MacOS Sierra 10.12.2 Update Released for Mac

Dec 13, 2016 - 80 Comments

MacOS 10.12.2 Update

Apple has released MacOS Sierra 10.12.2 update for downloading. The update aims to improve the stability and performance of Macs and is therefore recommended for users running prior versions of Sierra to install.

MacOS Sierra 10.12.2 includes various bug fixes and improvements aimed to address some of the ongoing issues with Sierra experienced by some Mac users. Additionally, MacOS Sierra 10.12.2 offers a few new desktop wallpapers, as well as many new Emoji icons, including a clown, bacon, a gorilla, cucumber, avocado, and a cowboy.

MacOS Sierra 10.12.2 also removes the “battery time remaining” indicator from Mac laptops, apparently in response to some complaints about unsatisfactory battery life on 2016 model year MacBook Pro with Touch Bar. The time remaining battery estimator has been part of Mac OS X for over 15 years, but now Mac laptop users will have no automatic battery life estimate offered by the system software after installing Mac OS 10.12.2. (Update: Here is how you can see battery time remaining in MacOS Sierra post 10.12.2 update)

How to Update MacOS Sierra 10.12.2

The easiest way for Mac users running Sierra to download the MacOS Sierra 10.12.2 update is from the App Store. Always back up a Mac before installing any system software updates.

  1. Go to the  Apple menu and choose “App Store” then go to the “Updates” tab
  2. Click “Update” next to “macOS 10.12.2 Update 10.12.2”

MacOS 10.12.2 update available to download

The Mac will install the update and reboot automatically.

MacOS 10.12.2 Software Update Downloads

Mac users can also choose to download the update as a package directly from Apple, or to install the MacOS 10.12.2 Combo Update package if desired. While generally considered most appropriate for advanced users, using Combo Updates is described here and is not particularly difficult.

The regular update will move to 10.12.2 from 10.12.1, whereas the combo update will update to 10.12.2 from 10.12.1 or 10.12.0.

MacOS Sierra 10.12.2 Release Notes

Release notes accompanying the MacOS 10.12.2 update are as follows:

The macOS Sierra 10.12.2 update improves the stability, compatibility, and security of your Mac, and is recommended for all users.

This update:

– Improves setup and reliability of Auto Unlock
– Allows addition of a Chinese Trackpad Handwriting button to the Touch Bar Control Strip
– Adds support for taking screenshots of the Touch Bar using the Grab app or Cmd-Shift-6 shortcut
– Fixes an issue that caused the Touch Bar emoji picker to appear on the display
– Resolves graphics issues on MacBook Pro (October 2016) computers
– Fixes an issue where System Integrity Protection was disabled on some MacBook Pro (October 2016) computers
– Improves setup and opt-out experience for iCloud Desktop and Documents
– Fixes an issue with the delivery of Optimized Storage alerts
– Improves audio quality when using Siri and FaceTime with Bluetooth headphones
– Improves the stability of Photos when creating and ordering books
– Fixes an issue where incoming Mail messages did not appear when using a Microsoft Exchange account
– Fixes an issue that prevented installation of Safari Extensions downloaded outside the Safari Extensions Gallery
– Adds support for new installations of Windows 8 and Windows 7 using Boot Camp on supported Macs

Separately, iTunes 12.5.4 is available, and iPhone and iPad users can find iOS 10.2 update available to download along with WatchOS 3.1.1 for Apple Watch and a tvOS update for Apple TV.


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  1. hrhjac says:

    Please anyone help? I have installed Sierra on my late 2014 27″ iMac and ever since installing there are multicoloured horizontal lines on my shutdown screen. Does anyone know how I can rectify this?

  2. Jim says:

    I just finished the update on my Mid-2013 MBA running 10.12.1. I updated from the App Store. It stalled three times, requiring a force-off (hold the power switch down until the display goes dark). On the third reboot, it started up normally. I had a Thunderbolt display connected through the first two reboots but disconnected everything but power on the last boot. I don’t know if this made any difference or not.

