.

  36. Husain Jabir says:

    I am currently using macbook air osx yosemite 10.10.2 and it still has a problem of crashing when i am working on the mac for more then 4hrs it crashes and restarts on its own and whatever data i was working on is gone. I am annoyed with it please help me troubleshoot this problem.

    • gerp says:

      That sure sounds like some wi-fi problems, Husain. Sounds like you’re having wi-fi problems indeed. Maybe update to OS X 10.10.3, OS X 10.10.4, OS X 10.10.5, fix your wi-fi that way. Yea.

  37. Dan says:

    Okay so I had wireless diagnostics monitor my connection, and the last time it dropped I got a file on my desktop. Once I opened the file it gave me a folder, and the last file in the folder was wireless_diagnostics-8tvuvo.log.

    I opened the file and it gave me this:

    # — Monitor Summary
    03/13/15 19:05:35.4120 Conflicting Country Codes
    03/13/15 19:05:35.4120 Conflicting Security Types
    03/13/15 19:05:35.4120 Poor Wireless Environment
    03/13/15 19:05:35.4120 Crowded Wi-Fi Channel
    03/13/15 19:05:35.4130 Poor Signal Strength
    03/13/15 19:05:35.4130 WAN Connectivity Failure

    Of course this is what happens every 3 minutes to a few hours, so obviously it’s incorrect. Any ideas?

  38. Rodrigo says:

    My Ethernet controller stopped to work completely after 10.10.02 update. The same cable works fine with a PC – Windows 8.1 without any issues but it does not work on Yosemite (with all network configuration checked and re-checked). My WiFi works, but NOT with Bluetooth at the same time. If I turn on Bluetooth, my Wifi dies immediately or get pretty damn unstable dying at every 20 seconds or so.
    It could be rare, it could be random, but IT HAPPENS!
    Apple should take care of keeping procedures to making it not to happen with SOME UNLUCKY guys like me!

  39. Dan says:

    The solutions Gayatri suggested did not work. In fact I have since move to a new router and a new geographic solution and I still have the same problem. Wifi works for 5 minutes to a few hours. It drops. I turn wifi off, and then wifi on and it picks it up in 5-10 seconds.

    It’s really quite annoying, having spent many hours trying to solve this through all published fixes short of a fresh install.

    So, if I go with the last ditch option of re-installing Yosemite, I lose everything, correct? I ask, because since I came over from a PC I had to spend an hour with support to help me get my file structure straightened out.

    Thanks for you input, Dan

  40. Jim M says:

    I was wrong on March 10. Back to having Wi-Fi printing problems. Printer can’t be located .. again. Sad.

  41. Richard says:

    Since I have update to this. I now have the wifi and slow page load problems the update was supposed to fix. Using my PC at moment as Macbook Air is not usable on the internet

    This is a terrible update.

  42. Jim M says:

    After having tremendous WI-FI printing problems since the day I downloaded Yosemite on 10/18/15, I reached a milestone today, March 10, 2015. For the first time in almost five months, I have been able to print from my laptop and my wife’s laptop 2 full days in a row. After having spent hours on the phone with Apple without success and tried just about everything mentioned here, I had decided to call Apple again one more time. Then yesterday on a hunch, I opened my preferences folder and saw an odd one in printing preferences that had the same number on it as one that showed as my printer … whenever I deleted it and added another in my attempt to solve the problem. Both my laptop and my wife’s had the same corrupt file. Once I deleted it and restarted, I finally got my WI-FI printers back, I hope for good. But man, it has been a struggle. I just hope Apple does a better job next time before it releases a new version of its operating system.

  43. LynnC says:

    I was so frustrated with this problem after upgrading to 10.10.2, and I found this forum. I saw that someone had tried to reinstall the original Yosemite install without the 10.10.2 upgrade.

    I didn’t have the original install, so I just downloaded Yosemite again from the App store…and it worked!

    After the reinstall, I was still in version 10.10.2, but my wifi problems disappeared!

    Thought it was worth sharing just in case someone had the same issue and came to the forum for solutions that worked.

  44. Kathy glenn says:

    I installed Yosemite 12 hours ago and now I can’t use my mac book AT ALL, it won’t connect via wifi, now my mac book is useless! Basically it’s now trash if I can’t use it.

  45. Geoff says:

    Internet connection problems continue on my 18m old iMac despite going through your list of suggested solutions apart from a clean instal or downgrade to mavericks as that is beyond me.
    What is really annoying is that my MacBook Pro running Yosemite works absolutely brilliantly.
    Frustrated or what?

  46. Chris says:

    Imac and Macbook Pro user for many years without issue, Husband retires and gets new macbook air (yosemite) still no problems.
    Then…. Upgrade Macbook Pro and Imac to Yosemite, and Network connection issues galore!!
    At first it was only after they went to sleep, so we set them all not to sleep. Ok for a while, but connection issues have started again.

