September 9 Event Scheduled by Apple, ‘Hey Siri, give us a hint’

Aug 27, 2015 - 16 Comments

Apple invite for September 9 2015 event

Apple has sent invitations to selected media outlets for a September 9 event at the Bill Graham Auditorium in San Francisco, California. Presumably this event will be where the iPhone 6S is unveiled, perhaps alongside the rumored new Apple TV.

A teasing headline sits prominently at the top of the invite (via CNBC, we didn’t get one), saying “Hey Siri, give us a hint.” perhaps suggesting that Siri will play a prominent role in the upcoming keynote. Rumors have long suggested that a revised Apple TV would gain Siri support.

Amusingly, if you actually ask Siri the question on the invite to give you a hint, you get a variety of playful responses that pertain to the September 9 event, all of which skirt around any details (image via @INaFried on Twitter, you should follow us there too).

Siri, give me a hint

The iPhone 6S is expected to look the same as existing 6 devices, but be faster with an improved camera and a Force Touch display. You can read more about the rumored specs of iPhone 6s here.

A revised Apple TV has apparently been in the works for a while now, and is said to include Siri, a new controller, and an App Store, amongst other new features.

In terms of software, iOS 9 is likely to get a final release date at the September 9 event, and it’s also quite likely that OS X El Capitan will gain a final version for Mac developers with a release date for the general public.

The September 9 event begins at 10 am PST and will be available here as a livestream on to everyone with an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch with iOS 7 or later, Macs with Safari, or Windows 10 PC with the Edge browser.


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  1. cody says:

    All the apple tv needs is an HDMI IN port. Why can’t all my devices run through the apple tv. this way when i want to airplay a movie or youtube video i don’t have to switch all my devices to turn on the apple tv.

  2. Steve says:

    I have to agree with the “trolls”. On the software side I still think OSX is the jewel of Apple. IMO, Apple should be going all out improving OSX and letting it trickle down throughout the product line. 10.10.4 has been fast and stable for me but it’s so damn ugly and unpolished. It’s not fun anymore. FCPX and Logic X seem like side projects. MacPros seem like the product Apple doesn’t really want to talk about or build.

    As for Apple hardware, other than MacBook Pros and yes Apple TVs (if they don’t kill it by over-pricing it), when was the last time Apple built something amazing that wasn’t an iPhone? The 2013 MacPro? The 5k iMac? It’s not enough fast enough.

    I hate to bring this up but when Steve Jobs was in charge he reveled in crushing the competition. Tim Cook seems to just want to keep Apple from failing. In his first post-Jobs era interviews he looks clueless. I think he “doubled down” on secrecy because he didn’t know what to say.

    I’ll say it. Tim Cook should stay as CFO, but promote someone that’s seriously passionate about technology to CEO. I would be tempted to say Phil Schiller. Phil may not be flashily, but he does seem to care about “kicking ass”. I’d like to see Avi return. Even bringing in Woz as a consultant would make Apple look “cool and smart”.

    I never believed in Tim Cook as the long term CEO. I thought he was perfect to weather the storm post-Steve, but Apple needs passion again.

    I’ve been buying Apple products since 1988 and for the first time since then (maybe during the 1996 era too), I look at the Apple product lineup and there’s nothing that I really want that much. Maybe a MacPro in a couple of years. Maybe a new Apple TV if it really “kicks ass”. Ok, MacBook Pros. But in general, everything looks compromised.

    Then again, maybe I’m too old school. I just want consumer versions of supercomputers and amazing operating systems. That used to be Apple.

    • Mark says:

      OSX is the jewel of Apple. ———but it’s so damn ugly and unpolished.

      Does that really make sense.

      I agree apple are now about being market leader not market innovator. Just so long they keep those sale figures up, they add a teeny tiny bit more to each product, but nothing really new or ground breaking.

      The hush hush its September and we have a secret thing to tell you is becoming very boring, we all know it’s another bloody phone.

      • Prunes says:

        Not only is it another phone, but it’s the iPhone “s” model which is the most boring update every year that it comes out. With how ugly the iPhone 6/s/plus/s is you’d think they would have ditched the design long ago.

        The camera update will be the best part, but it’s still in 16GB which is insulting given that there is only about 10GB of usable space on the phone, which holds something like 5 normal HD videos before you have no room!! 64GB should be the starter, then 128GB, 256GB… but oh, the profit margins on pawning a $0.25 16GB chip onto the peons, it’s luscious for shareholders.

        Sorry, forgot to drink my kool-aid today, I love Apple, but you know, sometimes you must digress and think critically….

        • Kevin says:

          Feel free to make a better phone yourself…….

          But I won’t hold my breath. Whining girls like you only know how to to one thing. Whine.