  3. Frank says:

    After updating IOS SIERRA 10.12.2
    Mail Safari and App store were not functioning. Started but did not display content of mail , any webpages or content of the App store. Could not find Trusteer (although I knew it at least used to be on the Mac. I donwloaded Trusteer again and uninstalled it like Tmac inc suggested. Worked for me. Thanks you both Andrew Marrison and Tmac Inc. for leading the way into the light again :)

    • Martha says:

      Hi Frank,

      Same thing happened to me (Mail Safari and App store were not functioning. Started but did not display content of mail , any webpages or content of the App store). Can you please help me? what should I do with trusteer?

    • Martha says:

      Hi Frank,

      Same thing happened to me (Mail Safari and App store). Can you please help me? what should I do with trusteer? Thanks

  4. T. K. says:

    Had some issue with the software update on my one month old iPad Pro. It stopped dead at around half installed, and it was asking to be connected to iTunes. So I plugged it in to my desktop.After an hour of freak out, and after I was forced to upgrade my desktop to the latest software and iTunes, it kept telling me the download failed. So, I rest the iPad Pro to factory settings and that seemed to do the trick. However, I had to go through the whole set-up again and that took another good hour or more. I finally decided to return the iPad and live without it. I will learn to be happy with just my iPhone 7 and my desktop. I’m so tired of every software update causing worse scenarios than the last one. Until Apple gets their stuff together I refuse to buy another device.

  5. Indrin says:

    Hi, I really hope someone has a solution to this. Running a late 2011 MBP – 13inch. Tried the upgrade to 10.12.2 this evening, it hangs after i login, just showing my name and a progress bar thats stuck at 100%. Its not letting me boot to safe mode, I even tried reinstalling the OS and arrive back at this stuck login screen, proving to be very frustrating, highly annoyed with Apple for a poor release.

  6. Monica says:

    Andrew, whether or not you realize it, you are an answer to prayer 😃
    Thank you so much!

  7. Cutyerheartout says:

    Updated my iMac 2012 to 10.12.2. Keeps reverting to safe mode after screen says there was a problem. Biggest problem now is that this also happens when I try to restore from time machine…

    …any ideas out there?

  8. Kalle says:

    12.10.2 sucks, and so does apple support. After iPhone 5 I stopped buying iPhone. It will never happen again. Unfortunately this will probably be my solution when it comes to lap tops. Never again.

    I’m so disappointed at Apple. Apple has peaked and since Steve passed away they’ll never get any better.

    That’s my opinion.

    Good luck everyone!

  9. Raj says:

    Same here. Safari and App Store won’t work.

    Has anyone found any solution yet?

    • Andrew Marrinson says:

      I had problems with Safari and the App Store as well. After a lot of rooting around, I found the culprit. In my case it was a plug-in called Rapport, which also goes by the name Trusteer. It is written by IBM, and offered by a number of banks as an additional security measure.

      I noticed its icon while trouble shooting with Apple support, and thought to turn it off. I pressed the stop Rapport button, entered the captcha, and… Safari crashed in that plugin! I restarted Safari, and the plugin was disabled, and Safari worked again.

      I went to the App Store, and it didn’t work, but when I exited and restarted the program, it worked too. I’m guessing Mail would be the same. (I don’t use it.) I think this plug-in wedges itself into any application using the WebKit framework, and it does not work with the 10.12.2 update.

      Apple knows about this now, but I don’t know how efficiently it will filter through their support team. I’m only one person, after all. I also filed a bug report with IBM about it.

      TL;DR – if you have Trustee AKA Rapport, click on the checkmark icon and use the stop Rapport button to turn it off. It may crash, but it should fix the problem when restarted.

      • Barbara Treasure says:

        Thanks Andrew. Your post sorted us for Safari, Mail and the App Store :-)

      • Dee says:

        Yep… this worked for me. I decided uninstalled it too.

      • Rachel says:

        Thanks Andrew, this has solved my problem :-)

      • TMac Inc says:

        Solved my problem as well! FYI, I barely remember that I had installed this plug-in years ago, but when it stopped being compatible with current versions of browsers, I assumed it wasn’t enabled. Wrong! My fix was to go to the Trusteer website download the latest .dmg file, but then run the “Uninstall”. So relieved when it worked…

      • Monica says:

        Thank you Andrew! What a blessing you are!

