How to Delete an Instagram Account Permanently

May 6, 2016 - 18 Comments


Want to delete an Instagram account? Instagram is a wonderful social network for sharing pictures and moments, and now that Instagram supports multiple account switching you can easily change between personal, public, private, and work related Instagram accounts. But perhaps you don’t want to use Instagram anymore and want to remove your account from the service.

If you have decided you no longer want to use Instagram, or no longer need a particular Instagram account, or perhaps you have found Instagram to be too distracting, you can do something about it – you can delete your Instagram account. This article will show you how to completely and permanently delete an Instagram account.

How to Delete an Instagram Account (Permanently)

You can completely delete an Instagram account, this not only removes the account and all of the associated pictures and posts, but the username can not be reactivated, and the account can not be reactivated either. This is permanent and can not be undone, the Instagram account and all of the posts will be gone forever, so you should not take this lightly.

Note: If you are going to permanently delete an Instagram account it is highly recommended to download all Instagram pictures from the account beforehand, otherwise they will be removed forever, unable to be recovered.

  1. From a web browser, log in to using the account you want to permanently delete
  2. Now visit this page to request permanent removal of the account
  3. Fill out the form and enter the password, then click on “Permanently Delete Account”

Permanently delete an Instagram account

This is permanent and there is no way to undo the deletion of an Instagram account.

By deleting an Instagram account, all pictures, posts, videos, profile data, everything at all is removed including the account username (meaning someone else could claim the username).

This is not recommended unless you are absolutely certain you want to delete an account and all of it’s associations and content on a permanent basis. You can not undo the action of deleting an instagram account.

Once the Instagram account has been deleted, you can either delete other accounts if you have more than one, or you can delete the Instagram app from your phone too.


It’s worth pointing out that you can always create a new different Instagram account at any time, so if you delete an IG account and decide you want a new one later, you can easily create a new Instagram account simply by downloading the app again to your iPhone or Android and signing up again.


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  1. themisterygirll says:

    I want to get rid of my account and not have it anymore

  2. Josie Bourne says:

    I’m having a bit of trouble with this. I want to permanently delete my account so I can create a new one, and that’s what I’ve done. The trouble is, when I enter Instagram, the account is still there and I’m at the maximum number of accounts! Please, help!

    • oiT says:

      You will have to create the new Instagram account using a new email address.

      And make sure the other Instagram account is deleted, rather than disabled.

  3. Bapi Mukherjee says:

    Thanks for clean & clear information

  4. shubham singh says:

    Thanks a lot

  5. Adnan says:

    If i delete my account permenantly will it also delete the conversation i did with somone??

  6. bhawna says:

    The thing is that I am not able to temperory deactivate my account which is linked to fb whenever i enter password it says pass is wrong

  7. Baker says:

    Having the same issues as everyone else, it’s not allowing me to disable its sending me back to my newsfeed.

  8. Sarah says:

    I am having same issue as users above–I can’t temporarily disable. I follow all the steps, but when I clock on yes I’m sure, I am redirected to my newsfeed.

  9. Mary says:

    I can’t also deactivate my acc. I have followed all steps but when I click on sure it should be logged on, but on my browser it goes on new feeds.. Please help

  10. Shus says:

    I am not able to temporarily disable my insta account even after following the steps. When i click on disabling button, it leads to homepage. What kind of a bug is this?? Help!!

  11. ashad says:

    can you please help me i can’t deactivate my account even though i already followed the steps above

  12. Kanu8281 says:

    Two time account

  13. kevin aka mill says:

    I deleted my account in past, but wisely I did a backup before with 4K Stogram, it downloads INsta photos on computer, I have my memories on my hard drive now!

  14. Nstaran.eb says:


  15. Mohan Desai says:

    Useful information, Sharing with friend who want to delete his Instagram account.

  16. Wharf Xanadu says:

    Instagram and Twitter are the only social networks I use. Everything else is rubbish. Instagram and Twitter and being flushed to the toilet by product designed though, keep it simple for best results.

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