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Google Chrome for Mac hits beta

Dec 8, 2009 - 5 Comments

Google Chrome is out in beta for Mac OS X and although it’s relatively barebones, it seems pretty stable and certainly is fast. I still prefer Safari overall but I am glad Google Chrome is finally on the Mac platform in a usable release. Google also announced their public Chrome Extensions set today, which was … Read More

Add 24 Hidden Visual Effects to Photo Booth & iChat in Mac OS X

Dec 7, 2009 - 8 Comments

With a little bit of hacking and modification, you can add up to 24 additional visual effects to iChat video conferencing and Photo Booth! A reader pointed out this very cool Mac OS X mod and if you like to play around with Photo Booth or iChat effects it’s worth the effort, since it gives … Read More

Mac To-Do List Managers

Nov 25, 2009 - 7 Comments

If you’re looking for a free Mac ToDo list manager, look no further than these apps. We highlight our favorite three to-do list apps, and one of them already comes with your Mac! Mac ToDo List Manager Software Our first ToDo list manager app for the Mac is called Anxiety, and on top of having … Read More

Convert WMV to MOV for free

Nov 23, 2009 - 11 Comments

You can easily convert WMV movie files to MOV format for free by using the FlipForMac Quicktime component plugin and QuickTime itself. Here’s what you will need to do: Convert WMV file to MOV format in Mac OS X First download FlipForMac, it is a WMV component plugin for Quicktime, the free version is all … Read More

Run Google Chrome OS within Mac OS X

Nov 21, 2009 - 11 Comments

The last few days the tech world has been blazing about Google’s latest creation, Chrome OS, which is a lightweight and free Linux-based operating system intended to run on Netbooks and, eventually, Desktops. It’s basically just the Chrome web browser with some other features unique to the OS itself, which makes it very fast and … Read More

Convert AVI to MOV

Nov 16, 2009 - 37 Comments

There are multiple ways to convert AVI video files to MOV video format on the Mac. Perhaps the easiest free ways to convert video from an AVI file to MOV format in Mac OS X is bt using an external app like Miro, VLC, or by using the Perian plugin for QuickTime. Here’s a step … Read More

Detect and Add iCal Events Directly from iChat

Nov 13, 2009 - 1 Comment

Did you know that iChat and iCal work very well together? If you’re having a conversation in iChat and you or anyone else mentions a date or a day, you can hover over that mentioned date/day and add an iCal event directly from iChat without ever launching iCal! Try it out yourself with any iChat … Read More

Delete Cookies on a Mac

Nov 10, 2009 - 20 Comments

Deleting cookies on the Mac depends on the specific web browser in use, thus if you want to delete all cookies, you’ll want to accomplish this for every browser app. Considering the web browsers most commonly used in Mac OS X are Safari, Chrome, and Firefox, we will show how to delete cookies in each … Read More

Get 6 Totally Awesome Mac OS X Apps for FREE

Nov 6, 2009 - 3 Comments

Free is the best price. MacHeist knows this and has managed to give away six very fine Mac OS X apps completely for free in their latest bundle. It’s a limited offer, as of today November 6, there are only 6 days left, so get in and download while you can. Apps included are worth … Read More

Setup WordPress in MAMP

Oct 29, 2009 - Leave a Comment

As you may know by now, MAMP is a really useful instant webserver for your Mac that requires practically no setup or installation, you run the app and click “Start” – yes it’s that simple. I use MAMP a lot for local web development and really like it, it’s probably the easiest way to develop … Read More

Convert WMA to MP3 on a Mac for Free

Oct 21, 2009 - 27 Comments

On a Windows PC recently I ripped a CD only to find out that it was converted as WMA rather than MP3. In Windows this isn’t a big deal, you just open the files in iTunes as usual, but I wanted them on my Mac, easy right? Well for some reason Apple doesn’t allow Mac … Read More

Share your Mouse & Keyboard across Multiple Mac’s with Teleport

Oct 20, 2009 - 4 Comments

Teleport is undoubtedly one of the single most useful utilities available to anyone that owns more than one Mac. Using Teleport, you can share a single mouse and keyboard across multiple Mac’s, seamlessly! Setup is an absolute breeze, you need to install Teleport on all Mac’s that you want to use, and once it’s all … Read More

Budgeting Software for Mac

Oct 10, 2009 - 12 Comments

Here’s a comprehensive list of budgeting software for Mac, I originally created this list for a family member who is a recent switcher and was looking for some personal budgeting software for their new Mac, and I figured it was useful enough to share with everyone else. Quicken – $69.99 – almost everyone has heard … Read More

iPhone Simulator – iPhoney Simulates iPhone Web Browsing

Oct 8, 2009 - 5 Comments

iPhoney is a nice iPhone Simulator that works to replicate the web browsing experience of iPhone users. This is very helpful to web developers that need to test if a web site or application works on the iPhone, and also how the user experiences the site. It’s not a traditional iPhone Simulator in the sense … Read More

Nintendo DS Emulator for Mac

Oct 5, 2009 - 18 Comments

DeSmuME is the best Nintendo DS Emulator for Mac OS X that I have found, it’s pretty full featured with save states, touchscreen emulation, movie creation, and more. My only complaint is the layout of the emulator being vertical, which is true to the DS, but it makes playing games sort of obnoxious particularly when … Read More

Facebook Notifier brings Facebook notifications to your Mac Desktop

Oct 5, 2009 - 5 Comments

Finally, a Facebook Notifier for Mac! I have long been a fan of Google Notifier for Mac, which sits in the menubar and notifies you if you get any incoming mail. Naturally I was excited to hear about Facebook Desktop Notifications, a new app that basically does the same thing but for Facebook. With this … Read More

PS2 Emulator for Mac

Oct 3, 2009 - 25 Comments

Looking for a PS2 Emulator for Mac OS X? Look no further then PCSX2, a full blown PS2 emulator for Mac OS X that works surprisingly well. I say surprising because it seems development work is a little infrequent and there are some features left to be desired, but it certainly works and the frame … Read More

Sync Blackberry with your Mac

Oct 2, 2009 - 3 Comments

Blackberry owners can finally sync their Blackberry handhelds with their Mac using official software, apparently it’s fast and easy to use, so if you have a Blackberry, sync it to your Mac and check this out! Download here

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