      • Vickey says:

        Thank you so much…. that worked for me.

      • Tony says:

        Thanks Andrew – worked for me too.

        As soon as I stopped running Rapport. Safari, Mail & the App Store all started working again.

        For anyone else struggling to locate it, I found it within a plug in type thing that I used to protect online Banking within System Preferences, Trusteer Endpoint Protection. I haven’t un-installed just stopped it running on the assumption that given it causes such a significant issue for users they’ll sort it quite quickly.

        Thanks again you are a star.

      • Michele Laroche says:

        Thanks ! Same here, none of the Apple apps would work after this last update (I kept postponing it and I did it today 1st of January 2017 only to bite my fingers !) : iTunes not connecting to store anymore, Safari not loading any webpage, Mail couldn’t display email content and AppStore didn’t load neither. Firefox worked so I kept searching and reading until I found and read all the comments on this blog until I found your fix with Rapport / Trustee , I stopped it in the System Preferences and restarted all the mentioned apps that all worked right away. Thank you again (I have spent the whole day 1st of January trying to find and fix because I wanted to answer my best wishes emails today !) This is barely documented and not even on the top answers/comment on this blog. Not mentioned on the official Apple site neither ! Which is a shame because I assume we are a lot with this Trustee/Rapport plug-in that my bank had me installed like 10 years or more ago. At one point it was not compatible and deactivated itself then couple of years later I found it was actually working without my intervention. Now it’s disabled and I will wait to see what my bank suggests when I connect without it on the bank site.

  10. Rachel says:

    Since the update, Safari has stopped working and the App Store won’t open! :-/

  11. Monica says:

    No one has mentioned what happened to me after the update. My email and safari quit working. I went to App Store to see if there was another update but App Store won’t open either. I am at a loss of what to do! My computer has no functionality

  12. Bill says:

    After doing this update 21/12/2016, safari no longer works, Mail doesn’t display message content and apple updates is dead. spent 2 hours on the phone with support with the outcome that I can open working Safari and Mail only in safe mode. they have no solution other than a complete reinstall and unfortunately I have discovered Time machine hasn’t been working since the previous update. Is it time to dig up Steve and reanimate him? I am screwed.

    • Barbara Treasure says:

      Hi Bill. We had same issue. Stopping Rapport resolved it. See further down this comments from Andrew Marrinson

      • Karen says:

        Bill you have helped a great deal thanks, after wasting most of my Christmas holiday trying to resolve this, I have now turned off Rapport and safari now works again, however this is a concern as Rapport is additional banking security. Apple need to get this sorted quickly. Noticed App store is blacked out too now so cannot get onto that either. Oh and were they serious when they said computers would simplify our lives.

  13. Mike Mollison says:

    There appears to be a glitch in this update……since completing this update… screen after login and all I can see is the cursor…..aargh!…..tried resetting the nvram….no afffect.

    • Afdal says:

      Recently updated to latest sierra upgrade 10.12.2, after rebooting..the screen went blank and i could only see my cursor..
      Gave me few hours of heart attack…after trying few workarounds i got back my screen what i did..

      put it down to sleep..Option-Command-Power (or Control-Option-Command-Eject)..wokeup again seeing the desktop came back to life!..then needed to login again

      fuh! i hope it’ll work for some of you.

  14. Tom says:

    Hi, did the update on my Mid 2014 13 MBPr with no problems. Previously while in 10.12.1, I went in finder to the Mac HD: system/library/Coreservices/menu extras/, to drag the file to the desktop. Also tried it with terminal, but it ended up putting a folder on my desktop, couldn’t get that to work. In fact after I updated 10.12.2, I couldn’t move the folder or the file, then decided to disable SIP. That worked, I was able to drag the file back into the HD. Then finished up by re-enabling SIP. I really don’t use the battery time remaining feature that much, but thought this would give me a chance to tinker a little, and learn about my computer with the help of a friend. Thanks for the info.

