OS X Yosemite 10.10.2 Beta 4 Released for Testing

Jan 7, 2015 - 57 Comments

OS X Yosemite Macs

Apple has released the fourth beta build of OS X 10.10.2, arriving as build 14C94b, to those registered with the Mac Developer program. The latest release continues to focus on improving bugs, including problems with Wi-Fi, Mail, and VoiceOver, some of which are issues that have persistently bothered a number of Mac users even after updating to OS X 10.10.1.

Pre-release software testers can find the latest beta build of OS X available in the Mac App Store under the Updates tab. The download weighs in around 500MB and like other system updates will require the Mac to be rebooted.

Users who are participating in the Public Beta program of OS X and who have not opted out of beta software updates may find the latest 10.10.2 build available through Software Update sometime in the near future.

Those who are not Mac developers or part of the public beta programs can still provide feedback to Apple about Mac OS X and specific troubles or difficulties they encounter through this official feedback form on the Apple website.

It is unclear when OS X 10.10.2 will be made available to the wider public, but Apple usually goes through multiple rounds of beta releases before issuing a build to all Mac users through the App Store.


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  1. bertfw says:

    Yosemite is the most unstable version of OS X I’ve ever used, and I’ve been using OS X since 2001.

    The worst problem is the reboot loops it gets stuck in on a cold start – sometimes my MacPro reboots 3-4 times before it finally “settles in”. Also I’ve had several random restarts just during normal usage. These problems started the week I installed Yosemite. After reinstalling Yosemite things were fine for about a week, then the problems started again.

    I agree with the poster above me who said this version wasn’t ready for prime time when it was released. It’s awful!

    • hu says:

      yosemite is the more buggy mac version ever have since 2000, gimp, open office, ableton , safari dont work properly, also wifi
      hope to hear solutions and not bla bla.

  2. Running 10.10.2 (14C94b) on a Mac Mini late 20-12, 16Gb Ram, i7 CPU etc, and having run EtreCheck, it found a couple of dead plist files, but nothing major. Found a busily running Java program (openmeetings) so closed that. But otherwise, nothing out of place. This is an upgrade ? from Mavericks, which as we all know ran nicely.
    So, this Yosemite Beta is running ok too. Except for….
    A couple of times in the last few days, it has just – Reset – for no good reason that I can see. It has also just dropped the WiFi – for no good reason that I can see. Sent a couple of reports to the Apple Beta feedback thing.
    However – I strongly suspect that plugging a portable HDD into the USB 3.0 Port on the back may be draining just too much power from it. It shouldn’t – but it could be related to that. No HDD plugged in, apparently no problems. Or is that just coincidence. Maybe not. I notice also that as of this release I’m seeing I/O or Read Errors more specifically. None at all last release. Could this version be having some sort of really low level problem? No idea. But there’s two things related to power problems.
    I plug the HDD into a PlugPack Powered caddy, not a bus powered caddy, and the problem goes away. hmmm

    If I look in the Console display, there are LOTS of mysterious warnings and errors being reported, especially with the mdworker reporting a lot. That actually crashed yesterday.

    I fully understand people having no problems from a clean install, but I don’t have that luxury really. Or should I say, restoring from TimeMachine has been done once. Took 6 long hours …

    But the whole thing is running Wine for Quake3, it ran World of Warcraft – which is hugely intensive. It runs just about every other app I’ve thrown at it. Gimp, OpenOffice, Word, Photoshop, etc etc. Chugs along ok generally.

    Bottom line – I know it’s Beta. Hopefully it will soon be fixed, and then I guess the next seeds will come along ;-))

    In the meantime – take out my frustrations with a bit of First Person Shooter in good old Quake 3 Arena.

  3. Beth says:

    Wireless still cycling, looking for networks at both home and work.

  4. confused says:

    Who are you people commenting on this and why do you speak to each other the way you do? Childish.

    No matter your personal experience it can’t be questioned that 10.10 and iOS 8 has caused enough major issues for enough users that they must be considered problematic releases. For me they feel like Windows before XP, and early android, respectively. Apart from the major issues there are just so many weird annoying quirks.