    Current workaround for us is to Turn Off bluetooth for 1 minute, then turn back on again. Not sure how long this will last before we start to get problems again. HURRY UP APPLE WITH AN UPDATE FIX!

  47. Steve says:

    I have been running my macbook pro (early 2011), in dual boot mode, relying on my old mavericks installation whilst being able to trial Yosemite. I have been having the same wi-fi problems in Yosemite that everyone else appeared to be experiencing. Updating from 10.10.1 to OS 10.10.2 did not resolve the issues. Fortunately for me, I had not loaded too much software on Yosemite and made the decision to do a fresh install with 10.10.2. Everything now appears to be running smoothly with full 100mb wifi speeds.

  48. Hera says:

    I was having a nightmare connecting to the internet after 3 months of no issues- I was a bit scared to start messing with too much of the inner workings of my Mac Pro and was at my wits end until changing the name of my wifi and reconnecting to the new name.
    This solved everything- it was basically that someone in my neighbourhood had started with the same broadband supplier and the name given by the company was really similar to mine!

  49. Gayatri says:

    I spoke to the apple support and the problem is finally resolved. Atleast for the last hour i face no issues.
    Heres what they did –
    Firstly check ur mac network settings
    Open tcp/ip and renew dhcp lease.
    Secondly highlight the wifi and click on settings – click on service order and drag the wifi service to the top. Click ok.
    Now even after this if the issue persists then they confirm that the problem is with bt hub4.. Incase you having a hub4 connection with Bt. do the following .
    Log on bthomehub.home go into advance settings enter the admin password .. Then u got to enter in and rename the bthub4 to 5ghz .
    make sure u connect with 5ghz from your mac henceforth. It works perfectly fine .
    Good luck !

  50. Dan says:

    I have a new Mid 2014 MacBook Pro (bought in December) that came with Yosemite installed. I have had dropouts from the beginning. My connection lasts from a few minutes to a few hours. Often when I close the lid and go to bed the connection will be cut, but not always.

    I am upgraded to 10.10.2, having started with 10.10.0. No change.

    I have done everything suggested by OS X Daily. I mean all of it. I’ve had scripts running to ping my router, ping Google, made new spots, and done all of the esoteric solutions. It still have drops. The only thing that works is when my Internet drops out I turn WIFI off, then WIFI on. And that works every time, after about 10 seconds.

    After 20 year on a PC, and this being my first Mac, I’m disappointed and I need a fix. I’m think at this point I need a script that turns my WIFI on and off every 10-15 minutes or so. Anyone have one, or can point me in the right direction?

    Thanks, Dan

    • Onemore says:

      Did you try deleting the Bluetooth PAN item from the Network preferences? That works for some too. This is a tough issue, but you’re still under warranty so if nothing else works I would talk to Apple and maybe even request a different Mac with different wi-fi hardware.

      OS X Yosemite should never have been released to the public with such an unreliable networking underbelly. It is harming their reputation. iOS devices have been buggy for a while, but the Mac was always stable… now not so.

  51. Jason says:

    I experienced terrible wifi issues after upgrading to Yosemite. My wifi would drop out 5-10 seconds or so after connection. I disable wifi, tenable it, internet works for 5-10 seconds and it drops out again.

    I have tried numerous suggestions to fix but the only permanent fix for me was to downgrade back to Mavericks.

  52. Malik says:

    This has started after upgrade to 10.10.2, I followed your steps but not change…still facing the same issue.

  53. D Morgan says:

    and people wonder why mac users dont update their machine to the latest operating system, even when update keeps on trying to ram it down your throat with just a restart … half the time its a downgrade not an upgrade, especially if the new flannel features – which are generally only available on much newer machines & dont add anything to the experience for older machines – yet you get the slowness impact instead and feature removal, application restore is slow and liable to issues on older mechanical hard disk based machines, os x turns the screen on from sleep before its woken up and reconnected the wifi or set the correct time on the clock even, apples OS is getting worse – my suspicion is they went over some os x dev team size threshhold about 6 years ago just like the state microsoft has been in for 15 years as an entire companyand now the thing will never be tight or taught again or have any deep non visual sense of functional polish – same goes for iOS.

  54. Andy says:

    Just wanted to say thanks!
    Had issue 2 as per this article. Ran the procedure to add the new location and it seems to have resolved it for me.

  55. Greg Wardlaw says:


    The update screwed up my connection again. Then, I fixed it with this process:

    Network fix Mac

    In Keychain network logins – remove all – system will re-create new one.

    Renew DHCP lease
    Auto proxy discovery

  56. Mark says:

    My problems began after I upgraded to 10.10.2 (I had no problems at all with 10.10.1). I live in the Czech Republic, where many internet cafes and wi-fi spots use older routers (many connected to ADSL lines operated by the local phone company). When I try to connect to a wifi hotspot using one of these ‘older’ routers, this is where I have the problem of spotty, slow wi-fi, frequent dropouts, and connections not being made at all. Please Apple fix this because my life is screwed at the moment. Mark

    • Tony Tet says:

      I had the exact same problem. Turning off Bluetooth worked. So turn it off, let the connection stabilize (a few minutes) then turn it back on. It’s not a permanent fix but it will keep you going until there’s a permanent one.