  3. Yup Yup says:

    Hoping for Skylake refresh of Macbook Pros. Holding off on a purchase just for that…

    • Paul says:

      I’d be pretty excited about a MacBook Pro refresh too, but because they were already updated this year I suspect we won’t see updates until next year… we can hope!

    • Prunes says:

      All Apple products only get an update once a year at most, so in Summer of 2016, you can have your Skylake MacBook Pro, maybe.

  4. Gorilla Dung says:

    I want to be excited about a new iPhone, but I am just not that excited about the next iPhone 6S. Now there’s all these rumors that it’s going to be HEAVIER with WORSE BATTERY LIFE, what the?? No thanks! It sounds like the iPhone 6s is going to be the iPad 3 of iPhones, remember that heavy hot thing? What dung of a product that was. I want to be excited but I am tempering expectations, there are no cool rumors this time around. As usual I may just wait for the iPhone 7, the major revisions are always where the interesting upgrades are, the ‘S’ models are very uninspiring.

    • Paul says:

      If you already have an iPhone 6, you already have a great phone and probably don’t need to upgrade. The iPhone 6s is going to be really great with an amazing camera, but there is no need to update every year, might as well wait another cycle or two, if you ask me.

    • Kevin says:

      Seriously, how the hell would you or anybody else know. They haven’t even been tested in the wild, so enough with the BS.

      Forcetouch, camera spec bump, front facing flash is enough to beat the rest.

  5. Mohawk says:

    Trolls like TrustOrNot make me laugh so hard!

  6. TrustOrNot says:

    iPhone 6s = boring minor spec bump

    New Apple TV could be interesting, but I already have a PS4 and Xbox One, is it really going to be better than one of those?

    iOS 9, big meh

    OS X El Capitan, basically Yosemite 2.0 beta 1

    • Prunes says:

      OK I will agree with some of this because I think it’s good to be critical of the company we know and love. I have personally spent probably $4000 on Apple products this year for work, so I speak from experience here. I’m not about to jump ship to a Dell with Windows 10 and an Android, but Apple is declining with hardware, software, etc, the ship needs to be turned around before it’s too late.

      Agree 100% about the iPhone ‘S’ lineup, it’s the worst, they are not new. It would be like adding a little bit more RAM to a Mac and then trying to sell it as ‘new’, LOL. The current 6 and 6s is also so ugly, it makes me really wish they had just made the iPhone 5 larger, and I used to think the iPhone 5 was ugly, but wow the iPhone 6 is hideous, the worst design for an iPhone ever.

      New Apple TV… I also have game consoles which are very powerful and are great fun, it’s hard to imagine what a new Apple TV is going to do for me but I am open minded assuming the price is right. $99 or less and it may be appealing to try out.

      Apple Watch? I bought a first gen Apple Watch and it’s collecting dust already, so I may sit on the sidelines for the first revision this time around. Apple Watch could be good in another few years though, but right now it’s an expensive FitBit with Siri. If you’re thinking about getting one, I would personally hold out until it’s more useful, it’s a good fitness tracker but again, FitBit with Siri is the way to think about it.

      iOS 9, I don’t even know why you’d want to update to iOS 9, what does it offer? A new font? Wow, what an update! I’m sure it will slow old phones and kill battery life, time to buy that iPhone 6s we already talked about!

      OS X El Capitan as Yosemite 2.0 is pretty accurate really, the beta versions are very buggy still and yes it offers some refinements but it is hardly stable or fast or better performing. Is it better than OS X Yosemite? Probably once OS X 10.11.1 comes out, it will be better, but given the existing betas, I would say that OS X 10.10.5 is the more stable of the two OS releases right now.

      iPad, what’s an iPad? Mine started collecting dust once I bought the iPhone Plus model, I think I have used it twice in the past year. I don’t know what the iPad is for anymore, maybe grandparents and kids? Wouldn’t buy another one.

      Mac Mini? Well if they just re-released the 2013 model it would be an upgrade, that would be nice. Really though, Mac Mini is great but they have neglected it and the last revision is weaker than the multiple generations before it!

      Mac Pro? Remember the Mac Pro? Now it’s an already outdated $3000 Mac Cube, remember the Mac Cube? Probably not, that’s your new Mac Pro. It’s not Pro at all, the iMac 27″ Retina is the new Pro Mac, just don’t plan on ever updating it… not that you can upgrade the Mac Pro either!

      MacBook Pro? Still the best laptop out there, but Apple is running on 2 year old chips now, it needs an update, which we won’t see until next Summer given that Apple is the most predictable company for hardware updates on earth. Bummer, but this is still the crown jewel in the Apple hardware line.

      Anyone else want to chime in? AHa, ha… ha…

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