    Turning on bluetooth on my iPhone causing my magic mouse to just disconnect. 2012 rMBP’s always-there but previously sort of on-again-off-again wifi issues suddenly a full time thing requiring frequent reboots.
    Previously solid 2007 MBP, daily kernel panics on a fresh install – reverted to an incredibly gunked-up 10.9 install and stable as always. Problematic Samba shares causing complete Finder lockups. Remote management momentum scrolling weirdness.
    iPhone 6 Plus not even being able to see 5 GHz wifi networks until 8.1 + the early autorotation / dead tap zones issues.

    As a developer, having weird bugs and undocumented changes appear in something as basic and crucial as AVFoundation, in a .0.2 release of all things, really hit the point home. Beyond unacceptable.

    Apple has been unable to adapt to the increasingly heterogenous nature of their hardware install base. Yosemite seems to be very good at exposing minor hardware/driver quirks that were previously handled without the user even noticing.
    That is a shame, but it’s not totally unexpected and I see no reason why they won’t catch up eventually. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

    • VMAC says:

      Couldn’t agree more with your post.

      I am very disappointed with Apple since 2012, when the Macbook Pro Retina showed up. And the troubles began. Image retention in the screens, speakers problems, warming up, etc.
      And they idiotically stopped the 17″ Macbook Pro. The worst thing for me.

      About the iPhones? Same design since 2010. The new iPhone 6 should have at least 2 GB Ram and not keep the same memory as the 2 older models. IOS 8 has many bugs.

      Now, its Unbelievable the whole situation with the new OS X. I had never, never, never had an issue with any of my Macs. Now -for example- my MBP retina (mid 2012) which its better than my Macbook 2010 freezes and restart itself, the WiFi doesn’t work properly, the bluetooth the same, the dock when is gonna shut down freezes, and many more issues and bugs.

      Nice, Ha?
      Yeah, for an almost 4000 EUR machine, yeah.. very nice.

      And I am wondering the why?
      Why they keep doing nothing about these bugs? Why they launch it an gave it as they knew about those bugs?
      Why should I turn on and turn off the WiFi to work?

      And they upgrade the prices. 1000 EURO for an iPhone? For a phone? When they sell the Macbook air for 1300 EUR?? Are they kidding us?

      I am graphic designer and Macbook was for many years my alternative desktop whenever I go.

      I am not the kind of people who say ” If Steve Jobs was alive bla, bla, bla..” , but I am almost there to believe all these guys who said that..

      Hope to fix the issues because it is late for me to downgrade to Mavericks.

    • VMAC says:

      Forgot to mention that I have done a clean install from Mavericks to Yosemite.

  5. jcs says:

    I upgraded from a Lenovo Yoga / Windows 8 to a MacBook Pro about 6 months ago. I was a Windows user for over 20 year. LOVING the MacBook and iOS even with Yosemite. Yes, I have a few issues here and there but nothing like Windows performance issues I still experience on my home pc.

    • Denus says:

      That’s almost my situation too, but I started using Apple hard and software in 2009 (still using Windows in VMWare when required).
      And yes: the issues we may have with Yosemite (and I have a few) are peanuts compared to the eternal bugged Windows environment.

      The only thing I miss is the support for the big games. That has been improved a lot since the introduction of the OSX App Store, but I still have the feeling we are getting the old leftovers for a high price.

  6. Guido says:

    Yosemite seems unstable with wifi, photoshop and especially booting. On both new and older devices with upgrades and new installs. Had I known this in advance, i would have waited a year to upgrade. 4 out of 6 devices have major issues, whereas linux and windows continue to run.

  7. shpankey says:

    I just love the whole: I love apple and I’m not having any issues therefore EVERYONE’S A LIAR spiel. lol

  8. Johnnydeluxe says:

    Typo: grads should be “graphics” – mostly human errors on my side…

  9. Johnnydeluxe says:


    Sorry to say so, but my three computers have not showed any significant issues since Yosemite came out and with all the updates after.