  57. Slowik says:

    There are many recipes to slow or disconnecting wi-fi but none of them tells to reset NVRAM after reconfiguration.

  58. A.D. Wright says:

    After installing 10.10.2 I am having weirder wifi issues. It works on the wifi network at my job and it works at home after I’ve had it connected to the network at my job but, once it goes to sleep… back to the wifi drops regardless of how many of these “fixes” I try.

    I think I’d be less frustrated if it simply didn’t work anywhere.

  59. Ivan says:

    Is this wifi problem related to the problem that my iMac is changing name all the time like: computer name, computer name (2), computer name (3) etc. It started after upgrade to Yosemite. I am on latest version. My router is newest Airport time capsule. Also with newest firmware. Is this a sleep proxy bug?

  60. Nac says:

    The Wi-Fi drops connection frecquently after uploading 10.10.2 in my iMac. But not before! I mean, now I have a problem I hadn’t with 10.10.1.
    Very unpleasant!

  61. Pete says:

    The Wifi and Bluetooth issues on Yosemite 10.10.2 have been driving me crazy for weeks now. I even tried a complete reinstall. Try this one – I have tried everything else – but this seemed to do the trick – http://ihealthgeek.com/2015/02/yosemite-10-10-2-wifi-and-bluetooth-finally-solved-no-really/

  62. :( says:

    Still experiencing the issue here, on 10.10.2.

    My bluetooth is noticeably atrocious, especially when I try to play music through my receiver (phone bluetooth transmits fine). I also see poor audio (and video) reception through Apple TV via AirPlay. The video lag is nearly unbearable.

    My WiFi also noticeably drops at work and at home (Google Fiber). The inability of the Mac to quickly switch Wireless Access Points at work is rather irritating. Feels like I’m stuck in an inferior WiFi year again.

  63. Hans says:

    switching handoff off did the trick für my iMac.

    I followed the following steps (and don’t know, if the single steps or their sequence is really relevant):

    – Bluetooth and wifi off
    – Disable Handoff (sys prefs, general)
    – Flushing DNS cache by terminal command:
    sudo discoveryutil mdnsflushcache;sudo discoveryutil udnsflushcaches;say flushed
    – Bluetooth and wifi on (performant and stable)

    Source of the terminal command:


  64. Oguz HULAGU says:

    I’ve a brand new Macbook Pro. I’m using it since 4 months.
    I never had a problem with my Wi-fi or bluetooth.
    After I’ve updated my mac and the problems started…
    Now I’ve to close my bluetooth to work with wi-fi…

  65. Scott says:

    All these workarounds don’t work for my laptop.

    • OSXLOL says:

      If you continue to have wi-fi problems with OS X Yosemite despite following troubleshooting steps you should contact official Apple Support and let them. They can work on wi-fi again for OS X 10.10.3, OS X 10.11, etc

  66. mojoron says:

    I’m one of those users who still have issues with WiFi. I was trying to watch a movie on Amazon Prime and had to reset the router in the middle of the movie. Then I did a Speed Inquiry and it was 20mbs. The movie downloaded pretty fast then. This has been going on way too long. I have gone through three routers: Apple, Linksys and a generic. So far, the Linksys works the best.

  67. Kyosin says:

    Ive restarted my computer so many times and every function on my imac takes forever and sometimes never opens up. This includes chrome firefox and safari and my systems preferences!! My imac is useless! I have to entirely rely on my iphone! What the heck! I feel like i have a virus on my computer. i am so frustrated and pissed.

    • mojoron says:

      You need to call your internet provider, or get a better router. Your issues sound more router related than Apple problems.

  68. Mike says:

    Does anyone have a solution for Issue 1: Slow Wi-Fi Performance with Bluetooth Enabled in OS X that doesn’t involve disabling bluetooth? I’ve had this problem since “upgrading” to Yosemite. I need to have bluetooth enabled to use my “magic” trackpad with my MacBook Air.

  69. Alex says:

    I have a MacBook Pro Retina Mid 2014 and before updating to Yosemite OS 10.10.2 the wi-fi worked fine. After the update, my internet connection drops every minute! I have to stop wi-fi connection and start it again but this happens every 1 or 2 minutes! This update sucks! Can you guys tell me how can I revert the update to OS 10.10.1 or to Mavericks?

    Thank you!

    • OSuX says:

      If you made a backup with Time Machine prior to updating to OS X 10.10.2 (as you always should), simply reboot into Recovery Mode and restore from that backup with Time Machine. Back to OS X 10.10.1 you’ll be. Then you can try again with another WiFi update in OS X 10.10.3, hehe.