  15. Manos says:

    Ran the update, restart and then iMac (late 2009) was stuck in the boot progress bar (100%) for ever (all night). I restored to previous version from a CCC backup.

  16. Michiel says:

    Over here the same: black screen with the Apple logo, mouse is frozen too. Mac won’t finish the update an won’t start up.

  17. Luca says:

    After the update I cant import anymore R3D files from my Red Epic W I just see a pink screen! Anyone?

  18. Matt says:

    This update is messing up Bluetooth for a ton of users.

  19. Sombra says:

    I have a 2012 13″ MBP and since the update my trackpad seems to be on overdrive. It feels like acceleration is much faster and I can’t find a way to turn it down any. Anyone else notice this?

    • Michael says:

      Same issue here. I can’t control the mouse pointer now with this too much acceleration. Reduced the acceleration in the trackpad preference but it doesn’t help much.

      • camtriever says:

        Same here, did either of you find a proper fix? I just want to update OSX *once* without unexpectedly losing major functionality…

  20. Marvin says:

    I don’t understand why Apple does not enforce HTTPS for their downloads. They are HTTP default (unencrypted and can be modified during transport).

  21. Daniel says:

    all, can someone tell me if the issue around mapping volumes from a NAS like qnap is solved.
    mounts were dropping , wasn’t able to use cifs anymore , only afp, and new smb


    • ChrisM says:

      Have you updated your QNAP firmware? There was a problem with AFP shares dropping a couple of firmware versions ago, but it was fixed pretty quickly with a new FW release.

  22. Seba says:

    installation of MacOS 10.12.2 did not help. I had to make a format and a clean install.

  23. Hamza Sheikh says:

    macOS Sierra is one of the worst thing happened to my MacBook Pro. It is just making things ugly. I am planning to downgrade. Apple is sucking every other option.

  24. Pedro says:

    I have one MBP 13″ with Touchbar. I’ve downloader the 10.12.2 and now both Apps (Battery Monitor and BaterryExpert) are saying 8:12h. I am with Chrome opened, doing a download and with 75% brightness

  25. Ji says:

    Tried to install Windows 7 on bootcamp, didn’t work.
    Macbook Pro 13″ 2015

  26. Allen Cohen says:

    Well after hard power off, it booted up just fine, and is at 10.12.2

  27. Allen Cohen says:

    My 10.12.2 update is frozen. It rebooted twice, and is now frozen on black logo screen at about 90% indicator.
    Later 2012 Mac mini core i7.
    I waited about 30 minutes — no change.

    • Luc Eelen says:

      The same happend to me.
      What next?

      • Hoho says:

        Stuck at 8 minutes left. Black screen with the Apple logo, mouse is frozen too.

        • Thiago Maciel says:

          Same thing here. MBP late 2011 13″.
          I`m stuck.
          I`ve tried NVRAM reset, SMC reset, but without success.

          • Rsini says:

            If MacOS 10.12.2 Sierra gets stuck on install, try updating with Combo Update or by reinstalling MacOS Sierra. And you can roll back with your Time Machine backup too.

          • Geolem says:

            I get the same issue on my iMac Mid2011 21,5.

            I`ve tried NVRAM reset, SMC reset, but without success too.
            Safe Mode Boot has solved my issue (MAJ touch during the boot + 2 Authentications if FileVault enable).

    • Johan says:

      Same happened to me, the exact same thing – two reboots, the stuck at a bar showing about 90-95%. Was stuck for way too long (over 20 minutes). I hard rebooted. No luck. Stuck at the startup screen with my user name and user image above and a bar (100%) below – stuck.

  28. Ogles of Kansas says:

    My update installed without a problem. Works fine so far and I am a heavy web browser user with the safari and chrome.

    I used the tips to get my battery indicator back. I use that often to gauge how long I can use the computer away from charger. I use battery a lot so it’s important to me. Seems dimwitty to remove but I’m not a big bucks software engineer so what do I know.