    But I’m merely a researcher using computers for everyday tasks 8-14 hours a day for words, calculations, a little grads and some presentations, besides mail and web.

    • JohnnyUberDeluxe says:

      So what? Your job means that others are not experiencing any issues? Your narcissistic attempt to garner respect by spewing our arrogant job tasks makes you look like a liar, and you are.

      And a researcher would not misspell “graphics”, a relatively simple word for the educated. Take note.

    • Erika says:

      What a narcissistic and useless rant. iSheep.

  10. Mojodo says:

    it seems like 10.10.2 fixed the problems with “preview” – i was studying all day long – used “preview” all the time – zero issues.

  11. BuffyzDead says:

    for what it’s worth,

    v10.10.2 (public beta) on iMac 27″ 3.4Ghz i7 Late 2012. (zero issues and super stable)

    on two Mac Mini’s 2.53Ghz C2D Late 2009 (zero issues and super stable)

    Now Installing this release latest Beta release on all three machines …with Confidence. :)

    • Denus says:

      I also got a iMac 27″ 3.4Ghz i7 Late 2012: Yosemite is a nightmare. I went back to Maverick, and the issues are gone.

    • Johnny says:

      With confidence? I severely doubt that. Mine is gone.

    • BuffyzDead says:

      Yes. Confidence was very well justified.

      Install on all three Mac’s went super smooth last night, and everything is running super stable, smooth and fast !!!

      With no issues whatsoever.

      Go Yosemite !!!

      my iMac 27 has 768 Flash Drive and my Mac Mini’s drive was replaced by me, with a 500GB SSD

      • Erika says:

        Your numbers are statically irrelevant, which is why Apple is scrambling to address the plethora of very serious bugs in Yosemite.

  12. Benjamin D. says:

    I can confirm beta testers are getting the same build (14C94b).

    After having some issues with 10.10.0 after a clean install, I opted back into the beta test program, I did not get the first release, but, after I signed back into the program (because the software required was no longer on my mac, so needed to install it again), I started getting the betas in app store again.

  13. forkboy1965 says:

    I’m glad I stuck with Mavericks. But what I find odd is it seems the same big problems have struck with each new OS since Snow Leopard: wi-fi and Mail.

    Ohhhhh Snow Leopard… how I miss thee.

    • Benjamin D. says:

      I know what you mean, Snow Leopard still remains the most stable (& fastest, lowest battery drain) Mac OS X yet. I don’t think Apple is being smart dropping security updates for SL & Lion, opting to only do M/L, Mav., & Yo.

    • Kevlin says:

      How true, I have my main macpro 3,1 STILL running mountain lion to the delight of my task master, while my other macpro 3,1 sits waiting for first mavericks ( which was flawed btw ) and now yosemite to actually function like a mac Jobs would have been proud to sell me…

  14. shpankey says:

    No thanks, pass. I went back to Mavericks and all is well again. Once they fix the ugly looks and get a stable product out again, I’ll think about updating. Maybe.

    • Kr00 says:

      They’ll fix their ugly look when you do. Looks are subjective, just like opinions.

      • Clyde says:

        You defend looks being more important than usability and stability. You are clearly an iSheep simpleton. Go spend $4000 on the Apple gold watch when it is released to help Tim pay for his new yacht.

    • NotForgetting says:

      If you are not on OS X 10.10.1 quit your hootin. This is a BETA!!!! Do you know what that means? When beta software is stable they release it to general distribution. Problems with the beta, quit your bitchin, Apple gives you feedback assistant to report problems into the development organization. Want 100% handholding, develop your own operating system… the development crew does not respond… they read the feedback and hopefully use it to discern bugs, but they ain’t going to take the time to respond back to you personally. Obviously most of the people hootin do not understand the development process in a large commercial systems software organization. If they did they would just be good beta testers, and when the beta got in their way, they would drop back to the latest released software like the rest of the world

  15. applehead says:

    As a very long time Applehead, with Steve Jobs passing, it’s starting to show, not good. Product prices have increased while tech specs and more have vanished. I never thought I’d think of Windows again, however 8.0 may be more stable then Yosemite. Sad :-( Perhaps Yosemite is engineered for only new products, not sure. :-\ if so , that’s just not right.