      Downgrading to OS X Mavericks requires you to restore to a very old backup or perform a clean install of Mavericks and manually move your files over – not an easy task at this point in the game and not practical for 99% of Mac users. If you don’t know how to do that, don’t even try it.

    • mojoron says:

      Depending on how old your MBPro is, I would call Apple and see if they can help. You have a year.

  70. Ionut says:

    I have read somewhere – correct me if i’m wrong – that the issues with wifi/bluetooth interference has something to do with the new macbook architecture. The person that stated this sent his laptop for testing and their verdict was the laptop works as it was designed to.

    My wifi internet speed was 1/2, sometimes 1/10 when the magic mouse was connected. I can’t set my router to N connection (5GHz), but i noticed that when i was close enough to the router (around 2 meters) the internet speed was acceptable. Therefore a stronger signal may resolve this issue. Sorry, forgot to mention that i’m running OSX Mavericks, didn’t try Yosemite yet.

    Once or twice i had problems with wifi losing connectivity, but forgeting the wireless network and setting it up again solved it. I guess a clean install of Yosemite and setting up the network preferences from scratch may help.

  71. Moe says:

    My biggest mistake was updating to 10.10.2, my macbook pro retina wifi connection is horrible. It was just few days I was watching 2k HD videos smooth with the internet connect speed of 60 Mbps. Using my mac right now and my internet speed is 1-3Mbps after 10.10.2 update. Apple needs to fix this issue as soon as possible. All my other non-mac laptops like chromebook and windows wifi internet speed works perfectly.

  72. Kaitlin says:

    Firstly, i’m disappointed in the new update because it refuses to install. After downloading the 10.10.2 software, my Mac restarted and it’s been stuck at the Apple logo+progress bar for more than 17 hours. It loads until halfway and completely stops. Called Apple support to rectify the problem but couldn’t fix it. They suggest a reinstall to 10.10 but i might loose all my files. In conclusion, i’m probably waiting it out for a bit more until i get sick of it. There’s people who actually waited for 3 bloody days. Wth

    Secondly, before this whole “problem” i’m doing fine on 10.10.1. The Wifi drops, yeap. And i couldn’t reconnect sometimes for about 10 minutes. Then, there’s a few times that my Mac shuts down because of some problem.

    Thirdly, these problems shouldn’t even actually exist since i bought my Mac 4 months ago.

    • DW says:

      The boot issue you are seeing is due to a new (somewhat broken) feature Apple introduced in Yosemite called the Performance Boot Cache. If it becomes corrupt, your machine will not boot and exhibit the symptoms you are seeing. To get around it, you can start in Single User Mode (holding ‘Command’ and ‘S’ keys on startup until you get the command prompt), and typing the following commands:

      /sbin/mount -uw /
      rm -rf /System/Library/Caches/*
      rm /private/var/db/BootCache.playlist

  73. The Fan Club says:

    Found a workaround that works for me : Changing the MAC address of the Wifi Adaptor does the trick – yes this sounds very strange, but it works.


  74. Chris says:

    After updating to 10.10.2 I suddenly experience Wifi issues on my MacBook Pro mid-2010: though connected to the internet my computer won’t connect to Apple’s app store. Safari connects to some websites but won’t connect to others. Chrome connects to all websites without any problem… Nerve recking!

  75. Emmet says:

    i’ll keep it short, spent 2.6k on a 27inch iMac Fusion Drive + i7 1 week ago, updated the last update now wi-fi is f**ked, completely embarrassing by apple.

  76. F.G. Cavuto says:

    It’s completely unacceptable to require a wired Ethernet cabled to access the internet from a MacBook laptop.

    The solution is to leave the worst piece of junk OS X ever made by Apple. Back up your personal files and downgrade from OS X Yosemite and upgrade to OS X Mavericks. Going to OS X Mavericks is literally an upgrade from OS X Yosemite, because everything works as intended.

    I would not recommend OS X Yosemite to anyone at this point, if it works for you consider yourself lucky, but it’s a complete craps shoot, if you have problems it is nothing but problems. Not being able to use the internet on a $2000 computer?? Give me a break, I am never trusting an Apple operating system update again until many user reports are flawless and lavishing praise.

  77. Steve says:

    Unbelievable. I’ve wasted so many hours trying to troubleshoot this, and nothing works except to plug in an ethernet cable. Great for a laptop. Not.

  78. Larry says:

    I found the best solution–never upgrade your OS until all the complaints from those who already upgraded stop. My wfe upgraded her iPad II to IOS 8 and afterwards it was so useless we had to buy a new iPad Air 2–hmm maybe that’s what Apple wanted customers to do! So now are they trying to get us to buy new Macs? Makes me kind of glad I still have my old Dell laptop with Windows 7 humming alongside the iMac! I think I’ll just skip Yosemite and hope for a better version with OSX 11 comes out.

