Need a Quick iPhone Stand? Use Sunglasses

Mar 29, 2015 - 13 Comments

Use sunglasses as an iPhone stand, wow, amazing

Sometimes you need to prop up your iPhone, sometimes you need an iPhone stand, but who carries a stand around with them? Probably not many of us, but if you do wear sunglasses (and maybe reading glasses too, let us know), then you already have an instant iPhone stand just waiting to be put to use.

The setup is fairly straightforward; set your sunglasses top-down on a flat surface and slightly open the arms to form an X shape, then rest your iPhone on top. The clouds will part, the sun will shine, and birds will sing.

It works! Really*, as you can see in the pictures we tried it with a dusty pair of Ray-Ban aviators unearthed from a 12th century Peruvian alpaca altar. So whether you’re trying to share a video with a group of people or just watching something yourself, and you really want to look like the most innovative person on earth ready for some Nobel prize award, just whip off your sunglasses and impress the world.

An instant iPhone stand with sunglasses, wow

A fun but fairly simple idea, this was found on Twitter (why yes, you should follow us) from @cultofmac and @kooda. Their much fancier picture looks like this, sure they’re using an Android phone but we’ll ignore that, pretend it’s an iPhone, nobody is perfect after all:

Sunglasses as Phone stand from Kooda

* Remember when we said it works, really it works?! Well, someone else on Twitter gave this a try and made an amusing video of the attempted iPhone sunglasses stand failing considerably. Enjoy the mild LOL from @myrandabarnes:

It didn’t work for her, but it did work for us. Maybe it will work for you. Maybe it won’t. You will have to find out. The suspense is surely keeping you awake until you try it.

Ok really, how well this works seems to depend on how stiff your sunglass hinges are, but it’s kind of neat when it does work, even if it’s in the same realm as DIY iPad stands, meaning they’re not going to wow the crowds, but it could work if the need arises.


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  1. HipposRule says:

    Tried it with a Galaxy Note 4 and it wouldn’t take the weight. A 6 plus is about the same weight (though slightly different form factor) so probably wouldn’t work either….

  2. John Rowan says:

    Good simple idea. Of course just going to a store and buying a stand works out pretty well but then that would be just too easy for us all…we love a challenge :)

  3. Rufie Ralph says:

    I simply remove my robotic hand, adjust 2 fingers and my thumb into a stand and set it down on the table. It’s gets a lot of attention from the babes…

  4. Rich says:

    April fools?

  5. AutoNiggle says:

    Works well with Window phones as well, if not better!!!

  6. Yank7 says:

    It worked for me! It fell the first time, but by adjusting where the arms crossed, I made it sturdier. Great Idea!
    P.S. to all those who commented they need their glasses to see: Remember the part where it said use your sunglasses for the stand? Well, use your eyeglasses to see.

  7. Wharf Xanadu says:

    I am amazing. I can’t believe it’s not butter. These sunglasses are the butter. Master sunnies.

  8. Pc says:

    I tried it with my regular glasses but then I couldn’t read the screen

  9. Eddie Prior says:

    Five pictures and a video…..

    • Brobrah says:

      Yea I’m not sure if it’s enough given the impact of this. Sunglasses. As. An. iPhone. Stand. Incredible. Just think of what you can do with that.

      But I get your point, do you think that’s not enough Eddie? Only 5 and a vid? Would you like more pictures? 55 pictures, and twelve videos? Maybe an entire website for it, iPhonesOnSunGlasses dot com?

  10. Wayne says:

    Very good idea but what do you do if you need the glasses to see the phone
    Need glasses especially for a phone stand

  11. Tennessee Jed says:

    I admit, I was skeptical, I thought this was just a gimmick, but then I tried it. I pulled off my pair of Maui Jim glasses, set them on the table, and put my iPhone to rest on those stylized frames in a local sandwich stop. That’s when everything changed, within 3 minutes I had not only won the lottery but married a supermodel and we had twins and now live beachfront in Hawaii running philanthropy through our endowment. I wasn’t expecting that, but who can argue with the results? Incredible.

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