    • VVV says:

      I really wished you were correct, however I am sitting with MBPr 15”, 2014…highest specs….and it’s not any better. The machine comes with Yosemite and there is just soooo much wrong. Anyways looking forward, any update of THAT.

    • Denus says:

      Not really the case: especially new systems have a lot of issues with Yosemite.
      It seems there’re less problems with Yosemite on older systems from 2009, 2010 etc.

      My iMac 27 end 2012 is really buggy with Yosemite but is running just fine with Mavericks.

  16. Steve the other guy says:

    As a tech guy, I’d expect that you would have encountered the (substantial) drop in stability and quality. I run Yosemite on two MacBook Pros and a couple of VMs, and the quantity and severity of issues I’ve had to deal with have increased significantly. There are obviously going to be machines or environments that function perfectly, but I suspect that those exist in only two places: Apple QA labs and your house. :-)

    • Iesa says:

      As a tech girl in enterprise and friends n family environments doing support and book and app development covering a fair range of potential application and configuration due to the necessary workflows, you just lost all credibility as a “tech guy”. If you were, you would understand that the unpaid issues reports being posted were due to configuration problems and things of that nature, carried over from old, snowballing backups and things of that nature, because that is generally the sort of thing that exists in all non-expert user configurations aggravating compatibility and stability in all environments. As a tech guy, you’d know that. But you don’t, because you’re not. All this stuff about Marco and Gruber is misused, because they’re being REALLY picky, and they always have been, but acknowledging that was inconvenient for rabid anti-Apple droolers. Now that they are a bit irritated about the App Store being a little inconsistent in applying rules, they’ve started whining a little about what that is supposed to be for, in order to indicate that maybe all the rules aren’t worth if it is as possible as X to have a few instabilities in certain conditions. Crashes were never ascribed to Yosemite, but to springboard in iOS, and they were past tense at that. Those things have nothing to do with whatever these commenters are talking about in regard to feeling like Yosemite doesn’t work right in their configurations. Faker, probably among three others paid to whine. 2 2008 iMacs, a 2014 mini, 22 2012 iMacs, 4 2011 MacBook Pros comprise the machines that I deal with regularly in a creative or administrative role, and not one of them is exhibiting any nifty bad behaviors or issues. It’s not just his house and Apple QA, “tech guy”. Maybe it’s you and the users. Maybe they need a real tech person with a track record of success. Cretin.

      • Clyde says:

        Wow, was a load of self-serving narcissistic Apple-defending rubbish. Yosemite is a mess. Blaming problems on the users and “misconfigurations” is insanity, especially when rolling back to Mavericks fixes everything.

        YOU are not a tech person either, that is quite clear.

      • NotIesa says:

        Iesa, I read your comments carefully, and tried to give them credibility. But your last two lines were the giveaway. First you said Mac users need a real tech person. DING. Mac users prided themselves on not needing tech persons, IT departments, wizards, and gurus to use their machines. That is sadly no longer true. I am frequently called upon to help my fellow non-techy Mac user friends and family to answer the questions and problems that come with every update. Second, you had to lower yourself to name calling. So you are now just as much a whiny as the ones you accuse.

        • k hobbs says:

          Hate Yosemite, wish I had never updated to it. Nothing but dang crashes!!!!!!!!!! may have to go back to pc soon or???

      • Raven says:

        This is it in a nutshell. I had some issues early in the 10.10 public beta. I had spinning beachballs and other issues.

        So I went through I removed a lot of chuff left over from migrations from my other Macs. Files going all the way back to 2000.

        You people might dismiss it, but until you look you won’t know. Get he free utility EtreCheck. You will likely be surprised by some of the left off junk.

        Even people that have many problems report that a totally clean install fixes the issues. And that’s why.