  79. Neil says:

    ‘Apple Pie’

    A long, long time ago
    I can still remember how Mavericks used to make me smile
    And I knew if I had the chance
    That Yosemite could make those MacBooks dance
    And maybe they’d stay connected for a while

    But January made me shiver
    With every upgrade they’d deliver
    Bad news from the App Store
    My MacBook wouldn’t work any more

    I can’t remember if I cried
    When I installed the upgrade they’d provide
    But something touched me deep inside
    The day the wifi died

    So bye-bye, Miss Apple Pie
    Drove my MacBook to the Apple store, but the help had run dry
    And them good old boys were updating everything in sight
    Singin’ “This’ll be the day WiFi died
    This’ll be the day WiFi died”

  80. Mishendr says:

    Did everybody complaining here or on the Apple forum post their complaint on the Apple feedback site?! Do it! Only then do they get slumped with complaints and have to do something about it. Now it’s an issue for “some” users.

    BTW, al lot of problems nowadays arise from the incremental updates, OSX and iOS. A full clean install (and full reboots), is better, cleaner. Also, reboot your router, try different channels and 5Ghz WiFi.

    Oh, and always mention your hardware your using. Only then a pattern can be seen.

    Me, happy camper on OSX 10.10.2 on Mac Mini late 2009, cabled LAN. iOS 8 on iPhone 4S and iPad 4, via multiple Airport Express’. No complaints.

  81. V. Kurt Bellman says:

    This appears to be somehow related to the joint use of WiFi and Bluetooth to do things like handoff and AirDrop. Apple’s networking infrastructure hardware, like AirPort products, seem to work at some level. Those using other WiFi networking products come up very hit or miss.

    • Jeff says:

      I totally agree, I don’t have connectivity issues but I run 5GHz WiFi, on Airport Extreme, so there is no Bluetooth interference. (Also I don’t run Continuity).

      I wish Apple would do a better job with release notes about the changes to the OS so people could do a better analysis of the problem. “WiFi” is too broad.

      Of course Apple has a very limited hardware base so all combinations should work, but till then.

  82. Larry says:

    I’ll continue with Mavericks til I see no more complaints about wi-fi.

  83. Mike says:

    i had problems loading pages which seemed to take forever but when i delated history, etc which i hadn’t done in months it seemed to go away.

  84. Steven says:

    Here’s one not fixed. 09 Mac pro connected to router via Ethernet no problems. Switch on wifi on Mac, Safari grinds to a halt. Why put on wifi? Need it for some notifications and maps.

  85. V. Kurt Bellman says:

    Look, it’s NOT just OS updates! My late 2014 Mac Mini that shipped with Yosemite is essentially a WiFi brick, at least in terms of staying connected reliably. It disconnects at random intervals. Did it under 10.10, 10.10.1, and now just as often under 10.10.2. The whole Yosemite experiment is a failure! Scrap it! Yosemite is to OS X what Vista was to Windows.

    • V. Kurt Bellman says:

      While typing the above, a message came up. “Your network connection was lost.” No, that was my faith in Macs, with which I go back to System 6 in 1989, when I sold IIx’s for a Mac reseller.

      • V. Kurt Bellman says:

        Hey, I found my solution! I just do anything “mission critical” on a stupid Windows 8.1 cheapo laptop, and then “sneaker net” the files on a SD card over to my Mac Mini! That’s what we’ve been reduced to here, guys.

  86. Miran says:

    I am one of those who had a perfectly fine wifi in 10.10.1, upgraded to .2 and oh my god it’s a nightmare!!!!
    All your wonderful tips are not working either which makes me furious with Apple.

  87. Marco says:

    I also encoutered BIG TROUBLE upgrading to 10.10.2. I did not have Wifi issues, but after upgrading my Mid 2014 Macbook Pro nothing but trouble. Wifi not working, and later even my Wifi adapter was no longer recognized. Only thing I could do is a full system restore (time machine) back to 10.10.1. So my advise: If there is no reason to upgrade, stick to 10.10.1!

  88. mike says:

    convinced now this is Tim Cook’s plan to get people to buy new equipment. News Flash, I will be looking at other vendors for next machines

    • Tim says:

      I’ll be looking at refurbished MBP Retinas. I like the machine, and I like Mavericks. Fortunately, my Apple computers are robust, and it will likely be years before I have to worry about any of this. And by that time, we’ll be past Yosemite anyway and on to the next OS.

  89. NickO says:

    Late 2011 MBP 12″. No trouble before Yosemite, no problem with Yosemite. Fast, reliable and no BT issues. I can connect in places where my PC brethren cannot, or have intermittent connections.
    I know this won’t help most of you, but it is proof that Apple has done something right!

    • NickO says:

      Make that 13″.

    • Paul says:

      Your trouble-free experience perfectly displays the frustration with wi-fi problems related to OS X Yosemite, as they do not impact some users at all, and it seems to be random. For those who are challenged by wireless problems since updating to OS X Yosemite of any version, it has been an incredibly frustrating experience. It’s very hit and miss.