  29. Eóin Fay says:

    Any word on this fixing the MacBook 12″ sound issue?
    If the MacBook is sett to mute when I sleep it, the sound won’t work at all after wake. The only way is to reboot.
    (Yes, I’ve checked the sound options and tried many apps and sources)

    • Rudi says:

      I had the same problems on a MacBook Retina 15″ when I try to watch a video on YouTube. My MacBook wasn’t set to mute when going to sleep mode.

  30. Mordecai Gruel says:

    On the next MacBook Pro upgrade, they are removing the keyboard. Because courage and keyboards are so 1900’s. Get ready! Remember, you heard it from me first!

  31. BS says:

    Apple is blatantly trolling users by removing battery indicator.

    It is ACCURATE. It has always been accurate to me. They just don’t want you to know how low the battery life is on your new $4000 Touch Bar Mac.

    This is a good summary of the total utter BS coming from Apple.

  32. Bryan says:

    I did a backup of the whole folder just in case…
    Here’s if someone needs it

    I don’t know why Dropbox adds the .zip extension
    I guess I’ll have to delete it so it can works

    • Bryan says:

      *Work :D

      Copied from
      macOS Sierra
      10.12.1 (16B2657)

    • Sombra says:

      I used the battery file from the folder you provided and now my battery icon is just gone. I go into settings to toggle it, and it just doesn’t matter. This was with just deleting zip off the end.

      If you unzip the file first, and use the file that gets unzipped, then it works.

      Just wanted to let people know!

  33. Seba says:

    As attempts to perform installations MacOS safe mode shows me that I have 128gb of free space that is not correct.

  34. Seba says:

    Hey, I did update the public beta and MBP died. After the installation is switched on again, the keyboard lights up, the bubble turns and disappears turns and disappears ….

    • Tb says:

      Try rebooting again into Safe Mode.

      You can also try running the Combo Update on top of the install, sometimes that fixes weird installation failures.

      Otherwise, you may need to restore from a backup, or even reinstall MacOS Sierra:

    • Afdal says:

      Recently updated to latest sierra upgrade 10.12.2, after rebooting..the screen went blank and i could only see my cursor..
      Gave me few hours of heart attack…after trying few workarounds i got back my screen what i did..

      Reset the NVRAM (
      Turned on my MBP 13″ late 2012 and put it down to sleep..Option-Command-Power (or Control-Option-Command-Eject)..wokeup again seeing the desktop came back to life!..

      fuh! i hope it’ll work for some of you.

  35. Ben says:

    Hopefully this fixes the flashing red apple logo upon start-up on 2015 iMac. Will keep you posted once completed.

  36. Ogles of Kansas says:

    I am installing now. 21 minutes estimates time remaining. Download was 1gb or so.

    Hope it goes smoothly.

  37. Toodles says:

    If you want to preserve the battery life indicator, do this BEFORE you update to macOS 10.12.2 update 10.12.2 (heh, nice name Apple).

    Go to /System/Library/Core Services/Menu Extras/

    – Make a COPY of “” to the Desktop

    – Update to 10.12.2

    – Return back to /System/Library/Core Services/Menu Extras/

    – COPY the previously saved “” item back into that folder

    – Reboot, battery life estimator is back!


  38. Rusty Olson says:

    Well I’ll be a dingy, dangy!!!!!!

  39. Populus says:

    Beware! It appears that 10.12.2 removes the ability to check remaining time on battery estimation, in order to stop the complaints about bad battery life on new MacBook Pro. But, still, it has been demonstrated the new MacBook Pros doesn’t deliver the 10h battery life of the previous model.

    • Ian McCallister says:

      The 2016 MacBook Pro battery is physically smaller than prior model years. Of COURSE the battery life is notably less.

      2016 13″ – 49.2 watt in Touch Bar model, 52 watt in Escape key model

      2016 15″ – 76 watt battery

      Compare to 2015 MacBook Pro:

      2015 13″ – 74.9 watt battery

      2015 15″ – 99.5 watt battery

      This info is right from the Apple website.

      But rather than admit they made the new battery too small for the hardware, they remove the battery life estimator? You have to be kidding me.

      Every day Apple performs another user hostile move. I am getting totally fed up with this company that I have poured thousands into. No wonder the news yesterday was that record people were switching back from Mac to Windows…

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