        The other issue I have found, which started with Mavericks, is performance suffers when your hard drive gets fragmented. Before anyone states that OS X defrags itself, it certainly does not. It only does that with very small, and frequently used files.

        Defragging my 1TB startup drive took a while, but it was like night and day. I used iDefrag, but you can also just wipe the drive and restore from your TimeMachine backup (but not from a block accurate copy like CCC).

  17. clueless says:

    When am I going to be able to watch youtube videos again?

    • Benjamin D. says:

      I have no issues watching youtube videos, since 10.10.0, in fact, safari 8 now plays html5 yt videos in html5, and those that are flash only in flash (flash has to be installed the first time by you, not included in OS X anymore, hasn’t been for some time). …What is the issue?

  18. fubar says:

    Yes – Battery! There is a noticeable drop in battery efficency in my mid 2012 MBA with 10.10.1. The battery also says ‘service battery’ now where it did not before…

    • Brownfish says:

      +1 for the ‘service battery’ message. Never had it before on my mid-2012 MBA and the battery only has 180 cycles on it. I’m hoping it’s just a software issue as opposed to a genuine battery problem!

      • compact105 says:

        +1 for Mid 2012 MBA battery issue. Charged it earlier and a few hours later it’s now on red. Only have 272 battery cycles but says Service Required.

  19. HateYosemite says:

    Is there any fix for the battery in the this beta ? or at least rumours for fixing it ?

  20. Don the tech guy says:

    That’s interesting, I have Yosemite on two Mac Books and a desktop without any issues at all, Solid.

    • Johnny says:

      Then count your blessings because this is not the case for thousands of others.

    • Yosemite-Lives says:

      But for millions of others it works great!

      • Johnny says:

        inane comment. So thousands of people should be ignored? You obviously have no serious job, as that attitude would get you fired.

        • Yosemite-Lives says:

          Yeah, the few thousand whiners like yourself, can make an appointment at the Genius Bar and take your system in to have someone who knows what they are doing install Yosemite for you.

          Pull up your big girl panties Johnny, and realize that if something works fine for millions, but you have a problem, it is you. It is known as PEBKAC. (Problem exists between keyboard and computer).

          • Denus says:

            Oh, we have a fan here.
            We shall ignore all the issues then, because your system is working fine.

          • Erika says:

            Your iSheep rant just makes you look brainwashed simple-minded, and ignorant. If the issues did not exist, Apple would not be scrambling for fixes to Yosemite.

            Naive iSheep like you ensure more bugs go unaddressed.

            Back to your drive-thru window, simpleton.

    • Raven says:

      No problems here either on an early 2009 iMac.

  21. Johnny says:

    Totally agree. This release is full of bugs, some bug and many more relatively minor yet quite annoying.

    Apple “just works” is now a fossil.

    So many fixes trying to address critical features such as Mail and WiFi connectivity. What about the plethora of other bugs clogging up Apple’s own forums with thousands of posts?

    Apple, stop concentrating on many overpriced watches, prettier and skinnier products, and focus on MAKING IT ACTUALLY WORK.

    Steve would be losing it right now, and rightfully so.

  22. Big Tim Tom says:

    I have a hard time imagining that 10.10.2 is going to fix even half of why I can’t use Yosemite.

    The fact is OS X Yosemite was never ready for prime time, and the cracks are finally showing to the public when the rabid Apple fanatics like Marco Arment, the Crockenberry Guy and finally the big wig Johnny Gruber are complaining publicly on their blogs about bad software quality and crashes of OS X and iOS.

    I’m back on Mavericks, happily, and I tell everyone I know, don’t update to Yosemite, you’ll regret it because if you do have problems then the problems are unsolvable!

    • Raven says:

      What’s wrong with Yosemite? Why can’t you use it?

      I’m not having any major issues, and the minor issues aren’t worth worrying about. I’ve been running all the public betas. I use it everyday, and for doing actual work.

      I have no crashes or any thing like that.

      You need to check through your kernel extensions and startup items to see if you have incompatible software left over from Mavericks.

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