  90. Andree says:

    Good Grief! I’ve never ever ever had a problem with any Mac since years — no I installed the upgrade and it’s a mess — I can’t even connect to Chrome, the iTunes store, Dropbox, and application which need verification via the internet….

    I’m thinking about going to try back to Maverick, but have never done such an endeavour….

    I’ ve followed all the steps in your linked guide — no avail sadly….

    sigh and grief

  91. Bob says:

    I have two systems running 10.10.2. I had previously installed the public beta with no problems on either system. I did the update to the ‘official’ 10.10.2 and BOTH my computer are very sluggish now……..first time this has happened…. sluggish in that the Finder get very slow…. to a crawl at times….. just a heads up. (my wifi is fine…. no issues there – just Finder performance is crap)

  92. Dale says:

    For those who wish to set their DNS manually I can strongly recommend the software program “Namebench” from Softonic.
    It will query about 250 sites to find the fastest one for your area and then you can set these sites in your system preferences.
    I find it works flawlessly. It takes about ten minutes or so to run.
    You can find it at :


    It is a free download.

    • Paul says:

      Namebench is a great app for testing DNS speeds, absolutely recommended! I updated the link to download Namebench directly from the developer at Google Code.

  93. Bill Oakey says:

    I have an Apple Airport Extreme router. After my iMac wakes from sleep, I often cannot connect to Wi-Fi, even with OSX 10.10.2. And yet my iPad and iPhone connect perfectly every time. What does this tell you? Apple gets it right with iOS, but they are no longer putting the resources into Macs and OSX. It shouldn’t take this many months to get the bugs out of a new OS.

  94. Jeff M says:

    Installed OS X 10.10.2 & iOS 8.1.3. NOW WIFI IS SLOWER!!! I am getting completely disheartened with apple! I believe they have lost their soul.

  95. JamesT says:

    I have Mac mini mid 2010 running Yosemite and I’ve never had any Wi-Fi issues.

  96. Brain Dead Homer says:

    Nobody should have to go through all this rigmarole.

  97. Anthony says:

    My Macbook Pro, iPad and iPhone have all latest updates and work just fine. No problems with WiFi, Bluetooth or anything else.
    Apple Rocks !!!!!

  98. Nufemasta says:

    Strange. I have several Apple products. New and old, iOS and OS X and not a single issue. Same with all of my friends and co-workers.

    • Olaf says:

      that’s very well possible as it seems to be an issue with the combination of Apple Yosemite wifi implementation, router settings and wifi router hardware. But if microsoft windows is able to handle this, apple should too.

  99. Olaf says:

    This is really sad and a joke. My Macbook pro retina has wifi issues all over the place since upgrading to Yosemite. My 2 windows machines still work stable and fast with wifi. This really is an Apple issue.

    It’s definitely a combination of mac and wifi router hardware though. I have a tele2 wifi router at home, which doesn’t play nice with Yosemite. First i though i fixed it switching to WPA2 personal in the router security settings. But alas, after a week the issues appeared again: slow (max 2 Mbit wifi speed capping).

    In frustration i created a new user-account, and voila, switching to this new user-account gave me normal wifi-speed again! And switching back to my default admin account, the wifi speed was good also!

    This is a nasty workaround, but it seems to work, until apple really releases a stable fix for it.

    So my steps for a workaround:

    – switch your wifi router security settings to WPA2 personal
    – create a new user account on your mac, and switch to this account, then log out, and switch back to your regular account

    Hope this helps!


  100. rick says:

    My Macbook Pro 2011 was working well prior to Yosemite and am now experiencing many Wifi drop outs even after updating to 10.10.2 – An iPad & Windows PC works well so problem stays with the laptop. I find disabling and then enabling Wifi often works but the most effective option is to reboot the machine.
    Not sure where to turn now. It’s looking a lot like the Windows machine I used to have to reboot all the time.

  101. Wharf Xanadu says:

    More like OS X Slowsemite ya

  102. Sally Cook says:

    This is my second MacBook and I have never had a wifi problem.

    UNTIL I UPGRADED TO 10.10.2!!!!

    no connection whatsoever through my Sierra Wireless modem. Now I have to use the cellular data on my iPad Air 2 to connect to the internet via my data cable.

    Definitely a backward step. Unfortunately I’m not IT savvy enough to have made a back up of 10.10.1 so can’t downgrade.

    • Mystic says:

      Actually there’s a slightly long process you can use to downgrade. Simply get the original Yosemite installer that you used for the first installation of Yosemite, then install it. After installation is complete, go to apples website and search for OS X Yosemite update 10.10.1 dmg file and install that. That’s about it. You’ll be back to 10.10.1. For good measure ensure automatic updates are disabled to avoid getting back to 10.10.2 ‘mysteriously’.


      The original installer should have been moved from the applications folder prior to installing since after installation it gets automatically deleted.

