macOS Sierra 10.12.6 Update Released for Mac

Jul 19, 2017 - 24 Comments

macOS Sierra 10.12.6 update available to download now

Apple has released the final version of macOS Sierra 10.12.6 for Mac users running the Sierra operating system.

The update includes bug fixes and security enhancements, but does not provide any new features or major changes to the operating system.

Separately, Mac users running El Capitan and Yosemite will find security updates available as well.

How to Download & Install macOS 10.12.6

Always back up a Mac before installing any software update, even smaller point releases. Time Machine is easy to setup and use for backups. The easiest way for Mac users can download and install macOS Sierra 10.12.6 is via the App Store:

  1. Pull down the  Apple menu and choose “App Store”
  2. Go to the “Updates” tab and choose the ‘update’ button next to “macOS Sierra 10.12.6” when it becomes available

macos 10.12.6 update

The Mac will install and update to the latest version of Sierra and then reboot when complete.

An update to iTunes 12.6.2 is also available in the Mac App Store.

Aside from Sierra, for those on Mac OS X Yosemite and OS X El Capitan, Security Update 2017-003 is available for each release in the Mac App Store as well.

macOS 10.12.6 Combo & Delta Updates

Mac users can also choose to install the latest version via a Combo Update or Delta update, available to download at Apple:

Using a combo update in Mac OS is fairly simple, as is using the delta update. Nonetheless, most Mac users are better served keeping things easier by just installing the update through the Mac App Store.

Direct links for concurrent 2017-003 security updates for prior Mac OS X releases are available as well:

Those security updates are bundled into macOS Sierra 10.12.6 if applicable, which is why there is not a separate security update release for Sierra.

macOS Sierra 10.12.6 Release Notes

Release notes are as follows for 10.12.6:

The macOS Sierra 10.12.6 Update improves the security, stability, and compatibility of your Mac, and is recommended for all users.

Enterprise content:

Resolves an issue that prevents making certain SMB connections from the Finder.

Fixes an issue that causes Xsan clients to unexpectedly restart when moving a file within a relation point on a Quantum StorNext File System.

Improves the stability of Terminal app.

Separately, Apple has also released iOS 10.3.3 update for downloading on iPhone and iPad, and minor updates to tvOS and watchOS.

macOS Sierra 10.12.6 is separate from the ongoing MacOS High Sierra (10.13) release, which is currently in beta but due for public release in the fall.


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  1. a friend says:

    Delta update URL in your post is not direct – should be

  2. Annie says:

    Halfway thru a promised 31 min. upgrade to 10.12.6 on MacBook Pro all went black. Esc key occasionally lights up on own, or if I brush my hand across the track pad. Work computer in a mostly Microsoft environment. Waiting now for an in person tech guy and crossing my fingers it may eventually finish the install on its own. Reading what you all have experienced, am not very hopeful. Sigh.

  3. Anil Kumar Rao says:

    It looks like Apple has messed up with the Retina Display Driver with Sierra 10.12.6 upgrade. Just a gut feeling at this moment. The issue, for me, started with intermittent stripes of various colours and then finally the white frozen box greeting me all the time.

    Don’t panic, don’t suspect a broken display. Just connect to an external monitor for now and keep working until a fix is in place. In case you haven’t set display mirroring, then keyboard shortcut is Command+F1 (so that you can login :-) )

    I am relatively fine with the Blue screen of death of Microsoft. The experience with Apple seems to be bad. With Microsoft, it was democratic, all vendors had the power to roll out updates for their hardware in quick time and they did validate it in depth. With Apple, it is an autocratic world and we need to wait until they roll out the patch.

    Worst yet, the concept that Apple owning a lean set of hardware and also building support drivers doesn’t seem to be working. As I Googled the issue, Mac OS update causing the freeze seems to be a regular issue. And it was also attributed to variation in hardware. So which model is good ? Apple or Microsoft ?

  4. Phil944 says:

    I have the same problem, then I bricked a brand new MBP by attempting a time machine restore from the bricked MBP! Double misery.

    Did anyone find a fix to this yet – can only boot from an external drive now.

  5. no way says:

    Working fine, fast install on a 2012 MBP took less than 10 mins.

    Didn’t make a bit of difference, nothing significant other than the security updates.

  6. setiawan says:

    after install this update , my MBP early 2015 stuck in logo bar and the bar while install not finish for 12 hour, need help for fix this problem thanks.

  7. folateman49 says:

    Spent quite some time yesterday messaging with an Apple tech about my now dead iMac. Tried various resuscitation techniques unsuccessfully. Now I cannot even get a screen, although power still coming because my Superdrive is doing an on-off cycle (clicks as when iMac is booted) every 3 sec or so. Have a GeniusBar appt tomorrow (Sunday). Tech believes that the fact a working iMac was reduced to rubble immediately on update is a “coincidence”. As a scientist and a Mac user since Feb 1985, this is possible, but as someone once said “correlation is not causation, but it does offer one hell of a clue”.

  8. folateman49 says:

    My Jan 2014 iMac working fine until I let it update 10.12.6 today. Repeated black screen. Sometimes allows log in, but at some point always stops: either get unresponsive black screen or the unexpected quit screen. Tried different users, killing internet, nothing seems to work.

  9. Fnordmeister says:

    Is the Yosemite update freezing anyone else’s Mac? Or taking a long time?

    • jl says:

      No but on sierra my Macbook pro doesn’t reboot after installation. It gets stuck on the white startup screen. The black bar does fill up to the end (very slowly) and I never get to the login screen. Have tried to restart the computer literally all day about once every hour, and I’ve also tried to reset the SMC and NVRAM but nothing helps. I’ve no idea what to do next.

      • Christoph says:

        Hi jl,

        my father gets stuck with the same problem after updating mac to 10.12.6 . Unfortunately I am to far away to get my hands on the mac but we tried different things via phone.

        I also found this discussion on which is solved by some people by deleting some Kernel Extensions.
        For me (my father) nothing helped because we actually not managed to get into rescue or safe mode.

        But maybe you have enough luck.


  10. Tony says:

    My pet hate with Apple updates on my iMac is they never inform you how much data it will take.
    Is that too taxing a task?

  11. Tony Piner says:

    Nothing showing for Sierra update in the UK. Still 10.12.5

  12. Gorbnar says:

    Yippee Kai Yay!

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