OS X El Capitan Public Beta 2 Released for Testing

Jul 22, 2015 - 27 Comments


Apple has released the second Public Beta version of OS X 10.11 El Capitan to users participating in the testing program. The version closely matches the 4th developer beta, arriving as build 15A225f, and should offer notable bug fixes along with improvements to stability and performance compared to the first public beta release of El Capitan.

Mac users who are currently running OS X El Capitan Public Beta can find the updated version available now to download from the Mac App Store, accessible from the  Apple menu > App Store > Updates tab. The download is between 2GB and 3GB depending on the target Mac hardware, and requires a reboot to install. Be sure to back up the Mac before proceeding.

For those who are interested, anyone can opt-in to participate in the OS X Public Beta program and send Apple feedback about OS X El Capitan, though it’s best to reserve beta system software for secondary machines, or at the very least, dual boot OS X El Capitan with a separate partition or disk to preserve your primary stable OS X experience. Additionally, always back up the Mac before installing any updates, and make it a regular habit if you’re using beta system software, which is notoriously buggy and not up to par compared to a stable final release of OS X.

OS X El Capitan will be available as a free update later in the year, arriving sometime in the fall for Mac users.

Separately, iOS 9 Public Beta 2 is also available today for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users interested in running beta iOS versions.


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  1. JAlvin says:

    I seem to have most of my problems with Finder, Weathersnoop and Mail. All become unresponsive at various times a day. There is no consistency to timing or program mix. Waiting for next update to see if problems are abated. Finder problems have been consistent with all releases thus far.

  2. bslaug1 says:

    Does anyone know if the new release resolved the issue with 802.11n?

  3. Simone says:

    Download HANGS at 108 MB. Tried a million times … still hanging.
    Oh well … patience needed will try again some other time.

  4. Nikola says:

    Im missing the calculator functionality in sidebar.. now I cant use keyboard to enter numbers… dooh.

  5. David says:

    Working fine on My 2007 Mac Quad Pro(1.1) Just used a 32bit Boot EFI in the right 2 locations ! – only have had occasional crashes with Preview everything else blazingly fast

  6. Nikos says:

    Trying PB1&2 on mac book aluminum late 2008 and everything goes just fine.
    Ok, some glitches here and there, but nothing notable as beta software.
    Pretty fast also, for 7 years laptop.

  7. Mikedanirault says:

    Due to it being a beta, I installed it on a 128GB Class 10 SDXC card so I could keep my current install of Yosemite and my files intact

    Though for some odd reason, the setup seems to be going extremely slow, like I don’t have enough RAM or something, I thought that a class 10 card would be more than fast enough to support El Capitan

  8. recommend w says:

    iBook store in iBook ..when loading pages,something wrong and weird.??

  9. Kumar says:

    Did they resolve Auto mount issue. I lost all automount in beta 1 and did revert to Yose…

  10. JAlvin says:

    Everyday I seem to have problems with a different program. They seem to come and go. Finder problems are constant, but iTunes hung all day yesterday and works fine today. I use WeatherSnoop for my weather station and today it wants to misbehave. With all that, I like El Capitan, it is definitely faster and Spotlight is really usable.

  11. francis says:

    anyone else having network issues? so far I’ve only gotten chrome to work still can’t get connectivity via safari, terminal, and other apps.

    • JAlvin says:

      No problems with any browser. I constantly have Finder hang up and am leaving the Activity Monitor up all the time, so I can force quit it. I purchased PathFinder about a year ago and it works fine.

    • MacHeel says:

      Yes. Been trying to figure out if El Capitan was to blame. I also simultaneously updated the router from my ISP, so was trying to rule that out. The internet issues are somewhat random with me, however. At least once per day, I cannot connect to the internet and only a restart seems to fix the problem. Once restarted, the problem goes away – usually until sometime during the next day.

  12. jojok says:

    Tried public betas 1 and 2 on mbook pro mid 2009 shutdown failed on both

  13. brobok says:

    you mean L :-)

    I tested beta1, many apps crashing, core dumping, and the worth was the ugly font diaplayed all blurred and fuzzy on my macbook air ’13. Lesson: it just wasted my day to properly restore yosemite and my data from two backups

  14. Wharf Xanadu says:

    Updated. No big difference. Basically el capital

  15. pf is working again…Oh yeah

  16. Moony says:

    Now that we’re on the second beta I may give this a try, I always avoid the early releases since they’re so buggy. That applies to the first ‘public beta’ so called ‘final’ release too, heh.

    • Majestic-12 says:

      I installed the first public beta on my 15″ MacBook Pro (Early 2013) and it worked pretty well, I noticed a few minor glitches, but nothing substantial. Seemed pretty stable to me.

    • Carlos says:

      So it’s okay for you to install the second public beta, but you would avoid the golden master? I fail to see the logic here.

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