      Hope it works for you.

  103. John says:

    So i installed the update on a mac book air 2013.
    I had this issue before 10.10.2:
    · wifi only appeared to work when i was seated besides the router.
    note: i have the bluetooth disabled.

    I installed the update and now i can connect in a more wide area, the only problem now is that when i browse, in chrome, through tabs suddenly the connection becomes slow and the pages don’t display. I have to reload the page 2-3 times to start working again. And when i type something to search up in google i have a slightly delay.

    Besides that, this updated is really awesome, really improve the wifi connection all together. I ran a ping test and this were the results:

    time=3.428 ms
    time=3.279 ms
    time=3.957 ms
    time=3.429 ms
    time=3.617 ms
    time=3.318 ms
    time=3.294 ms
    time=3.347 ms
    time=3.159 ms
    time=4.237 ms
    time=3.264 ms
    time=3.535 ms
    time=3.520 ms
    time=3.327 ms
    time=3.226 ms
    time=3.957 ms
    time=8.028 ms
    time=3.486 ms
    time=10.665 ms
    time=3.408 ms
    time=3.696 ms
    time=3.544 ms
    time=3.394 ms
    time=5.246 ms
    time=3.874 ms
    time=3.428 ms
    time=3.330 ms
    time=3.619 ms
    time=5.272 ms
    time=3.153 ms
    — xxx.xxx.x.x ping statistics —
    30 packets transmitted, 30 packets received, 0.0% packet loss
    round-trip min/avg/max/stddev = 3.153/4.001/10.665/1.552 ms

    Compared with the previous version this is a great improvement; in the past, the time would change drastically from 3 to 200 or even 500 and stay there for about 5 more readings.

    Overall i’m very happy and hopefully the next update really brings a definitive solution.

    • John says:

      After a day with the update, the problem now is that after the wifi is turned on for a while the connection begin to get “unresponsive” and i have to turn it off and turn it on and everything works fine, for a while, again until happens again and i have to repeat the process.

  104. Jeff says:

    I have never had connectivity problems but I do get the dreaded “hostname (2)” problem. The Mac seems to reregister itself after sleep, incrementing the number after the hostname.

    My history/workarounds have been;

    10.10.0 – “Wake for network access” OFF and it worked.
    10.10.1 – Everything worked normally.
    10.10.2 – Problem is back, I again set “Wake for network access” OFF but its too soon to tell if it works.

    Seems we have a regression here.

  105. Someone at Apple needs to get off their butt and fix these problems. This is substandard Microsoft kind of B.S. I personally have not had wifi problems since upgrading to Yosemite, but I have had DNS issues. The DNS issues seem to have gone away with 10.10.2. If I had constant wifi issues, I would be burning up Apple’s phone lines calling in to complain. I suggest that everyone who is affected by this should do just that. Call AppleCare and have them transfer you to their customer relations department. It’s time that we all nag the hell out of them until they fix this.

  106. Luís says:

    I’m not having problems with my update, you may isolated cases

  107. Dave Hickman says:

    I have a Mac Mini on my boat and I used a wifi Bat aerial to extend the signal range as often the boat was moored too far away from the generated signal. This worked fine on Mavericks, but having upgraded to Yosemite alas this now refuses to work. Sadly I am not confident to downgrade back to Mavericks. I was hoping that the latest upgrade might resolve the problem but to no avail.

  108. Ed says:

    I came in contact with two MacBooks that had wifi issues constantly. I noticed both upgraded from 10.9 without a clean install. After performing a clean install, the issues disappeared. I know a clean install should just be avoided and is honestly unnecessary for an issue that should’ve been fixed by now, but it’s better than waiting for Apple to release a fix.

  109. Mark says:

    Let’s be totally honest Apple don’t have a single clue about making a working wifi product, they never have and probably never ever will.

    My mac and ipad never work with Bluetooth, I can rest the pad on the Mac and they still can’t find each other, same with every Bluetooth device, totally waste of time.

    Apple’s new catchphrase, “buy apple, it just DOESNT work”

  110. vdiv says:

    Continuing Wi-Fi issues?! How about kernel panic, GPU crashing, hard reboot, yer werk’s gone issues?
    No, turning the Automatic graphics switching off does not help.

    • Andre says:

      I have the solution to everyones OS X problems, wifi, kernel panics, GPU, you name it, it’s solved easy. Upgrade to OS X Mavericks. That’s it, your Mac will work fine again, just like it always did.

      OS X Yosemite is a unsalvageable dud.

      • V. Kurt Bellman says:

        What if your Mac never existed before Yosemite, and shipped with it? Can I take my brand new Mac Mini back to Mavericks?

  111. levo says:

    BS, the source of the problem is AWDL. Turning off bluetooth kinda fixes it because it also disables Airdrop. Lookup WiFried.

  112. David says:

    the better way is to downgrade, Yosemite is the Vista of Apple ! no improvements even all the upgrades !

    ahaha OSX the best Os in the world !! let me laugh !

    Better, the only OS who are not able to connect NORMALY to Wifi ! uhhhh

    Apple don’t ear his customers anyway….it’s Over !

    Same for Hardware….

    Apple is now completly focused on IOS….the rest, they don’t care anymore…..

    • vdiv says:

      Wish they were focused on iOS. Version 8 is a similar disaster. Think Apple is focused on losing their newly gained users back to Microsoft.

      • I have iOS 8 on my iPad, and find it the best version of iOS over the three years or so I’ve had the iPad.

        I’m still on Mavericks which I like (the best OSX since Snow Leopard, in my view), but have occasional WiFi issues which I haven’t been able to resolve. Sometimes days or weeks go by without a problem; sometimes it can strike several times a days.

    • Mike F says:

      I have been feeling similarly frustrated with Apple. My wife’s experience with iPad and iPhone in the past year has been very disheartening with the hardware. And I gave up on Yosemite with my 2013 iMac. After upgrading twice and having to restore back to Mavericks, I am letting it go. I have never had a single problem with Mavericks so I am going to keep embracing it. Since I don’t really use iOS devices, most of the new features are lost on me anyway.

    • sniksnak says:

      Yosemite is the Vista of Apple – Yes, agree :) Or better, Apple is back in the 1990s (MacOs 7-8). Apple – my arse!

  113. Mindig says:

    This guy restored his wireless driver kext file from 10.10.1 and restored his connection


    described as browsing Time Machine backups to:

    “/System/Library/Extensions and copy the file IO80211Family.kext.

    First, shut down wifi.

    Next, in your updated system (running 10.10.2) go to the same path and make a backup of the same file. If you click get info on both files you can see that 10.10.1 had the version 7.0 and 10.10.2 has the version 7.1

    Now paste and replace the IO80211Family.kext file.

    To be sure everything is fine regarding permissions, run Disk Utility and press Repair Permissions.

    When finished, reboot.”

    Someone try that, maybe it will work for more.

  114. Joseph B. Borgo says:

    I experienced random and intermittent WiFi and Bluetooth connection dropping quite frequently ever since upgrading to Yosemite. The WiFi problem seems to have been solved with 10.10.2, but the Bluetooth problem has gotten worse. I will lose Bluetooth connectivity randomly at least 4 or 5 times a day.

    I sincerely hope Apple continues to work on this!

    • Mystic says:

      Same here on the Bluetooth dropout. The Magic Mouse usually disconnects and reconnects thrice a day. Though in my bootcamp windows 8, everything is ok. So it’s definitely gotta be something to do with Yosemite.

      • Chip says:

        Regarding random Bluetooth connections to Magic Mouse: I found that problem to be loose battery connection. By making a shim of aluminum foil and placing it between the battery and the connector made for a tighter connection and fewer disconnects. If it’s just your mouse, that’s what I would suspect. However, if both mouse and keyboard disconnect at the same time, then it’s a Bluetooth issue.

  115. Avenged110 says:

    This will be as perpetual as iOS updates causing battery drain. Apple will never be able to solve it because all they ever seem to do is make it worse.

  116. Ken Spafero says:

    I was having problems with my wifi where from my room I got very weak to no response (used to have great signal). The only way to remedy this was to move right next to the router; however, a simple reboot of the router resolved my issue for now.

    • Simon Goddard says:

      Same problem for me with a Macbook Retina with Yosemite.
      Genius Bar at Apple Shop suggested I change channels, but scanning channels, I could see that channels 1,6 & 11 have loads of routers beaming out on them already and other channels over-lap them, so decided not to do that in case it only made matters worse: at least it worked when I was in the same room as my router.
      Doing this I noticed that one router belonging to a neighbour on the same channel as me had a similar name to my old BT router and I wondered if this was an issue.
      Eureka! I went into System Preferences, Network and in Locations could see that the settings for my old router were still there. I Edited Locations, deleting the settings for the old router, and now it all works OK.
      Also did the same on an ancient PowerMac on OS X 10.5.8 Leopard that had become painfully slow and was hardly used, and now that is its old self again, so it looks like this may be an old bug that has risen again.

  117. Marcus Aurelius says:

    My wi-fi is demonstrably slow with Bluetooth enabled even in the Mac OS X 10.10.2 on a MacBook Air 11″ model from 2011. The speed goes back to normal if I turn Bluetooth off.

    There is clearly a conflict here, and I never had that problem in any prior versions of OS X on any Mac.

    • Cor Splint says:

      Had same WiFi problem. Installed 10.10.2 beta and now running fine without disconnection.

    • Alex says:

      I had a problem with wifi working on Yoseminte with sudden slow down. I’ve tried almost every trick published on forums but unfortunately without any effect. Then I simply erased all wifi networks from list in network preferences and established new connection afterwards. In my case this works. No more wifi issues.

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